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Blur – BLUR Crypto Technical Analysis & Price Prediction March 2023

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What’s going on everyone welcome to trending crypto today we’re over blur which is down 8.3 at 64 cents Max supply of 3 billion 409 million coins in circulation and a little bit over a quarter billion dollar market cap at 260 million all-time high was 502 29 days ago that’s when the coin dropped

All-time lowest three days ago at 44 cents if you would have bought it at 44 cents he’d currently be at 43 on your investment for a spot hold so with that let’s get into the price prediction and technical analysis on blur love Okay everyone let’s look at blur right now so if you look at the wtx right here wtx are starting to tail down once we got hit the red uh we really haven’t hit or been this high on the wtx since this initial coin launch this is coinbase

Right here so coinbase we topped out at around 141 before we started this retracement you see the RSI is pretty much at the high it was during the coinbase listing as well starting to retrace macd is heading towards a bearish crossover right here we’re starting to lose our momentum on the

Bola side and the gmma is in a free fall so once we cross over on the gmma red then I’m going to be expecting to move to the downside so right now we did actually break out of this downtrend that we were in we just haven’t confirmed it yet we haven’t came back

Down and tested it so that’s kind of my theory right now on blur is we’re eventually be heading back down to test this downtrend flip support and then we need to see a bounce off there and a continuation to the upside to maintain some sort of bullish momentum here so

Technically we are bullish we put in a higher high we broke out of this downtrend now if we draw a pretty much a lifelong FIB right here you can see what we’re we’re currently having trouble overtaking this is 382 so the 382 is BR resistance at around 68 cents our next

Support is the 236 right here at around 58 to 55 cents so for blur right now in the longer term I think the next main stop for blur will most likely be this 236 area around 58 cents and then we’d have to assess the situation at a later

Time now we’re able to draw another microfib on this so we can get a little bit more tighter price action and that’s from this high here to this low here that high here to this low here you can see we’re currently holding up at the

0.5 so similar to uh what I had drawn with a larger fit the next stop could be around that 58 cents the 382 area that’ll allow the indicators to cool off and then we can start seeing and rally to the upside at around the 786. so regardless of what you think about blur

Right now I do expect some sort of pullback we are technically bullish because we broke out of this long-term downtrend that we were in you can see we tested a one twice three four and five before we finally broke out of it so right now what I’m currently looking for

Is most likely a drop back down to the 382 area and then we can see a decent sensory version to the upside because you can see since this bottom right here we have put in higher highs and higher lows so if you want to be technical we

Could actually go all the way down the 236 area here at 52 cents and still be bullish because the current low that we can’t break is right here at around 48 cents so regardless there’s two different areas that we need to focus on for blur on this retracement the first one is the

382 at around 57 cents and then um worst case scenario I see is two three six at around 53 before you see a reverse to the upside so one of these keep an eye on these two FIB areas I do think Ruby seeing a retracement there

Let’s look what the day chart looks like the day chart there’s not a whole lot of information as you can see because there’s not um because the coin hasn’t been out that long but data right now very very similarly broke out of the downtrend this is saying the 0.5 is going to be

Holding up so I’d be keeping an eye on that four hour chart similar to the one hour chart we’re already starting that retracement right there already crossed over on uh the gmma and all the other indicators so next stop 57 cents we break 57 I think the lowest we go is two

Three six at approximately 52 cents and then we can start reversing to the upside and put in some higher highs so with that no this is financial advice and if there’s any coins you’d like me to chart or if you just like to chat with me you can post them on my Discord

Or Twitter the links are below in the description

Blur – BLUR Crypto Price Prediction and Technical Analysis March 2023

DISCLAIMER: This is not Financial Advice. These are my opinions on the market. You should always do your own research and make your own financial decisions.






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