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Breaking Crypto News | Terra Classic (LUNC) L1 Team Ahead Of Schedule For Q1 Targets

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LUNC L1 Team Ahead Of Schedule For Q1 Targets
The team could add more items to its Q1 goals.

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The Joint L1 Task Force, an independent development team dedicated to Layer 1 work on the Terra Classic chain, is ahead of schedule for its set maintenance goals for Q1 2023.
The project manager for the team made this known in a tweet yesterday at the end of the second bi-weekly sprint scheduled to evaluate the team’s progress. Per the tweet, the team could add some items to its Q1 goals by the end of the quarter.
Unsurprisingly, the community has received the latest development favorably. A senior member of TerraCVita, Rex Harrison, AKA Rexzy, described it as more positive news for the Terra Classic chain.
Recall that the team requested over $141k in community pool funding to carry out what it described as “essential maintenance upgrades” within 3 months. Notably, members of the team, which comprised 2 senior developers working full-time, 2 others working part-time, 2 junior developers, and an admin per the proposal, were to receive specified sums every month within the period after achieving set milestones.
The proposal passed after intense debates as the community looked to avoid a repeat of the Terra Rebels debacle.
Potential Setback
Despite the positive development, it bears mentioning that the team has been hit by a potential setback today as Jacob Gadikian, a prominent Osmosis developer, announced that he was stepping down from the team. The decision comes in response to recent controversial statements from fellow L1 full-time developer Tobias Andersen, AKA Zaradar.
Notably, Zaradar asserted that there is no problem with Allnodes controlling 40% of the Terra Classic chain’s voting power, describing it as a product of free enterprise and a consequence of the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus model. As expected, Terra Classic community members have not taken kindly to these statements.
With the team now one man short, it remains to be seen if it can deliver on its goals and add more tasks for Q1 2023. In response to Gadikian’s statements, the project manager asserted that the team remains on track to deliver on its goals.
It is worth noting that Gadikian played a key role in developing the code that helped the community re-open its Inter Blockchain Communication channels to other Cosmos chains.
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