BlackRock and Coinbase team up, and thieves take $2 billion in cross-chain hacks: CNBC Crypto World

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CNBC Crypto World features the latest news and daily trading updates from the digital currency markets and provides viewers …


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  1. The way bitcoin humbled us, which nobody is talking about: In 2020 and 2021, EVERY crypto YouTuber was saying bitcoin would be over $100,000 this market cycle. We were obviously all wrong.

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  5. The spam is so bad that at this point they should just shut down commenting. I can’t even find a genuine comment

  6. I came here to learn how to trade after listening to a guy on radio talk about the importance of investing and how he made $460,000 in 4 months from $160k. Somehow this video has helped shed light on some things, but I'm confused, I'm a newbie and I'm open to ideas.

  7. You <,are so right, great insight! I started investing 2 years ago and read all the old old-school rules. Turns out, above fundamental analysis of a business, human emotion drives the stock market and always has, its just evolving, in no small part, as you point out, because of social media causing extreme polarization. Solid video. I think it is important for investors to note that while the market is experiencing a mini bear rally and it could be exciting, we need to be investing more because with inflation running at a four-decade high, Recession is now the ‘most likely’ outcome for the economy and i cannot imagine being a victim of circumstances. In my opinion, this is just the beginning of a recession, BUT overall an opportunity for investors who have time to remain steadfast in a strategy for the long or short-term! We have an obligation and a responsibility to be investing, the market is so volatile now to be depending on the bull run to make a profit or investing without guidance, I advise everyone never to stop investing, never to stop improving, never to stop doing something new and to trade now with an Advisory who has a great experience. Taking this decision some years back has been my best decision so far this year, i have been able to day trade my crypto assets and increased my trading portfolio to over $380,000 in profits with trade strategy and guidance from my advisor Mrs. Robin Moore I am able to scale through the crazy stock/cripto downtrend and saved my finances. You all in search of a way to recover your loses from the crash and accumulate more profits can reach out to her for crypto investment and for profitable trading system or mentorship. This is one of the best medium to backup your assets incase it goes bearish. ͲeIєɠɾαm @moorerobin or What'sapp12132627458 ..

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  9. Spend your USDT on sats ASAP before BlackRock and its institutional clients take it away from you.

  10. Does anyone really thought of how stressful it is in analyzing the crypto market,This means he must get up ridiculously early, dress, research and make this video. Thank you for helping all of us stay on top of the market, Most times it amazes me greatly the way I moved from an average lifestyle, when i first invested 0.005btc to earning over 1. 5btc per month, it takes much analysis to become a successful crypto trader. I have understood a lot in the past few years to doubt that opportunities abound in the financial markets, The only thing is to know where to focus, Expert Mrs Linda has been doing an excellent job evaluating all charts, trades Signals on Cryptos

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  12. Although< I have interests in global economics I don't watch the news anymore… I have enough FUD in the crypto markets lol. Thanks for sharing this news and offering your insight on how to navigate crypto during unfortunate times/events like this. You're right about keeping level headed when investing/trading so that's why I think it's important to limit the amount of FUD we consume. I don't watch the media but the news that you present gives me just enough to know what's going on without riding the emotional rollercoaster if I were to watch the news everyday. Now I buy and just trade long term more than ever, I have made over 23BTC from day trading with Gerard McDonald Signal in few weeks, this is one of the best medium to backup your assets incase it goes bearish..

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  14. Hmm if 3/4 of the comments are bots how many views on these videos are real people? I think it’s time we start asking some questions

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  18. I'm new to cryptocurrency and I don't understand how it really works. Can anyone show me the right approach to investing and making good profits from cryptocurrency investments?.

  19. Can you make a video explaining how beginners can make huge profits within a short period of time? I mean I was at a seminar and the host spoke about making well over $880,000 within 4 months of investing $150,000 I just need to know how

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  22. Most beginners make the mistake of trading on their own without having the required skills to help them benefit from the market. I was once like that but all changed thanks to expert topzy,.

  23. Most beginners make the mistake of trading on their own without having the required skills to help them benefit from the market. I was once like that but all changed thanks to expert topzy,.

  24. As the economic crisis keep rising, one needs to have different streams of income, a well detailed diversified investment portfolio in the financial markets is needed to survive, as well as secure a profitable investment future,

  25. Nice talk I must say I’ve been following you for a while now n I won’t lie I don’t know if the mistake is from me but I’m really losing money here . What do I do please ?

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