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Blur NFT Marketplace Tutorial (Buying, Selling, Tips)

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Today I’m going to walk you through how to navigate and use blur dot IO and nft Marketplace we’ll be taking a look at how to buy and sell nfts as well as some key differences from other popular nft marketplaces so before we get started using blur you’re going to need a

Compatible crypto wallet I recommend metamask or coinbase wallet as these are the recommended wallets when you go to sign into bligger as always when visiting any nft Marketplace it’s important to double check that the URL you’re going to is the correct URL in this case it’s blur blur dot i o okay

After confirming that you are on the correct URL next you want to find the connect wallet button go ahead and click that this is assuming that you already have your preferred wallet installed as you can see here we’re gonna have to connect a wallet I have metamask so I

Will be clicking the metamask wallet now compared to other popular nft marketplaces such as openc well there’s just a lot going on for starters I prefer a lighter screen when I’m browsing nfts so to change the screen brightness or the color go down to this gear here at the bottom and then

You can choose from dark color theme medium and light I prefer the medium myself and then we’ll take a look at the trader and collector tab a little later these just change how you can view nfts when you’re exploring the blur marketplace now because blur is kind of

A little complicated when first getting started let’s get familiar with the platform first let’s take a look at the tabs here at the top we have collections portfolio airdrop and then you also have different tabs under these upper tabs we have collections training and favorites so let’s start with the main collections

Tab first this is where you’re going to find all the nft projects you can click on the trending tab to see what’s currently trending and then you can also add projects to your favorites list to do that you would just find whichever project you like let’s say mutant API

Club and then you just click this little star and as you can see that will be added to your favorites tab next up we have portfolio now your portfolio is just your collection of nfts one thing that I notice is blur does a lot better job at hiding nfts however it’s showing

That I only have three nfts in this wallet and when I go to openc I actually have 38 nfts which I you know have personally collected myself they’re not scam or spam nfts or anything like that from what I can tell the reason that it doesn’t show all my nfts that it shows

On openc is because those collections are not listed on the blur nmt Marketplace which makes complete sense so that is something to keep in mind if you own a collection that isn’t listed on blur you may not be able to view it now let’s take a look at the airdrop tab

So this is a big thing and one of the main reasons why a lot of people use the blur Marketplace I’m not going to get too much into how the airdrop works and how you earn blur however you do earn points for bidding on nfts and trading

Entities and you get rewarded in blur tokens which you can convert to other cryptocurrency like eth and purchase even more entities so that is a little bit of an incentive to use the marketplace but if you’re collecting and trading buying selling and if he’s on blur make sure to check out your airdrop

Section this will show you your bid points your listing points your listing loyalty all the things that you want to know about your blur airdrop and how many points you have and how much blur you might receive before I get into how to browse and buy nfts I just want to point

Out that blur does have some really cool tools that are on the marketplace itself that way you don’t have to go to external sites such as etherscan to find out certain metrics things like ethereum’s current price which you can see right here ethereum is at Seventeen hundred dollars you can also see live

Data action you can go directly to openc looks rare and other marketplaces you also have the current gas fee um you know usually I’m checking etherscan for the current gas prices with blur you don’t have to do that all the information is right there on the marketplace making it really easy to use

Okay so how do you buy an nft on blur well you already know that you can go to the collections Tab and see some popular collections but if you want to search for a specific collection let’s say I want let’s say I want to learn how to spell

Now let’s say I want a vcon 2023 ticket so I’m going to type that into the search bar and your blur screen might look different and that’s probably because you’re on a different tab right here if you want to change the way that the nfts are appearing

You can do so just by clicking these buttons this is more of the um so you can use this trade so if you if you toggle the trade right here it’s going to change how things look that way it shows you the buy now price the top

Bid for that collection the owner and the number that that wallet holds so it gives you some important details that you might want to know before you buy an entity or if you just want to collect you don’t really care about flipping and making a profit then you can change it

To the collect toggle to collect and that’s what I prefer but there are some other tabs right here that ultimately change the look of how you view nfts if you want a larger nft view just click this one right here if you prefer to see more

Nfps on screen click this one right here now something I also recommend toggling on is going to be this little tool right here go to this gear and a toggle on openc flags and this will show you nfts that are flagged on open C these nfts have generally been

Stolen or there are some kind of suspicious activity associated with that nft and as a result they cannot be traded on openc these nfts are usually listed lower than the floor price or around floor price which um you know is just them trying to get you to buy that nft

It’s not terrible if you buy that nft it’s just less likely that other people will want to buy it from you so if your plan is to flip that nft then I probably would not go with a flag one if you just want to hold it in your wallet and gain

Access to whatever utility it may have or just collect it as an art piece then maybe a flagged nft is for you it’s not going to disappear off the blockchain or anything you just can’t sell it on openc now something else that you may notice is you see nfts listed on different

Marketplaces you can see this first one here which is the lowest floor price is listed on blur and then you have the next one open C open C and in some cases one nft will be listed on multiple marketplaces and if that’s the case it will show you each Marketplace that the

Nft is listed on more than likely it’s listed for the same price however maybe it’s not just depends on the seller that said blur is more than just an nrt Marketplace it’s almost an nft Marketplace aggregator so you can view the price of one nft across multiple nft

Marketplaces which is really handy you can also purchase nfts from blur across various energy marketplaces so I can buy an nft from openc on the blur platform this is super helpful to find the best deal quickly without having to browse all the different marketplaces so

Let’s say you want to buy an entity I want to buy this cheap one right here and you can see you can buy multiple ones just by clicking on them if you don’t want to buy them you can just click on them again to basically take them out of your cart once you’ve

Selected the nfts you want to buy click the buy one item and as you can see I have insufficient funds here however if I had the 0.1679 Eid this sale would be normal just like any other nft Marketplace you would confirm it using your wallet then

You would pay for the or select the transaction fee and pay for it and then it will be delivered to your wallet as usual just like if you were buying an nft on looks rare or openc or whatever it may be same process now let’s say you want to

Sell an nft that you have in your wallet all you need to do is go to your portfolio tab and then you just click on whichever nft you want to sell you can also list multiple ones at the same time say I just want to list this one then

Select list item and from there you can choose to just list it at the floor price you can choose to list it at the top trade which is going to be more expensive than the floor price generally or you can just choose the latter but if

You want to enter your own floor price or your own sale price just go down here and type in you know maybe I want to sell this for 0.5 each then of course choose your duration you have anywhere from as low as one hour all the way up to six months

So let’s say I just want to do seven days you can also select the marketplaces that you want to list it on so if I wanted to list it on blur looks rare and open C then I would just turn all of those on also something else that’s super

Important is the royalty fees you can set how much royalty fees you want to pay you have to pay a minimum of 0.5 percent it’s usually set automatically at whatever the marketplace has deemed the royalty fee to be so like for blur it was set at 10 but you can change it to

0.5 percent for looks where you can change it to looks like two percent is the lowest for openc looks like 10 is the lowest this fee also includes a Marketplace fee or looks rare the marketplace fee is 1.5 with a minimum royalty fee of 0.5 and then open

C they currently have zero Marketplace fees with a 10 royalty fee now let’s say you don’t want to list it on those marketplaces you just want to put it on blur go ahead and untoggle those once you’re ready to list hit list one item and as you can see

It begins the listing process another thing that’s pretty cool about blur is it will give you notifications if you sell an nft even if you sell it on a different Marketplace as long as it’s through the same wallet for example I sold an entity on openc using this

Wallet that’s connected to blur and as you can see I got a notification that says that my item sold seven days ago 4.0382 each these features are just they’re helpful tools um you know they’re not necessarily needed but I I appreciate blur implementing these tools you have

Everything you need right there in the marketplace you don’t have to go anywhere else you can go to blurred knowing that you’re gonna find the best deals you can view the price of ethereum you can view the gas fees literally everything you need some other tabs that

I didn’t mention can be found under the portfolio tab so you have inventory right here you can also go to activity this is similar to the activity tab on openc and this will show you all the activity with your current wallet you can see transfers by mints

Cells all that good stuff that you want to see and then you can also see bids right here overall once you use blur it’s a really easy Marketplace to use and it’s a great Marketplace overall in my next video I’m going to compare open C and blur marketplaces the key

Differences kind of like you know a battle versus the two marketplaces if you want to check out that video I will make sure to post it right here once it’s published thanks for watching

Learn how to easily navigate the Blur NFT Marketplace with this tutorial. You’ll learn how to buy and sell NFTs, along with other useful tips.

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00:00 – What You’ll Learn
00:14 – What You Need
00:40 – Connect Wallet to Blur
01:07 – Change Color Theme
01:32 – Navigating
02:57 – Airdrop Tab
03:52 – Handy Tools
05:58 – Important Opensea Flags
07:59 – Buying an NFT
08:52 – Selling an NFT
10:15 – Changing Royalty Fees
10:58 – Notification Bell
11:42 – More Tabs

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