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BLUR going to ZERO!!? Token Price Prediction-Daily Analysis 2023 Chart

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Foreign everyone welcome back a quick update on blur so blur here on the six hour chart is currently sitting at 58. you can see on the chart here this thing’s in a downtrend it has formed this symmetrical triangle here so this is actually a bearish sign that this thing is going to

Push down to lower prices so what to watch for if that is the case you could see that if you do come down back to the bottom where you pretty much triple bottomed back here um you’re looking at 46 to hold for support if you end up end up losing 46

With a close below 46 that I would say that you’re pretty much going to fall off the table with blur and you’re probably going to end up coming back to where you came from so you’re looking at about a 20 drop you can see from the

Fibs here we do have a two six one eight at three nine but ultimately you do have a 3618 down here at this 24 scent level and pretty much back to the bottom where this thing came from so just watch those prices to the bottom

You really need to hold 46 to stay alive and if you end up moving higher out of this symmetrical triangle here and that does not play out to the downside you can clearly see you need to get over your 618 you’re right on your 21 day EMA

Here so you need to get over your 50 at 60 cents and then your 1618 at 63. so if you can get over those two prices there and get up here to 63 break to the upside of this triangle that is about a 10 move and you really want to hold 63

As support and then that’ll show you that you’re moving higher and not down so if you can hold 63 70 is next for about a 21 move and then 75 for about a 30 percent move and then ultimately up here where I have this orange line drawn

At 86 back up here to the top of the FIB you can see that that’s about a 48 move a break over 86 is going to send you to the Moon so that’s your moon line at this orange line up here for blur and like I said you really need to hold 46

To the downside or this thing’s going to go to zero so yeah we’re on the six hour chart here so with that said hopefully that helped now Financial advice thanks watching everyone peace out

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