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BLUR Airdrop $BLUR Token How to Claim BLUR Crypto Airdrop Win up to $5000

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What’s up everybody the blur airdrop is live right now you have 60 days to claim it I’m gonna be showing you guys how to exactly claim it where to trade it how to add it to your metamask and all of that great stuff so let’s get right into

It if you’ve been watching our Channel I’ve shared every step of the way of this blur airdrop from number one two and three and now we’re ready to claim it I’m gonna go through a few different accounts and claim as much as possible awesome so we signed into our account

We’re gonna go to airdrop above here this is airdrop 3 for the bids you can see that I had 3.5 uh bid points I didn’t do much for airdrop number three not gonna lie but I uh decent for airdrop too decent for airdrop one and I have multiple accounts I’m gonna uh

Claim as much as possible so let’s reveal this hopefully we get like oh we got it uncommon okay so let’s continue to blur and now you can see all of the total box boxes I have approximately 40 boxes and now we’re gonna open these packages so blur season one recap let’s

See if I can continue turn on your sound for the best experience ooh definitely couldn’t hear anything there awesome Where’s the skip button in the game like skip I’m gonna put that down skip I just want my coins they’ve done an awesome job honestly with uh the blur website the front page looks awesome so let’s open up my blur open up blur let’s go how many tokens did I get

I am very excited for this this is super freaking dope Come to Papa damn this is dope they did a freaking amazing job on this 865 ah so I need to tweet to claim blur that’s honestly very stupid have multiple accounts but might have to just end up I’m able to verify tree check your Tweet and try again in 13 seconds all right

So you need to tweet to claim your blur I’m gonna have to tweet a few times so verify tweet okay connect wallet and claim blur and confirm transaction you don’t have enough eat for gas what the frigg houses so much gas is extremely high right now 99 to

Claim we’re seeing gas over 600 right now so I think I’m gonna wait but I’m gonna show you this right now so once you go back into metamask we can go to data we can go to The Ether scan right here and we can take a look at the blur

Tokens so this is the contract address for blur if we go back to Dex tools now we can make sure that we’re looking at the correct blur So currently it’s trading at 47 cents and you can take a look at the chart you can take a look at

All the information on decks tools all the last trades um the largest wallets that are holding all that great stuff you can take a look at total liquidity so there’s a ton 1.75 million dollars worth so we’ll all be able to sell our blur if that’s what you

Want to do I am I don’t think I’m gonna stackler I’m gonna wait for it to pump and then maybe start offloading my bags I don’t have anything crazy but I just wanted to show you guys how to claim uh and then how to find the contract

Address you can go in metamask so for example come right here um we’re gonna decline this unless it’s a lot cheaper a hundred dollars though so what we’re gonna do is come here we are going to import tokens you paste that in there custom token paste that in

There and then you can see blur is right there I currently have zero until I claim them uh no rush to do so we have 60 days to claim them and I think we’ll get the weekend dumpers out in the next few hours days while they claim and dump

And maybe we’ll see an increase in price no Financial advice but that’s just kind of my my train of thoughts so head over to blur get your airdrop you will have to tweet it’s worth it though for the free money for the free uh blur tokens we’ve been on this airdrop from the

Start so so make sure to hit that subscribe button so you don’t miss out on any of the larger snare drops moving into 2023 and I’ll see you guys in the next video I’m gonna go ahead on all of the accounts and add up uh all the blur

That I have and see how much I’ve totaled so once again enjoy the day Valentine’s Day enjoy the free blur tokens and I’ll see you guys tomorrow

BLUR Airdrop – $BLUR Token. How to Claim BLUR – Crypto Airdrop. Full guide

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Blur Airdrop token was launched today and their airdrop BLUR was a total success! You have 60 days to claim your BLUR airdrop and you can now get started on Blur Airdrops season 2!

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