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what’s good everyone today i have an incredibly exciting luna classic burn update for all of you here today we have the dates we have the exact statistics we have every detail that you need to know behind the massive luna classic burn that is going to be implemented incredibly soon here so let’s go ahead and get right into it so as announced on the terra rebels discord server we can see right here when will 3568-4095 luna classic burns be implemented this was answered right here in order for the implementation on mainnet we need to do validator approval so when everything is tested out completely that is the next step if two out of three of the validators adopt the code on chain burning will be implemented we’re hoping for late q3 q4 for this to happen keep in mind though that the dates are subject to change if we need to give validators more time to prepare so essentially what they’re saying here guys is the testing is pretty much completely finished right here for the code on the test net for this burn things are operating very smoothly now we just need to go ahead and get all the other validators on board and if over two-thirds of all of the validators do say yes to this burn which most of them already have said yes to it uh during the voting phase of these proposals then that means that we’re going to have this 1.2 burn tax on chain by the end of q3 which is really soon here or maybe early q4 but those days can change guys so just please do keep that in mind but that is incredibly exciting because that’s only one month or two months away now one question that many people are also asking right now is what happens if most of the validators do not want to go ahead and do this burn for the luna classic community and the answer is well we already know that the largest validator orion is on board now that’s going to make a very large difference in the grand scheme of things but let’s say a lot of these smaller validators just don’t vote at all or not going ahead and implementing this uh it’ll actually be very easy to go ahead and replace them and get new validators on board as we can see right here they say as follows i don’t really care too much about any single validator that can easily be replaced considering how low their stake is relative to the total voting body but orion is on board validators can be added artificially to the chain if we have to in the event that people aren’t voting or they’re not going ahead and doing what the community very clearly wants i think everyone can agree everyone wants this luna classic burn and this is incredibly important we only need the top 22 validators which is approximately 66 of the voting power i do personally believe that we will be able to do this but if that isn’t the case like they said right here we can go ahead and replace these validators and get this pushed through that will delay things a little bit but just so you guys have some peace of mind in the event that validators don’t want to do this we have a solution also i have confirmed this so many times on this channel and this has officially been confirmed from the tarot rebels community there are so many youtubers out there and content creators that are spreading misinformation about binance’s 2 trillion coin wallet it is their exchange wallet guys it’s their exchange well for all of the luna classic holders on their exchange okay i don’t want to repeat this one more time but they confirm it right here as well do binance own 2 trillion coins as i’ve explained 10 times before the binance wallet is just the sum of all users luna classic binance is the biggest exchange in the world so of course they’re gonna have two trillion coins on their exchange for all of their users that are using the exchange i don’t know how many times i need to repeat this either so many people out there are spreading misinformation saying that cz binance owns like three trillion coins and he’s gonna dump it all no that is every single binance users coins all in one wallet that is their exchange wallet let’s stop the misinformation right here please stop saying that is something that it isn’t now obviously this is tremendous news with this massive luna classic burn having a set date we can kind of have an expectation of when we can expect luna classic to go crazy and we have a pretty good runway leading up to that guys we have a minimum about two months here in order to collect our terra luna classic bags in anticipation for this massive massive pump that’s gonna happen alongside this lunar classic burn so i am now going ahead and dollar cost averaging into terra luna classic weekly and i really hope that you guys are going ahead and padding your tarot into classic bags as well if you guys are and you want to support an ongoing burn guys make sure to use my affiliate link down below if you sign up using my link right here you’ll go ahead and help the luna buy back and burn initiative right here and this will make a massive difference in helping the luna classic community and if you deposit at least five hundred dollars you’ll also get airdropped 25 us dollars worth of luna classic so guys if you’re currently holding luna classic on an exchange that does not support the luna classic burn make sure to go ahead and use my link and deposit your luna classic here and continue to dollar cost averaging and buying luna classic here as well as whatever whatever other cryptos you have as well guys mexi has one of the largest displays of different cryptos and tokens available on their exchange that’s personally why i use them that and their exchange is just honestly amazing so i would recommend going ahead and creating an account right here guys using my affiliate link very simple to sign up and they’re available pretty much everywhere where crypto is legal so go ahead and do that guys support the luna classic burn smash the like button smash the subscribe button comment down below so everyone can find out about this wonderful news that i shared with you here today and i’ll see you guys very very soon peace

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  1. I'm so grateful and glad you did what you promised you were going to do, you kept to your word by recovering my money back I really appreciate and forever thankful.

  2. I'm so grateful and glad you did what you promised you were going to do, you kept to your word by recovering my money back I really appreciate and forever thankful.

  3. Ohh guys can’t believe I just got 3btc from this god sent software provider am so happy working with your service you are always the best every time thanks a lot🥰🥰🥰🥰

  4. Ohh guys can’t believe I just got 3btc from this god sent software provider am so happy working with your service you are always the best every time thanks a lot🥰🥰🥰🥰

  5. Thank you so much for getting me so much money, I am grateful 👆

  6. I highly doubt that new burn rates would change anything about Luna Classic. Would rather save USDT for something else

  7. Let's not forget that the biggest payouts in the markets don't come from great performances but rather it's great promotions. Stay invested, diversification for streams of incomes is very important

  8. I tought CZ said DoKwon gifted him original LUNA before it launched and he didn't pay attention to it. Not sure if it went to his personal wallet or to binance's wallet, but I remember hearing about him saying he wasn't as rich as he was before, because all the Luna that he owned was now worth 99.99% or so less. Of course, anyone who continued to hold their old Luna, had it converted to LUNC and were given some Luna 2.0. So it's more than possible for CZ or Binance to have a lot of LUNC, because Terra Luna airdropped most everyone the new coins, and they should have been one of them. Regardless, I dont' think i would be prudent for CZ to dump the LUNC anyway, at this time, while it's still at such a low price. Hopefully he does, however, do a mega huge burn of whatever personal or binance owned LUNC that used to be Luna.

  9. Hey Crypto King, what about Wrapped Luna? I brought it on Coinbase right before they stopped supporting it and I can't sell my coins or nothing. Would I be able to transfer them to a MEXZ account if I created one?

  10. You're wrong about the Binance wallet. It's impossible that it's all users supply. IMPOSSIBLE!!!

  11. My greatest happiness is the $32,000 bi-weekly profit I get consistently despite the economic fluctuation…

  12. Mark my words…. The future success of LUNA CLASSIC will create a tsunami of wealth over the entire Crypto World! The affects will be so profound that the CRYPTO WORLD WILL SEE HIGHER HIGHS NEVER SEEN ! ! !

  13. I cant understand your tough english language can you explain me in your simple english language that what are you saying

  14. Do you guys realised that apple is a 2 trillion dollar company. Apple devices are used across the globe. What makes you think that these coins are gonna reach even 100billion??? These crypto coins can only reach 10-50billion at Max. Bitcoin and ethereum are the only coin you should invest in!!! The rest of them are useless

  15. Where do u guys buy this crypto!?!? Every exchange I’ve tried says it’s “not available to trade” where is everyone buying at? 😫

  16. Great explanation. On the other hand there are many ways of manipulating the market, I was able to grasp the knowledge of trading crypto assets early enough, but i was still limited due to my lack of technical understanding of how to analyze the digital market, all that changed when i encountered LilyAlice strategy. more emphasis should be put into day trading as it Is less affected by the unpredictable nature of the market.

  17. no one else see an issue with just replacing validators? Kinda sounds like centralized banking to me.

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