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  1. Heya Hulk..
    My comments are similar to Andrew, work and family life certainly impact getting onto the live shows..
    I always catch a re-run this can vary from chilling at home, at work, driving to and from work etc…
    Always learning from you as always, the Mods and Subs and always reading comments..
    Andrews spot on with saying we are the fortunate ones, sometimes gotta kick myself with the financial freedom I’m going to provide my family..
    Cheers and thumbs up 👍 to you Hulk and the tireless work you do for everyone and cheers to you Hulks family..

  2. I was unsubscribed from your channel. Leaving comments and they not showing has to do with YouTube's ability to shadow ban your comments if you leave any derogatory comments on other channels. it follows you around.

  3. Read Ray Dalio's new book "Principles for dealing with the changing world order" best book ever. This will set you up for what's coming next. China will be the worlds new super power so learn how to leverage that ✌🏽

  4. Mr. Crypto hulk, Thank you all your hard work and priceless information. I can not donation from YouTube. my google account have problem. We love to shopping crypto hulk brand in your shop!

  5. I think it’s a great idea you keep all the comments. Some people are stupid or just simply love to project hate, but it’s good to have a diverse comment section IMO. It’s also fun to troll the maxis

  6. Listen hulk I like you. a friend of mine n I tried telling you and your audience certain info. my friend could not see my writing n I couldn’t see his writing. you are being stocked n blocked my friend. GOD Bless you n all your audience. XRP army 🤜🤛🤑

  7. Thanks Hulk for the content today. Earlier this morning I just woke up and missed half the show. But I paid my toll though. I may look into Vechain again…I sold it last year.. I'm glad I found your old channel.

  8. Follow Crypto Hulk on Twitter @CryptoHulk17 to stay doubly informed. 💪💚

  9. XRP cant be a dollar, it was created to move big money like the swift system. “On demand liquidity “ basically major financial institutions will use it to move value around, in a sense the actual crypto acting as digital gold! A “bridge currency “ it cant be a dollar or 10 dollars to move big money, it has to be worth allot more. Swift moves about 5 trillion dollars a day and its a system from the 70’s, iso’s or xrp “Ripple” is working with major financial institutions already for example citibank and Wells Fargo , thanks for watching! Continue watching the show we are here to help! God bless! 👍 ( TWITTER:CryptoHulk17 TWITTER:MetaMan_X)

  10. The U.S. is in a pickle. We have printed so much currency that effectively we are bankrupt. What the media won't tell you is that the supply chain problems are because the people we trade with don't want to be paid in U.S. dollars. They know our currency is worthless and they also know we can't pay our debts. They know that any payment of debt is just another piece of worthless paper. Now the U.S. government wants to replace one fiat system with another fiat system. If they operate their new CBDC the same way they operate their crony dollar system then they have essentially done nothing to solve their financial dilemma. The only way to solve the problem of fiat money is to replace it with a commodity-based system. Honest money is the only way to cure the problem of bad money. Now with Russia and China are moving to a gold-backed currency, the U.S. is in checkmate. My bet is that the U.S. will try to pull off another type of Federal Reserve system and simply change the name to something else. But it won't work. Other countries are going to adopt XRP and XLM and it will probably start with Russia and a middle Eastern country like Saudi Arabia. Once people start to use it and other countries see its success, the whole world will move over to this new system. People have been under a debt-based financial system for so long. They have been brainwashed to think that fiat systems are natural. When in fact fiat money violates the laws of nature. They have never experienced the financial freedom that comes from an asset-based system. Once they experience the benefits of honest money no one will ever want a fractional system again. We will see the great escape from the slavery of fiat money. You cannot violate the moral laws that operate in the universe. You reap what you sow. The U.S. is going down hard.

  11. Great show Hulk as always! I have been a silent listener lately just absorbing all the valuable content. The info from your zapped channel was an incredible indicator that you stumbled upon something that they clearly want to suppress. Keep trucking Hulk, we got your back! Thanks again for your generosity and sharing your insight. God always keep tabs on people that do good deeds. Keep safe and God bless.

  12. Looks bad for Ripple .. our government is creating new laws were Ripple won't thrive.. Ripple has big name players stepping down .. I give it 6 months till Ripple leaves the country.. I hope I'm wrong but what I see is not good.. These people in government ate being manipulated by bitcoin maxis and ETH clowns as well .. The people trying to create new laws and regulations have no education in blockchain they don't even understand the technology they just listen to the big wall street players that hold Bitcoin and ETH

  13. Once we are all rich we can just create our own private XRP holders channel. Lol

  14. Hey Hulk thanks for another great show. Looking forward for the next one! YT cant keep a good man down!

  15. Yo Hulk they are starting to close the door…4% back in XLM no longer offered on their coinbase card…only crap like eth and bitcoin can be chosen. Here we go

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