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A terrible New Classic nuke was just dropped and this is just the beginning I am so ecstatic about today’s video guys and we’re going to talk about what’s going on so cremation coins that coin I’ve been talking about just burned a 51 million a terrible in a classic in the

Last week of trading this was done in only seven days guys and we can 10x these Burns next week assuming we continue to grow at a similar rate of what we’ve been doing here guys so yeah absolutely exciting stuff if you look right here we are now number eight in

The top burners of Terra Luna classic and we have done this in a very very short period of time so there is no telling what we’re going to be able to accomplish in the near future here I want to remind you guys I was behind me XC Burns I helped greatly with lunatics

Token Burns and I very strongly believe that cremation coin has the highest potential for burns out of any of those that I just mentioned and and we’re going to be talking about why that is take a look at this guys we are so close to already hitting our goal of 100

Million Terra Luna classic burned in just a fraction of the time as many of these other projects I just mentioned were trying to do this we are picking up steam so much faster and we’re making a massive difference but furthermore outside of that guys The Cremation coin

Itself in the last week is up 819 percent over BNB that is absolutely mind-blowing stuff guys so the holders of this coin got an 8X in the last seven days and then on top of that we burned over 50 million Terra Luna classic and I very strongly believe with how quickly

We are growing and how fast the market cap is going up we are going to continue to explode because I’m going to be putting all of my energy and focus onto this because this is currently the best thing that’s happening for us at Terra little classic here guys look at this

The market cap is now 1 1.6 million US dollars I kind of guy like just a week ago it was we’re like 100k in market cap guys insane give yourself a pat on the back if you got into cremation coin if you haven’t I would reconsider because

The untapped potential that is in this coin is honestly just mind-blowing and I very strongly believe that we’re gonna be a top three burner in an extremely short period of time I believe we’re gonna overtake lunatics token and everyone else that is ahead of us right

Now in the top seven to three so guys yeah I’m just so excited for what’s going on here and and honestly I cannot even begin to explain just how humbled I am by how much impact we are having together as a community making changing people’s lives like I’ve been getting

DMS from people that are in cremation coin uh that got in uh like when I first started talking about it and it’s already changed their lives like a friend of mine was just saying I’m already up 6X thank you so much crypto King and I’ve gotten so many gems like

This and guys I very strongly believe from the bottom of my heart we’re gonna continue to do this we’re going to continue to change lives and align ourselves on the mission to help Tara learning classic go to the moon so guys if you want to pick up some cremation

Coin there is a link in the description that’ll list you straight to Pancake swap when you go there this is what you’re going to see right you’re gonna see uh the BNB to Cremation and you’re going to see this number right here the minus 89 I want to remind you guys this

Is how much BNB is down on cremation coin in the last 24 hours meaning cremation coin is pumping if you want to see how much cremation coin has gone up in the last 24 hours you just simply go like this and you flip it around and you can see cremation coin is performing

Exceptionally well I did have a couple people ask me about that so I just wanted to show you guys if we look at the last seven days here the last week like we’re just out performing all of the blue trips in the space guys it’s absolutely incredible so yeah if you

Want to if you have a metamask or trust wallet or a binance wallet you just simply go ahead and you connect it the connect button should be somewhere up here you then go ahead and swap BNB busd whatever you may have over to Cremation coin and you want to make sure that your

Slippage tolerance is somewhere between a 10 to 15 percent which you can get by clicking on the little options wheel which you’ll see right here where my mouse is right by the top of my hat right there and once you go ahead and swap that over guys yeah go ahead and

Enjoy helping the community and being part of this amazing initiative please note nothing that I said in this video is financial advice but I just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping make a massive difference if you want to continue this

Journey with me Smash the like button comment subscribe make sure you also stake with crypto King burn and build we just hit 16 billion airline classic steak so thank you for that as well guys and I’ll see you guys in the next video peace out

BUY CREMATION BURN LUNC: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0xB8501A9a9AAAE239a2490f44e00B284BAa0b131a

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  1. Great video and some excellent tips ! This is scary time for new investors but the best thing you can do is not to make a decision based on emotions.

  2. For any and all purchases of BURN tokens within BitMart, BitMart is to charge a fee of FOUR PERCENT (4%) of which TWO PERCENT (2%) will be shared among all token holders on BitMart and TWO PERCENT (2%) will be designated for buyback and burn purposes.

  3. What are you drinking to have such mode … Keep nuking your self LUNC keeps dropping … The way that you look it keeps improving …. You have such a fantastic mind. But I will keep watching you , it has been 7 months since you belive we are going up to the moon…😅


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  6. Thank You!

    Thank You!

    Thank You!
    Because of your advice I’m 8x up on this token! 🔥🎉💥

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