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Blur Goes Mobile | Yuga Ordinals Reveal | $105K Skelly Meebit Sale

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Hi everyone it’s Sam nft statistics with your proof daily nft countdown we’re going to talk about bright moments men coming up Hugo ordinals blurgo on mobile a bunch of cool art sales let’s get right to it starting off with a quick Market overview volumes up a little bit from yesterday but still down

Pretty pretty bad from where we were about a week ago if you look at this pink line here you can see we’re kind of at those levels that we were at before airdrop season two began on blur unique users unique buyers down a lot you know this chart is really trending lower not

As low as Saturday which was kind of a crazy day but still that’s moving a little bit in the wrong direction large cap index down a touch a bit of strength in azuki a bit of weakness in Moon birds and clone x uh in terms of the mid cap

Projects goblins were up big up 30 percent crypto dick butts djen 2’s down a little bit now I say it was up big it was up 30 if you look at this chart for goblins you can see that like really compared to where we’ve been this isn’t

A big move when your floor gets down to 0.4.5 each you know 15 20 move even 30 move doesn’t move the needle all that much but zooming in a little bit you can see here then we had a nice little hop move I’m not exactly sure what drove

That two-bit Bayer it’s going to highlight this one two bit Bears created some deep fake video of me and Kevin Rose go check it out kinda crazy I do just to kind of clear the record I do wear pants every time but sometimes I do wear snow pants uh ski pants when I’m

Doing these shows right now wearing jeans we’re normal but two bit Bears on the back of this video the floor price went up to .07 eighth congrats to those guys heads by Matt Fury was a project that had a big move going up to 3E in

This case not sure exactly what drove it another thing happening under the surface punks flipped Apes just by a little bit punks and apes are constantly going back and forth this is not a big deal I mean the first time eight Flip Flip punks was a New Year’s Day around

New Year’s Eve of 2021 2022 like between those two years that was a big deal right now they kind of go back and forth still found this kind of interesting right now with punks getting a little boost from blur and Punk’s just being a stable nft you know in a crazy world I

Feel like this is a moment where punks have done decently well now one thing I always say whenever I talk about how punks have flipped apes or Apes with punks is that Apes have given out a ton of airdrop value to Holders the ape is actually only worth about 50 percent of

What all the hair drops put together are worth between the ape coin the kennel uh the mutant and other stuff they’ve received right now the full set of value an ape has received over the yeah if you minted one and just kind of held it is

Over 130 each so I always put that disclaimer and when I talk about punks or Apes flipping each other another piece of news Porsche 911 they dropped their co-pilots here’s what the r looks like you know obviously this is the this is the drop that they were talking about

Doing to the people who Minted as opposed to the people who own the nfts uh but the floor for those co-pilots is about 0.16 eth always nice to get a little drop in your inbox in your wallet we’re in nfts wallet and then in terms of our projects you know the two main

Projects were the ones we talked about yesterday on the show strands of solitude material Mania you know both of those floor prices down a fair bit but that was where the most of the volume was in our projects brain drops have been totally hot you know we talked

About how they were up more than 4X just here today we’re seeing a little bit of that taper off nothing I think that is a cause for alarm or anything but a little bit of a taper off in that index uh which was just completely on fire as of

A week ago Story number two Yugo ordinals reveal this happened a couple days ago we’re talking about it now Yuga said the inscription process for 12-fold is currently underway uh and then they’re going to post a notice when people actually get this I don’t think they’ve been sent but we have seen the

Art and this is what it looks like some really cool colors some really cool textures I think there is some good stuff happening here if you look at the way that they’re artists their head artists described it he said they want to have four different color palettes

One for each of the seasons basically say if you’re in a crypto winter or D5 summer you know like either way we’re still here we’re still in this nft Movement we still believe in what we’re doing and you can see these color palettes show up a little bit in the

Work that you see here now I think where it got a little bit more controversial is that this was kind of the screenshot that did get tweeted around this is eight of the different pieces that they showed up and you know and they’re just very very similar I think there is kind

Of this Battleship feel I don’t think that’s the bigger issue I think the issue that people took with it is more that it just looks like you know you took a palette and then just say okay we’ll do these 12 and then those 12 are done and it didn’t quite have as much

Thought as I think sometimes people expect especially when you’re dealing with the price point that Hugo is at now to be fair the artist before the reveal said that it’s based on a 12 art system but basically that there are 25 different series of 12. so we did kind

Of give a nod to the idea that they are going to be bunched in groups of 12 but still I think people found this didn’t quite live up to expectations that this has happened my quick thought on this overall launch is that you have nice textures colors designs I kind of like

Them but I think with generative art when you use the word genovar we’re used to our blocks one of the cool things about art blocks is that every single piece is random every single piece in art blocks takes the string basically the wallet address of the person who is

Minting it and from that from that string derives a ton of different variables and creates different outputs based on those variables and I think if you look at projects like fidenzas you know you see that you get a lot of different Randomness that kind of fits into it while still having this family

Feel and I think that this didn’t seem to have that as much it didn’t feel like there was a Randomness to it it felt like it was much more predetermined which which is what it was but I think that for since we’re thinking of generative art we thought it might be a

Little different I think there are other aspects I felt a little less polished you know one of the outputs actually was used twice uh into according to to the site so I think that kind of came came across a little bit weird and the other thing is that when you charge you know

When you unit charge when the auction you know whether it’s you’re doing or not when the auction gets to 16 million dollars plus there’s just a very high standard a real high standard for excellence people do start comparing you two fidenzas you know I talked to I

Talked to someone on our podcast over the weekend ifscats who talked about how he spent nine months and the algorithm for his art block security piece and I think that’s kind of the tier you start getting compared to and maybe that led to a little bit of uncertainty or

Disappointment I don’t don’t think you guys in this for the meme I think Yuga wants to be excellent in what they do and when they do art I think they want to be excellent at Art so I don’t know we’ll see how it goes again 300 a ton of

People love this brand curious to see how it trades when we actually start seeing trades in the open market one other thing that happened on top of this was Jack butcher launched these 12 checks uh he basically kind of basically turned it into a meme made fun of those

Outputs that I showed you and he airdropped them to the people who owned single checks they’re only 12 single check owners single check basically means that you’ve already burned a ton of the original checks I don’t know maybe 40 50 something like that in order

To get a single check and each of them got dropped one of these checks here from Jack butcher you can see them here and then you can see the floor price right now is 25 each obviously zero volume the top bids are on 1.44 each so

Yeah I feel like Jack is just on top of the game right now season that uh see something happening puts it into his project gives it to his collectors creates cool stuff I just think like Jack right now in the narrative The nft Narrative game is just absolutely

Crushing it so congrats everybody around there third story to talk about blur goes to mobile you can see here they announced they are going to be launching nfts on mobile more functionality coming soon you cannot buy and sell them now one thing to know about this people said

Like this is very different from openc I don’t think that it really is because this is not an app if you actually go to the App Store and look up blur you’re just going to get a bunch of photography apps the reason is that opens error

Apple has made it very difficult to buy and sell nfts on app store apps what this does mean is if you go to blur dot IO you’ll go to that website and you’ll get to go in and trade and and be involved in that process using your

Metamask app as well now the market like this the blur token is up 33 I say the market like this I think this was a a small piece of news the real news for the blower token is that blur is a high beta version of the crypto Market as we

Know crypto is completely on fire right now completely Bitcoin above 24 000 ethereum above Seventeen hundred you know in the in a world where the Fiat system is feeling shaky people are saying crypto is a great alternative and blur is a high I bet a cryptocurrency

Was up a lot but nice to have a little bit of news as well and then this guy Alex morning who I’ve tweeted a few times uh I think he’s a really great contributor on Twitter talked about how uh how blur also created a feature where they are now creating notifications on

The site of when your bids are accepted you know something he said he’s been asking for a while and I think we are seeing this that blur is just moving faster with doing new things listening to the community a little bit more you know this is they’re just newer younger

Have all this momentum and I think we’re starting to see that in a couple bit of features again competition one of the great things about the situation is just competition is making the products better ideally for everybody so that’s one take for sure but nice to see that

Fourth story to talk about the bright moments mint is today I believe it’s at 3 P.M Pacific Time 6 p.m Eastern now bright moments is kind of known for this pixelated art super cool crypto citizens type stuff you’ve probably seen that before but really they’re all about in

Real life events so each of these crypto citizens was dropped to people at their in real life events in the different cities around the world the last one they did was Mexico City the next one they’re going to be doing is in Tokyo and the what they do I think what

They’re they’re more keynote product is that they get a bunch of Top Line artists together physically in the location this will be in Tokyo and those artists basically if you own a pass for that artist you go and you mint it together with them you meet your piece

Of their work they’ve always focused on generative art but now they’re doing one on AI art and if you want a pass to participate in that to be in Tokyo to use that pass and get an artist’s work you know you have right now is the auction uh for buying those passes it’s

A public blind auction with the rebate so wherever the price lands If you bid higher you will get that uh rebated to you um the starting price is 10 Heath from Mint or 110 Heath for getting one of any any of them I think or one of all of

Them I do think it’ll go lower but it’ll be curious because this AI concept is hot right now you have some great artists that are gonna be participating Claire silver Pinder Ben Armin neural bricolage human who adjusted the mint over the weekend Kevin abas just have a

Lot of great talent that you might get to you know meet in person and meet one of their works for yourself you know a reminder these are other project bright moments projects that have been mentioned in the past these two were both minted in Mexico City you know 100

Untitled Spaces by snow fro currently has an 11 East floor Boston long not gonna try to butcher that sorry DCA but Daniel Calderon Arenas yum the snow for his brother also had this really beautiful piece that was also a bright moment’s piece currently has a 4E floor

So it’d be really cool to see I think this Tokyo event is going to be awesome I love Tokyo again I lived in Asia for 15 years here’s a little bit more about the project basically they’re going to be overlooking the Shibuya the Shibu crossing the really busy Crossing in

There and they’re going to be some educational sessions you know in really cool kind of Japan architecture I think this would be a cool event I think it’ll be a lot of fun they they’re also going to be doing not just the AI man they’re also going to be doing a generative

Artist mint and that one has already minted you know the floor price is down to 0.37 so not gonna get I think this AI one will be a little bit higher but some of of those artists who’ve been selling while zankan Kettle golid both event sales of their passes for 8.8 each six

Eth eventually they will announce you know what pass you have so interesting to see something coming up it’s probably in just a couple hours from when you see the show last thing to talk about is a few notable sales versus the skeleton knee bit for 60 weeks skeleton meebits

Doing some movement let’s see it now skeletons why is skeleton selling for such a high price when the meba floor is three because only 57 of them you know out of a collection of twenty thousand only 57 of these you can see that there have been some massive skeleton mebit

Sales in the past one for 321 eth here in the lower left the most recent skeleton sale was eight months ago for 115 each that was a suit similar one that just sold so we’re down a fair bit from that not too surprising uh but still nice to see a little bit of

Liquidity for some of the Grails there piece number two to talk about damager Lux number two by x copy this sold for 30 weath now this is part of the max pain and friends collection which was the open Edition where the floor is below one eighth because there are so

Many thousands of them but within that there are a few that are more Grails this damager Lux is one of those top rails you can see each of these waster I’m not even sure I pronounce that Gourmet spicy a few of the other ones have had sales above 28th but you can

See I’ve kind of circled this in pink it was the damager Lux at 30 that’s the highest ever for that and then the last sale to talk about this piece 420 by C by C Sinclair for 6.69 eth cool this guy does a lot of cooling a lot of cool art

That’s really just one line animations this static gift or jpeg doesn’t really do it justice because there is a lot of Animation that goes into it in this piece still very very cool Colin Sinclair is the artist’s name he’s based in Chicago he says he started drawing

People’s faces with a single line to express the idea that we’re all connected and was inspired by the fact that a single line could hold such deep meaning now he has a lot of this single line work the Michael Jordan one I think is the coolest so for 10.7 Heath I think

That’s his biggest sale but you can see another one the Last Supper in the lower left you also have some other work though that’s really colorful and kind of still abstract but looks looks pretty awesome too one one piece sold for 10 East you know and others at different

Price points so very cool artist here I was pumped to see the sale interesting to see us work that’s all for The Unique sales I’m gonna throw one last thing in here one last thing just to to kind of give me something to go home with is the Sotheby’s auction uh is contemporary

Discoveries it’s online that’s going to be ending today over the next 24 hours you have a lot of really cool artists in there a lot of guys we talk about Terrell Jones oxdgb uh you know sear light Tyler Hobbs Pinder van Armen a lot of the really best artists there’s some

Really good deals that are going on in there so go check it out check out that auction see if there’s anything interesting a lot of times you do get discounts for stuff on Sotheby’s because just the buyers who are useless aren’t always there that’s all from me I hope

You enjoyed the show if you did like it give us a like below subscribe to the channel tell us what you think I read every single comment try to respond to most of them we’ll be back tomorrow and every weekday with another other show have a good day

00:00 Intro
00:13 Market Overview
03:26 Yuga Ordinals Reveal
07:13 Blur Goes Mobile
08:55 Bright Moments Mint
11:33 Notable Sales: Skeleton Meebit, 60 WETH; Damager Luxe #2 by XCOPY, 30 WETH; 420 by csinclair, 6.69 ETH; Sotheby’s Contemporary Discoveries Auction

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