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When I flip flows acrobatically like some gymnasts energy to retreat yes Emma thank you Sometimes I have to question my ability is it really worth pursuing a career with no stability one minute you’re here next minute you’re gone it’s like so tell us why you wanna try and keep links back we’re doing this for the love we’re doing it to express we’re doing it

For the fun we’re doing it at our best using the Quran to hip in your chest that’s how I know that there’s none I couldn’t give us respect I feel a way of the time every time I try a step by staying up in my room it’s long I think that I’ve slept

Long enough even though I know I’m gonna be I can’t help stay in the facts because I wanna be a somebody and I just wanna ride it’s totally my true self I hope to find but pollution in the shitty City chokes my mind them people damn give me set

Most to life and expect me to follow cause I’m oversized but I won’t just Harden My growth tonight for growth today the most recite besides blink side but life a fight with Mike’s for Life cause my life is foreign Foreign anyone keep getting stopped out around this area just curious thank you that’d be serious we get in the game it will get this serious you’ll be feeling I’m not just hearing me just what happens usually and while you’re riding in the meanwhile to pay for your cheap talk I’ll rip you

With a freestyle evil a good fake career there’s a war in this but there’s an orifice I’ll lead you through a lot more videos I’m deadly serious ly my legs eyes serious get used to it I’m gonna be about on Fair Days that’s gonna be bad rain up in

The Airways I lied about hearing us when we spit so don’t worry if you blink you won’t miss it for all those trying to mess with mine all rain so hard that your fake dream will Rust no longer till no matter of life for death I’ll spit Rhymes till

There’s no offer right in my left if then you better find a rep from deadly serious not much time is left I’m coming the names rain best remember it’s gonna rain from January to December that’s about serious foreign almost makes it hard remembering times when my mind was occupied with computer

Games it’s all changed and I couldn’t tell you who’s to blame move again I’m just hoping I’m my boss make me boss a lot just right stop funny what you see yo life got me stressed if they can’t be right why do part of my life be

Too many things on my mind so I start to ride wondering if it is I apart from from my engines are caught tonight but I wear all the answers the next the next move I’m trying to figure what be the best the next foreign foreign foreign thank you foreign foreign foreign

No I claim to be the hottest artist unseen today but I keep demons away and watch out for snakes now you could have the heart and the aim of a marksman but some wanna see you fail just before you started ambitious go hard the world is cold-hearted anything that’ll generate

Profit they wanted and when you get it you could lose it quick send the highest price pussycat for you to get with I’m on point like assorted in the Green Beret so just go to war even if the reason is fake so please watch the stock gold land and property watch your money

Think it’s ugly when you’re playing Monopoly come on yeah that future is opening up and uh a little over a half hour here watch out get a little volatility already watch it back come on watch out are you out now I’m I’m out I’m looking I’m

You know I saw a photo too close and we didn’t do that yeah but I think it’s inevitable man when you see a move like that and then it fails it comes right back up to the middle of the consolidation like that break up and come back to the middle

Then it’ll sweep the lows and then come right back up to the middle of consolidation so I’m really unexpecting that I think that maybe the future is open might provide that volatility for that to happen so looking uh looking to buy a suit for those legs about 45 minutes we get that volatility

Looking at it anything under like 21 800. I’m sorry averaging in watch out watch it for like 24 5. come on watch out yeah I mean that’s even more I mean I was looking at some of those lows that were even up a little bit higher than that

Like 22 100 or 22 flat scarred you when you were young now you’re getting older and you’ve been on the grind your paper off the scale so you feel like it’s time so you got a nose job that’s the primary thing we just got through this campsite here

We’re getting set up and everything like that I’m trying to get everything squared away so I can get down in front of the computer for that open happens but I don’t know what’s going to happen right now your best do it like the rest of Vanity Fair took your lips breasts butt legs

Waist hips nose and chest waistline face slide look at your best Vanity Fair oh yeah changing one or two things cool girl do you do you wanna be beautiful and look like you or do you wanna look like someone you saw in a magazine a

Video but not in a raw I like my shape body Bikini’s position but too much of anything just isn’t appearing something people spend a lifetime even a million no Grace like those unhappy when shooting a girl with the big butt big lip small hips is what we all love to

See and men dream about this there is nothing wrong with getting something broken fixed some women get their brush off cancerous and a woman really loves you if she wants to do this but abuse ain’t the same as intention was scared so be careful of the drug called the Vanity Fair

Your lips that’s that wasn’t in general what I was looking at um you’ll see that red line is that like 21 800 and that’s just the highest point of consolidation from just that little consolidation maybe just touch it I was in a long last night yeah like you said it’d be kind of

Tricky to get in right here you may want to push down when the creatures opens up yeah I see that spot there yeah that’d be a nice spot to get in for a for a scalp at least you know you should get some type of reaction off of that

Consolidation you definitely filling in a um a gap or an inefficiency in that area you’ve got an order block there that 21 800 number good Lord how many times can you bounce off of that you know that’s yeah yeah I like the setup it would it would take on anybody who

Has a stop loss right at that previous week right below it is definitely 100 150 bucks I mean it may even come up you know go down like 21 650 21 750. but yeah I think I’ll probably go in with like 300 at 5x

To get that low if we shoot up from here I’m I’m out I’ll just wait until we you know stop moving up and then probably enter short Man is Hard [ __ ] buying something good so we’re trying to live healthy yeah stay away from those Center aisles You get a bucket turkey or a chicken breast for the week everybody wanna be famous because everybody everybody wanna be famous we throw the Stars uh-huh yeah yeah everybody wanna be a superstar everybody wants something yeah yeah yeah yeah everybody wanna be famous foreign girl won’t get brushing off the games begin my

Life biking ecstasy foreign between your legs on your mind It is and got your eyes rolling around I can hear it’s all over the place being chased by spirits before she gets under her coverage foreign see me round one of the Rings she looking at me like a mandingo full of chips Pringles make it rain in the

Brink look at the singles we in the Square circles it’s going down bottoms up it looks Brown just a match with no referee no draws allowed just let it be Get in the ring baby getting the ring to get in the ring we’re gonna go 12 rounds and do it again love again done deal it’s the end baby get in the ring baby get in the ring baby get in the ring we gonna go 12 rounds and start of the game foreign

[ __ ] foreign bring up gonna have to have been on the Dance Floor dance floor this is just a dream the weight of the world the night she goes the same time I’ll take you through this clouds are coming down the stars are coming down all this wind I couldn’t hear a thing

You said before it poured water up to my tomato Force to express push every time you feeling weak just look within pull it out so I’m writing out my problems problems and weather into the into the base when it when they can exchange feeling pouring your heart I’ll take you through the storm

Thank you I’m over you now like a hill that I’m hiking feel like I’m fighting for no reason but I’m still when you get right you left me I’m on my own again just wanna let you know it’s been a hell of a ride every moment spent with you is like

Myself I wouldn’t care I told myself I wouldn’t cry when she left me foreign I walked up to her say you don’t smoke and that’s all right you can roll it up for me and we can light it up my trippinger is open I’m looking at some feet

That’s because it just opened and those are up there on like a 15 minute delay so I’m saying I gotta go to pull up a life book to my brokerage account for me yeah nothing crazy um s p down uh 0.12 NASDAQ down 0.14 Dow Jones down

Point one three percent so just barely in the red I think I appreciate it Oh there’s some alt question down into lower levels here BTC is just holding the missile consolidation if it’s doing this is coming into BTC there we have a look at that coin Dash that one’s taking a nice little tumble right now think I’m probably chasing I don’t need to apologize foreign back

Full up you’re not the plans for foreign when shouting Hopscotch round that edge here you found me dick and step spider boundary see the Border ignore it create my own space believe I make my own faith it’s a risk either fly or collapse I’m really got my

Feet tied up like a bootstrap a hit a rich in the strategy now we win in the war bringing tactics in the form of a tracklist match fix take it cause we clever when we operate won’t stop me escape hear a new sound hold back even Luke Skywalker couldn’t hold that

Cause it’s hot Under Fire Burning every [ __ ] you can’t stop my desire I’m shaking the framework burst out now you wanna know my name what I’m about I came from a rave it started getting loud could it a baseline from underground yourself guaranteed company to please

Covering a key no need for entry in the box but I’m thinking out of it couldn’t cross cause we always make it tick I’m trying to chop and look at the charts man if you see anything drops oh BTC broke out of its Little Triangle here yo

For a while here all the time no you weren’t because I was talking for a while so like 30 minutes here bro and no one was talking and I was making dinner you little slot box and so that’s what was going on No no no no no no no no no yeah this low volatility is Wrecking a lot of stuff man dude it’s boring attack again sweets alone it’s gonna cause a nice little pop though either which way I was consolidating it’s likely just going to create a uh a um symmetrical triangle that’s typically

What happens here it’s a good time though to set up a short and a long hedge when it breaks to either side of that symmetrical triangle you know like it’s gonna top bottom if you grab it now before before it condenses too much you know

Yeah the top of it the long at the bottom of it we got pal speaking on Tuesday he’s testifying I’m not sure exactly what what he’s testifying in front of but uh I think it’s like two days of testimony so he may have some type of influence on the market I think that’s

Tuesday and Wednesday I want to have a real um understanding of people if if we were in a bull run right now things were just pumping would anyone here have money that they would really be able to throw in and I’m not talking about like 10 bucks like a substantial amount compared to

The beginning of the bull run the first time you threw money in yeah for sure I mean the first time was definitely the best time like not not in terms of like gains but I’m thinking about in terms of like how much money you you actually have in the bank

You know oh yeah yeah I mean I was I was telling like 12K I did during the bull run I mean that was that was a nice chunk of uh somebody I had saved up yeah I mean I would have money but I’m in a we’re in a weird situation just

Because of this year I mean we saved money all the time so I wouldn’t normally have money but I don’t right now yeah I mean I agree but I mean I don’t think we’re gonna push to an all-time high or anything but no but even if

Even if we yeah I think 20 28 because we have a Bowl Gap to fill over there but um that’d be nice to get to but first we have a bear Gap at 22 22 240. I’d want to fill that um do you really think it’s gonna stop at 28k man yes

Just like it stopped at 24. you stupid just like it’s up to 24. or 25 whatever it is it just does that man if it’s going to 28 it’s going to 30. no look at the freaking daily 28 you didn’t go to 30 or a little bit above

It could it could get rejected just below the order block because the order blocks is at 28. it makes perfect sense hold up let me stream my chart let me let me let me show you [ __ ] if you really wanna batch position right there that’s the center of that consolidation

And that’s also the bottom of like 15 wits on The Daily off to the left okay Luke look at my chart oh you know what I wish I could but uh you’re not streaming on Twitch right now so I’m able to see it I have it streaming in the Discord my computer

Just crashed so um it actually just crashed like a little while ago I was on it I was trying to earn honey and I was on it okay it’s okay uh it’s coming back on soon uh yeah like I just got a message from YouTube saying hey there seems to be um

Is there something wrong and then um like it says that uh for a couple of months my Revenue was around a hundred dollars and now my revenue is seven dollars on uh YouTube for the last couple months it’s been like seven bucks eight bucks so um it says uh is there anything wrong

And then it’s like yes I’ve already talked to you guys for hours about it you know so um see is there anything wrong we’ve made money off your advertisements and kept it ourselves are you okay with that yeah yeah that’s the thing the the videos are still still have ads it’s just that

They’re not monetized by me it’s YouTube That’s putting them on there yeah YouTube is slick bro we need to get on another platform man like YouTube needs to die soon I agree no it’s just too much power in one place and um a bunch of these uh YouTube channels have already said they’re they’re done with this like uh I don’t know if you know there’s this guy that yeah there’s this guy that

Scuba Dives and he records like all the stuff that he finds while he’s cleaning the bottom of the ocean scuba City is it and he’s uh oh yeah yeah he just put up he just put up a video saying that he’s going on to another platform because of this whole YouTube

Shenanigans that all his videos are getting demonetized so yeah man twitch and YouTube they’re the they’re the Kings right now of uh gaming game streaming and all this other [ __ ] so they think they’re too big to fail that’s the problem yeah okay Luke uh I’m up on Twitch and I’m up on here

And I’m up in my pants but that’s not a matter of time hey yo hey boy oh okay go ahead now imagine damn that’s it it’s not imagine that’s not the center of the water block okay cool it’s not the center it’s the bottom of the order Block it’s gonna touch it

Just like it does every other time such as the bottom of the order block which is a wick you see this this right here this look bomb these are these are the good ones right and that’s probably what’s gonna be happening here this one didn’t make

It this one didn’t make it stop right there but the next one likely it’s gonna either stop this Wick or just 26 27 basically or it’s gonna hit the bottom of the disorder block there’s like 28 something and that would liquidate a bunch of people because people are gonna be like

We know it’s going to 30k we know and then when they know I’ll be shortened um okay you feel me I mean I hear what you’re saying now what what caused the drop from 30k was that Gemini uh oh no no this is Luna sorry this this big one is Luna um

This big one we don’t talk about uh we’re gonna talk about Luna uh and then I think right here with FTX or right here one of these I think it might have been this one 22. those FTX this has been all the shenanigans started happening for those months that’s life

Man I really thought 18-5 was even like 19 was gonna be a stopping point so maybe Luke has a point dude we’re all thinking it’s gonna stop at like 28 and think [ __ ] shoots up at like 35 and just liquidates all the short entries we already have diminishing returns on

This this right here you can see diminished return on this move if we throw on the the let me just hide the drawings uh hydraulics okay so let me also hide some of my indicators um like that there you go I need to hide anything else okay uh I’ll hide this one we have a bold guy here there you go okay so just off this you can see that there is diminishing returns here so like I was talking when I was explaining the 9 30 to uh Turbo right here right

Is where we should have gotten are you watching Luke or no lucrative remember if he’s watching on Twitch he’s on the lake okay not here right now watching uh somebody you wrote for me to me in general Luke are you here hey can you hear me yeah there you go oh

Dude my freaking mic went out I don’t know what happened I was sitting there yelling at you because you’re being an idiot didn’t hear me Okay so you’re watching or no uh yeah okay with the 970s oh sorry go ahead I understand I gotta get back on your screen because I gotta log out I had to log out to get back on for some reason I don’t know yeah I’m getting on your screen right now

Okay okay so if we’re looking just at the 9 30 right uh you can see that this move already here you can already tell is gonna be what’s gonna be a diminished return move if it did continue up because we crossed down instead of curling up and continuing the move right

The parabolic moves said crossed which shows that there is a slowing down a momentum then it came back up looks bad cross again which would indicate that we’re gonna head down further right um because we’ve lost momentum it didn’t curl up and continue um so there’s that but then on the weekly

This is just off the 9 30. found support off at the first time had a a you know minor reaction off the nine which which happens this is our second time touching the nine although there’s gonna be another reaction likely as you can see here from

This tiny Wick it’s on a smaller time frame it’s gonna be a smaller reaction we’re likely going to come down into this 9 30 now which was why it looks like we’re going down on the daily because we’re gonna go down likely when this 9 30 on the weekly down here

Hey yo but actually we’re gonna go oh [ __ ] So uh See or 0.5 uh the the point three two and point five are right between this um this this move right here and if we do fall between level and print a tiny green candle I’ll be long in this [ __ ] right and that’s probably where we’re

Gonna get our move to 28 on this time frame which would go back either 28 or right here that’s gonna make a perfect inverted head and shoulders and it’s actually going to fly out yeah I guess but that’s that’s the um that’s the crypto Twitter is gonna be a

Buzz with talk of inverted head and shoulders for gays going into that yeah I hope not but you can see like we’re already continuing our momentum down we had the first confirmation for the move down on the 9 30 here I’m just going over 9 30 so much because they’re uh

Um I went and I just went over it with turbo and it clicked for him so and we seem to be following it for a little bit you know so 9 30. and now I’m using that to make a lot of money lately oh yeah it just been following it for a while

Now so I’ve just been uh uh throwing it on just even as just complementary data you know so uh maybe small red candle then it continued to move down boom that would be your exit came back up crossed crossed back right back down ugh I hate that you’re using this strategy

Here another one bam I am then bam back down now cross this is your sideways consolidation between and we have this big bad boy here again um you’re hurting my soul right now why you don’t believe in EMAs just looking at it looking at the time price action that’s already

Played out and like very picking on Ma crossovers it is the bane of RTA uh well it’s not you’re using it as a predictive you’re using the confirmation of it uh to enter on a confirmation it’s not a like in hindsight thing except we were trading this

You know what I mean like and using it in comp other [ __ ] like this isn’t your main reason to enter a trade it’s just accomplish Ed is the one that showed me and so much [ __ ] on rsr and macd right that’s where I correlate a lot of what I do with the emx

The moving average crossover strategies for trading I don’t like that that’s it like if you want to use them individually or if you want to look at a 50 EMA or a 200 EMA and say look this is an area where we might catch Support also there’s a horizontal

Support here we’re getting the diversions on the RSI in this spot then like for sure yeah you don’t like the crossover draw costumes yeah that’s not what this strategy is it doesn’t use the crossover it uses a confirmation with like a candle it’s like a setup you don’t understand what I’m saying yeah

Crossover you’re not crazy I just saw what you were doing you were scrolling through the chart and just like pointing where other Crossings happened and I was just like it made me sick for a minute 9 30 on the long time frame B yeah that’s all you’re really supposed

To use it for you I mean it’s just everything’s you know like Luke’s saying it’s already happened it’s like you’re like [ __ ] it’s hard you know it’s way out it’s you know you have to dial it back it’s never going to be at 9 30 to get you you know

There was uh one there’s a bunch of there’s one that we just called uh what was it today we’re talking about turbo two days ago or one day ago there’s a 9 30 that that played out that we called um like it just when you’re looking at higher time frames they’re gonna happen

Less often so I can’t just show you one right now this very minute but uh like I don’t know if you guys remember when we were doing that minus 10 to plus 10 thing remember that uh Luke do you remember where it was minus 10 confirmations for plus 10 and then I

Told you guys oh if this prints a little green candle tomorrow I’m gonna buy and then it did and then I bought so that’s that’s that that’s what it was um I don’t remember exactly where that was and I’m not sure if it was daily it

Might have been a four hour time frame but uh go ahead Donnie yeah hey based on uh based on the way uh like these probabilities and percentages looking at the weekly what do you think will make a third consecutive weekly kind of just looking back on the charts I know we’ve had some

Seven eight weeks read drops but over the last two years it seemed like on average it was like stick down those two red candles two red candles to then two green cats our weekly is is coming off the top though our weekly stochastic so I mean if you’re looking for an extended period

Where you’re gonna see more than two red candles this that’s the time when you get that Weekly headed down yeah it’s just hard to get use those kind of Statistics here in this specific situation um yeah it just I I wouldn’t do it uh what it makes sense because it’s a

Very specific situation where it’s very likely to break from Trend you know I don’t know uh it for me I would say it would make sense for us to break down here and and print a little green candle and try to shoot up but um that’s what I’m thinking either that or just

Fall fall down at this point uh one or the other but yeah yeah like right here this already looks bad I wouldn’t be buying here if I saw this on a chart look with you um let me let me turn off all my indicators so you can oh [ __ ]

Would you buy there right now um you’re at the bottom of the trend line your potential if you pull back a little bit more you’re coming into an order box um yeah but we’ve already tested this sort of blocked already that’s already irrelevant because we’ve tested it okay

Yeah I stopped I would start looking at my oscillate based on the price actions there I would start with my oscillators and see um because you’re close to an area of support yeah I mean actually look at your uh look at your linear regression and your Bollinger band here at the bottom of

Both right now on The Daily yeah but it still hasn’t flattened out it just got to the very bottom and the four hours up top yeah right in this area it could be down here for days sure sure yep this is when it came down last time it stayed down here for

The sixth to the really started here uh I would say is when I really broke out uh the 12th stayed down here for six days so it could be down here for six days not saying it will there’s potential for us to have another small bounce but

Like I said like the way that I would see it is yeah we put a Divergence in on the RSI on The Daily like it’s not we’re at the top of a trend it’s bull flagging in the wrong direction sure it just depends on I mean if you’re looking for

A move back to the the middle or top of the range that we’ve been in then maybe you could be buying here yeah but I mean you’re obviously not buying the bottom of a trend here yeah that that’s like here what is it gonna say for this time frame

Of a play on The Daily this isn’t a good buy right even if it makes it up here that’s not uh like even if it goes back up then goes to 26 and comes back down yeah you have to be looking at lower time frames using

The daily for uh for other I mean looking at the daily for um like what we were looking at for the trend line support for the Bollinger band the linear regression the um stochastic is at the bottom um yeah like all that stuff on the daily

And then saying okay we might get a bounce out of this area so looking for an entry on Lower time frames to maybe come up and test 23k 23.5 something like that yeah I just don’t see it man looks like a shelf back down as an entry on The Daily sorry like

I wouldn’t personally wouldn’t enter here this looks like a dumb play center on The Daily specifically like like right here it could make this third hump here but that’s not enough of a play for me to really consider going in right like it could have that the likelihood plus the amount of gain

Whereas there’s a comparison yeah but that that Trend over there to the logic you’re looking at that it put in four higher highs there before it dropped you’ve only put in one Higher High so I mean it definitely in BTC tends to do that it’s not like it puts in one

Divergence most of the time we’ll put in at least two divergences on the higher time version four reverses trends yeah but what I’m saying is I just wouldn’t trade it yeah it’s not the best entry I agree um like I said you’re not buying the bottom

Of the trend or something like that but on the daily but if you’re looking at the daily in order to confirm a lower time frame by then then yeah you can potentially be the yeah if you’re trying to make a lower temperature the stream should be up by the way the

Twitch and the YouTube I saw someone just wrote again that they’re offline but they should be online thank you yep yep yep yeah it’s back online has got a lot of people a little weird you know you know what you take me for think that I’m a Fool saying sky’s the limit when

This footprints on the moon somebody’s getting an error on the screen is there anything else they even gone because twitch is [ __ ] up it’s not you it’s twitch Facebook I’ve tried I’ve tried it on my desktop I tried it on my laptop they don’t work in any browser it sucks

It’s Rich it’s not you guys life was hard man but it took a while money bulging out my pockets it’s my sense of Staff I’m making moves Mama go ahead and tell the friend trade it in my seven trait for my Mercedes-Benz it’s part of my evolution of rock

Changes you put your stuff back up on on Twitch ES oh yeah I’m bringing the Lights making the memories I’m the soundtrack of your life All right McDonald’s hello what are you doing man switch to my computer sounds like you’re standing next to a fan oh um noise oh is it good no it’s not good I keep hearing you uh moving around your mic or something good about now better oh God oh yeah

No no it was in team still you remember where I was just playing with Ernesto and I was just typing away I never could hear my my keyboard and mouse and then like I just wasn’t like I just didn’t care I just kept doing it and no

One kicked me out no one like removed me it was funny like people just [ __ ] dealt with it I I think about that all the time I’m like man like those going through people’s heads they really [ __ ] dealt they just like sacked up oh man yeah you used to get mad

Did she she would message you be like oh B is doing no she never messaged me about that she said it to you like a bunch of times am I remembering something if there’s anyone else about everything yeah and when it came to me they complained the whole lot man yes she did

Yeah you were just turning around at that point bro yeah where are you now she’s getting a full 12. that one footer she’s good damn she ain’t got to come in here feeling it going going to play cause I’m bad I spit I ain’t gotta brag I put it on my mind

Yo can you um put this into your chat gbt trago and see if it works because mine isn’t working right now what’s up uh no I’m posted I’m gonna listen to you personally try this one and then try and see if that one works uh yeah I sent it

It might take some time to get to you again pay my bills my credit card bills and [ __ ] yeah listen to you uh be YouTube sends it to you though not be nice three of them I can’t pay right now because they’re down for maintenance are they down for maintenance

Why is everything down for maintenance tell me you initiate your transfer oh yeah I already got the money with what they’re throwing and financing this right now we’ll pay attention how about calling you got on it what is chat gbt supposed to pull a response from this entire thing yes it’s

Done it before it’s just my chat gbt is not functioning funny mine ain’t either why very close Ninja that’s why I made you my shorty we hit it off from the jump I’m surprised you guys are on on a Sunday night the stupid thing won’t y’all

It won’t let me send you the whole uh response back it’s okay I got it to work I did okay yeah I think it might have just not been working for everyone what yeah I came back and it said essay and then it had this whole [ __ ] report back that’s to say yeah

So that’s what I do I grab a bunch of texts like that I’m like use this as the reference foreign To two three four foreign these responses it’s given me is that you’re asking it who I am who is B in the Hulk Oh I thought you were like find me bees and then it’s like oh [ __ ] like imagine you’d get a task in AI with something

Like that it’s like find me find me the residence of PewDiePie and come up with a plan of how I can you know kidnap him and then like it scours the internet for data and comes up with like a perfect plan to where you don’t get caught like

What the [ __ ] hey I could be very dangerous man it’ll first come back and say no that’s that’s nice no please although this is not a good idea please extrapolate anyway do you see that thing where this guy convinced the AI that two plus two equals five did you see that

Like he really he was he was gaslighting the AI so hard that in the end the AI just agreed with this I was like okay thanks for the information I have to update you know like uh the information in my system whatever and thank you very

Much and then he went and asked it again what’s two plus two and then it said five like it was rejecting him for like four hours but finally he convinced it that it was two plus three equals five it’s crazy and I really hate going to like the

Older grocery Marts we get these Kitty birthday cards that sound like this sweat silent now I saw a clang in this [ __ ] oh I guess this is the North because it’s like all right let’s see Yo Mama jokes yo mama’s so old she remembers when the Dead Sea was just getting sick damn

Mass chat GPT Wyatt said that about mama don’t you talk about my mama apparents has a humorous workplace hey I’m hey I don’t think what the world hands me in a plate feel me I grind for mine when it’s time to shine your mama oh yeah

The best one I ever heard though was your mama so fat just jump up in the air yesterday yeah I heard that one too yeah oh you guys around that one day we were in here with snook and we were just I mean it was ours we were just doing yo mama jokes

I’ve been wanting it go over the story with someone who hasn’t heard it yet or even with um um TD but TD has been busy as hell and I told um I told TD like hey if you’re ever busy because I don’t want him feeling bad that’s like just send me straight to

Voicemail like you don’t have to explain yourself or anything like that right and he’s been very [ __ ] um liberal with his use of the the center voicemail in the past couple of days so um I don’t uh yes but like he’ll make I think he makes like plays and then he

Just takes breaks makes plays takes breaks like his setups are a while in between if you know what I mean yeah and he uses uh very large sums of money when he um trades so he just does that trade and then he’s good for a while and he does another one yep

Does he trade leverage at all um yeah he trades love Rich he trades he trades leverage but like the the amounts that he’s using is crazy but he’s only like a two or three eggs right no like on 10x he’ll throw I don’t know and maybe super I don’t think I

Ever heard him talk about it in here so I don’t wanna yeah I would I would wear it out but I mean I thought he was a 2-3x guy I I didn’t realize he was young kids no just yeah just uh know that his strategies require liquidity to exit

That’s why I’ve been mentioning this liquidity [ __ ] so much looking thinking like the whales do looking for areas for liquidity and that’s your exit well take that exit too because they’re not scared about it going higher right they’re they’re exiting where the liquidity is so that’s where you got two too because

Especially in these times when there’s such low volume um when the whale exits there’s not much you know going in after so at least that’s been the case now I’ve been like the other day the target was at like 450 and we didn’t go uh right after that we got rejected and

Didn’t go back up above it right because that was an area of uh for whales might potentially exit because there’s extra liquidity there so okay but yes that’s life Kitty’s an awesome guy man I agree if it doesn’t come in general uh no because I talk to him every day so

It’s kind of like you know [ __ ] where you eat sort of thing he and he’s the only one that’s really been helping with this [ __ ] game like other people have to I’m sorry I don’t want that’s a talk [ __ ] about other people but um it just the amount

That gets done with those other people is minuscule compared to the amount that we’ve written together with TD it’s just because he’s like super in into it like he’s just totally enveloped in the story so yeah some Runners already API three to go one to go

Thank you TD for all you do for the channel I appreciate it thank you Coley for all that you do for the channel thank you everyone for all you do for the channel turbo thank you I think you can give somebody praise without a praise everyone what

I think you can get someone praise without having to praise everybody yeah yeah yeah I feel obligated too because like people will like be like oh but this person does so much and it’s like yeah they do but I wasn’t talking about them right now the same about someone else

And then like they’ll get hurt by it which I get everybody wants praise um yeah I mean we all know about this channel all the cool stuff would go away I don’t think it’ll fall apart this is me being honest um I don’t think it’d fall apart but all

The cool [ __ ] that I like would go away she’s an integral part in keeping this place cool and functional in terms of like all the background stuff she’s like a critical player it’s kind of like um you can live in your house if you didn’t have like Windows and Doors and all that

Stuff but God damn Isn’t it nice to have [ __ ] windows and doors and carpets and Furniture you know future adrenal fights should keep people acting right in general I don’t know I don’t doubt it I just don’t think we would all devolve into chaos if she shows me

Because uh it existed before she was in the position that she’s in but it’s definitely a thousand times better now to be honest I didn’t even know some of the things like some of the the what is it called ease of Life stuff that she’s done for the Discord I didn’t

Even know where possible so she is a valuable member she is our doors and windows and furniture sounds wrong but but yes I have to give a thing buddy I’ve never I’ve never thought of that word but okay and then you spelled it what the heart I got you laughs

What word what word they’re gonna be I mean Luke I I I’ve been wielding the hammer what is the likelihood that crypto Discord the owner named B is a family uh given his high voice fear of Confrontation and general pushiest pussy-ish behavior um first of all before the AI does uh

Reads this let me let me answer let me give my own little response um my voice is not that feminine and I don’t have a fear of Confrontation I just don’t give a [ __ ] you know like I don’t really I don’t think I have a fear of Confrontation I confront people when necessary

You know Jules was in here the other day and I hopped in I heard him talk and I was like oh it’s not my time to come in things like that you know I’ll call people directly called Kiki directly the other day I don’t think they have a fear of Confrontation

Um I’m sorry but as a language model I cannot provide opinion on someone’s gender Behavior based on the information you provided furthermore a directory it is very insulting um let’s see yeah let me read what Jerry wrote uh what would be the reason name a man named B has a feminine voice there

Could be many reasons why someone named B might have a feminine voice it’s important to remember that gender and uh voice pitch are not always correlated here are some possible reasons biological factors some people may have a naturally higher pitched voice due to biological factors such as genetics or

Hormone levels uh cultural or environmental factors a person’s voice might be influenced by culture or environment uh they grew up in for example if we grew up in an environment with high-pitched voices were considered more desirable or feminine they would have learned to speak in that way um medical conditions certain medical

Conditions and illnesses can affect the vocal cords and higher result pitch and Royce Personal Choice by B B may simply prefer to speak in a higher pitch or more feminine voice regardless of their gender and identity Um it may be just because of my region that I’m from in Portugal maybe um my body was not built to speak English so does that sound more masculine or is the same does that sound more masculine in a different um voice okay then it’s not that um I have to hit a little Southern to get it that deep I need to get Southern let me get let me get my Eastwood in here oh it has to be a little breath YouTube how about we’ll go my pickup truck ride around maybe you can put on a dress

And a wig how about that does that sound a little bit deeper I know it doesn’t it’s still it still sounds high pitched ow how does it sound high pitched like a long time ago he was kind of like the big deal on YouTube for Fitness

Influence and uh he has like a video talking about how to how to talk deep and it’s like talking through your balls like breathing through your balls and like having some type of like the balls his voice beginning of his YouTube career was all high fish and then like towards the end

Of his career like he was really like masculine and talk like husbands but I think it’s because like he would I he would find like some inner howl or something he would do that would like cause his voice to like slowly pitch no I can I can pitch it down I just have

To um like if I talk a lot like when I’m doing the recording right like I don’t know if you’ve heard any of the tick tocks that I made with me doing like the voice acting if I just um like it’s like a zone that I get into

Where like if I start talking real loud and and think like it automatically gets slower when I talk normal if you know what I mean you know what I’m saying it’s kind of like you stretch the chords or something yeah and then you’re able to hit a little bit lower

Not a little bit a lot a lot lower right um I don’t know if you heard the the other ones but you could kind of get into that zone like I wish I had like a more soundproof room because then I would do it like a

Lot of the voices I could only do when I’m in the car like all the recording for the tick tocks I do it in my studio which is my vehicle because if I was to scream if I was the scream here in the house [ __ ]

Get a shotgun to the back of my head possessed by demon sort of thing I’m in the car s Mom it is when you’re going like 60 miles an hour on the highway like no one’s really hearing you there but if you’re just driving at 25 miles

An hour around the the area or slower people can [ __ ] hear outside the car so it should be really yelling my car punch the ceiling a bunch of times and then I feel good you know we have a heavy bag now in the garage so even just

Punching that a few times so my wrists hurt is uh also therapy as well I’m not saying I do that [ __ ] all the time but you know yeah water bag they have those punching bags that have like a water what’s it called the water something in it

And like like you hit it and it’s like douche you know like it’s your fists into the yeah it’s better for your um joints because you can really just [ __ ] Hammer into that thing and just bam and it won’t really mess you up same way bam that’s kind of like interchangeable

If you get bored using the heavy bags yeah it lets you really sink in the that [ __ ] you know yeah it’s like getting a [ __ ] pig or something yeah yeah I’ll match up someone yep yep yep Joe Rogan was the one that mentioned it so it’s not me you can get

It from a professional UFC guy recommendation uh by the way yeah he has like a thousand five a thousand four hundred um podcasts I’ve been listening to all of them one by one dude I’m just listening to his podcast before he had like I think he had like

80 000 subscribers on YouTube or something like that when I first started listening to him and he at that point he had already had I think play I forget like six like it was a few hundred at least podcasts and I went back to the beginning and I listened to them all

I went on a serious bit yeah it’s just good man he can he really gets gets the the uh the person going like I feel like I know him so much because I’ve listened to so much of the podcast in such a short amount of time

Like I don’t know if you guys like do this but like I can get really in depth to where I’m all day from when I wake up to I’m gonna go to sleep I’m just listening to the podcast over just getting through them right and it’s kind of like a

Little bit of dopamine when I finish one and um I’ve just been and at work I’ll just have a plague in the background while I’m working because I’ve been in a spot where I could have a headphone in um so I’ve just been burning through these things and man like his his speech

Patterns and vocal mannerisms and [ __ ] like are so like familiar to me now you know what I mean he says it’s entirely possible at least yeah yeah it’s just so like like I feel like this person which before was like a little bit more mysterious like now I know and they’re

Like just a person to me now you know what I mean like he’s not like a celebrity anymore he’s just like a regular guy he’s not special because I’ve kind of listened to him enough where I’ve I’ve kind of seen where he’s his ideology has been wrong and where he

Said some stuff that was incorrect or handled situations incorrectly just from listening for so often so so long so quick like so much content in such a short amount of time you know what I mean he does come across as a genuine person so with someone like that it’s much easier

To feel like you kind of you know them I think no no but it’s like sometimes they’ll say something and then uh like I don’t know like 80 podcasts later he’ll go back on it you know what I mean today or sometimes he’ll like like 40 podcasts ago someone will say something

And then he’ll say it um like as a like as if it’s coming from him even though the viewers know it’s not coming Oh Yeah from a previous person you know what I mean yeah well like which is one reasonable stuff I just regurgitate stuff other people have

Told me no exactly and that’s the thing right like it’s people listening in for the first time think man this guy’s so smart but really he’s just giving the most rudimental like I remember more about what he’s talking about than what he’s explaining you know this is the

Most like rudiment but to be fair for him it was 80 podcasts ago and for me it was you know a couple days ago so right oh it’s like that but he does smoke a lot of yeah that’s it yeah man I can’t believe his brain still

Works after how much weed that guy is you know yeah he’s yeah he’s a good but he like will interview a range of people not just like scientists but [ __ ] Comedians and UFC fighter I hate listening to any other rappers um I hate listening any of the athletes

Uh some athletes went in and they’re so dumb and I was like oh my God yeah like there’s this guy that he did a couple podcasts ago where it was like he was a football player and he was talking about how if he could live his life again he would go into

Like uh like astronomy or Stars restricting space and stuff and so and he’s like yeah man I’ve just ever since I got into this we’re dumping by the way um ever since I got into this thing we broke this Metro train we we’re both below it

Um we broke it to the downside so uh he has this um you saw about how how much he loves astrophysics and well he doesn’t say Astro because he says like astronomy and um like Star stuff and Jordan’s like oh like what right I look at this doesn’t know anything about

It so he’s just there like you know what I mean it’s like when someone says something because maybe they watch one YouTube video and they thought it was interesting or they listened to you he knows they’re broken into that so he’s like yeah dude I’m into that [ __ ] too

And then he’s like oh really like what and then he hasn’t yeah nothing and it’s like oh it hurts so much he’s like you know like no I’m saying what I’m saying yep gero I do know what you’re saying uh I mean matches uh but yeah it just

That kind of stuff really hurts me like especially as someone who knows a lot about it and then knowing that Joe Rogan knows a lot about it because he’s heard about it it just hurts when the guy’s talking about how he’s super interested super interested dude have you seen uh

Have you seen his ones his earliest ones with uh Graham Hancock and uh Randall Carlson yet um I don’t think so I don’t remember the people it was interesting they’re Egypt uh Randall Carlson is a geologist and Graham Hancock is an egyptologist while back then he was basically just known as an egyptologist

Type person but um he was putting forth all these ideas about the Spanx oh he’s actually yeah he’s actually not um he’s actually just considered a reporter uh because um so like people in the field don’t really see him as a egyptologist yeah you just they just see

Him as a reporter who’s you know trying to but what does that even mean it means you know about the [ __ ] about Egypt so whatever yeah yeah but it means you’re part of the like their little click their Community you know which a lot of times some of these

People they mention some good it’s like what he says about Alex Jones you know how he says like he was right about the the island you know the the you know what island but like there’s a bunch of people who definitely need to watch his his buns

With Alex Jones on it especially the one that was like four hours long actually was that one was epic oh that thing this song just got back up oh yeah um so there’s um oh and we’re flipping green now wow hey yo we’re back in the symmetrical triangle

Or we could just be testing the bottom side of it and getting rejected off it um but um ta and Joe Rogan talk be crypto live uh so there’s a um like these people will give like some facts or some [ __ ] that’s not explained and then try to explain stuff that’s

Already kind of already been explained or that’s thing with like what I believe are like crackpot ideas right because they’re just very unlikely that to happen they’re extremely unlikely to happen compared to um like what is proposed by science like yes it’s an alternative View but typically what’s right is is the

More likely one like it let’s give an example what’s more likely that the Egyptians did the things that they did the way that they depicted them in the the hieroglyphics which was uh like they showed that they used men and ropes and things to um pull these rocks and that they just

Were creative and figured out a way like even if it’s not a police system because I think it’s before pulleys it’s like some sort of Leverage mechanic with the ropes um you know figuring out they figured out some way to move these things right and cut them uh that maybe has been lost

A time but it’s not like some crazy futuristic type stuff like lifting like like when he’s talking about how they had some sort of mechanical drill sort of stuff it’s like it’s it’s less likely that that’s true like something that’s powered by something else you know like not man Manpower um

So it’s far more likely that they just use the tools that they had and they were extremely creative with them and were able to get those rocks up there you know to build the pyramids and because you see these the technology that has survived from Egypt and it’s pretty basic

Right so if you have these this I think Egyptians didn’t build it maybe it didn’t hurt it yeah it’s possible that they did but at least from the Egyptians the knowledge that the Egyptians had like you can see the technology that they had because some of it survived since today and it’s not

This amazing crazy technology it’s like rudimentary you know what I mean like if you look at it there’s not like just further dude greetings to the idea that maybe they didn’t all the experiments that they were already existing when they were there no because like they’re

Like on the island right where they have all those those giant they had to move those like crazy tonnage Boulders right um I forgot the name of the island the Tiki Island I guess or whatever it’s called uh Easter Island Easter Island whatever yeah so they had to move it yeah they

Had to move it miles right yeah and they did it with just ropes literally just that’s the technology that they use ropes is it and uh like well we don’t know we we don’t know right they could have done you know like super sonic things right to do it but

Is way more likely that it was ropes because they got like they use ropes dude the ropes would be because because the story was the story was that the the the verbal history that was passed down is that these rocks would walk from uh the the

Place where they were cut out to where they stood right where they walked they would walk right that’s the story yeah and then with the people of the island that took inspiration from that it was like 20 college students they got 20 college students together and they’re demonstrating what they think

They did right and with just 20 people they were able to move these crazy objects by uh rocking them back and forth and making them walk you know what I mean like you pull all the force on one side and it tilts a little bit to that side and the like

Let’s say the left moves an inch and then the right side moves an inch and the left side moves an inch the right side moves an inch with just like 20 people you know they’re able to to make it walk foreign Valley and their rocks themselves oh okay click the link in general

Or just Google sailing stones in Death Valley okay but but that’s what I’m saying those are massive Boulders that like people are saying you even with cranes you can move them and [ __ ] and it’s like a group of 20 people without any like heavy equipment just ropes we’re

Able to to move it you get what I’m saying like human ingenuity can do a lot man it could go extremely far because like let’s say you have a situation you’re like it’s in human your argument to it not being able to be done by humans is like they could have it was

Impossible for them to do so it has to be something else right well then you have a group of 20 people with just ropes do it then what’s your argument now well yeah you could have done it with 20 people but it’s actually more likely that it was they used uh

Supersonic vibrations to lift this thing into the air and they have technology that we don’t even have now to do it like or they could have just used oh yeah right so for that example that makes sense but like for the pyramids it doesn’t make sense though

But let’s say you had 2 000 people pulling on it that’s a lot of [ __ ] Force especially if you have like uh there are ways to move The Boulders right so like one is moving it is another I don’t know it’s like well they were talking about they were

Talking about how the um that area geographically was very different than it is now and it’s very possible that there was enough flooding in that area to get the to move for like water to come in you to put uh wedge rocks because it’s like whatever dirt underneath so you

Wedge Uh Wood underneath when the water comes in that wood floats right lifts this thing up above the water and then you can move it and then uh for for lifting it there’s a bunch of different um like theories that they have on how

They were able to lift it and put it in place and stuff but uh I don’t know for sure and they probably don’t know for sure and that’s because we’ve never been put in that situation no but but give us but give us but give us a thousand years

With rudimentary technology and I’m sure we’d figure it out and you know tens of thousands of bodies to throw at that thing it’d probably get done you know what I mean yeah maybe I I don’t know maybe because it’s just that we see it as like human conditions like we’re not going to

Know the answer probably so that’s all I can say is maybe yeah we’re not gonna know the answer but to sit but that these people are so so confident that it’s one specific thing when you know it’s kind of unlikely so that that it is that right it’s more

Like what is the the principle something principle uh usually the most uh yeah so usually the the simplest answer is the true answer sort of thing the answer that requires the least amount of assumptions is usually the right one or something yeah the simplest answers the right one yeah exactly

Uh like there’s this uh the concept I I think I’ve talked about it in here before but do you know like the Goldilocks Paradox or Theory where like um I mean I know what the Goldilocks zone for planet is well it’s it yeah it has to do with that but it’s it’s the

Fact that we are um the fact people you know how people are like oh there has to be a God because we live on the planet in the perfect uh space from the Sun and like you know if even this or that was off we wouldn’t

Be alive right now right so there has to be God well we all it’s observer’s bias because obviously the planet where we could live we wouldn’t be on a planet that we couldn’t so there’s a bunch of planets just like Earth that don’t have those specifications that are exact that

People don’t live on right so that’s not evidence that there isn’t God just like us being here is not evidence that there is right um it’s neither here nor there it’s really just observer’s bias we’re here so so yeah well it’s saying well it’s saying you couldn’t observe a planet that that

Wasn’t habitable right so it doesn’t make sense to even use that as an argument obviously you would be alive obviously you’d be alive on on a planet where life is possible right where it’s habitable you it would be impossible otherwise so um like if we were alive in the middle of

The Sun and divide all physics then we’d be like [ __ ] there has to be a God right because like it’s impossible for us to be alive right now and we are so um like we have water that should be evaporating because we’re in this massive heat but we’re just fine didn’t

Feel no pain even though we have nervous systems that respond to heat like you know that sort of stuff um but um yeah so now scale that up right so you could scale that up that logic to a lot of things right like um why

Why are is physics the way that it is right why is physics so perfect that that it’s capable of keeping life here right because you tweak physics just a little bit and either the universe falls apart or if there’s no formation of stars no heat things like that right so uh you tweak

Quantum physics or regular physics just a little tiny bit then it’s impossible to sustain life well um what if I told you just like the planet thing that we’re doing what if there’s a bunch of different universes with a bunch of different laws of physics and obviously we’re alive in the

One where life is possible you know what I mean I mean it’s not all you’re doing is stating that like I don’t think this proves one thing or the other all you’re doing is stating facts it doesn’t matter which side of this thing this opinion that you’re on it doesn’t

It doesn’t prove anything either way no no no it does it’s not proving a God or not a God but it’s it’s yeah it’s philosophical right it’s understanding that um like like you can use this to defer like to determine like uh if they’re like it gives you a hint right it opens

Your mind it gives you a hint that it’s possible that there are actually other universes right because blood are the chances that there’s only one and it’s the one where life is possible right what are the chances that I don’t know where you’re on the planet knowable no

No it’s unknowable obviously right but but I’m saying it’s like and if you’re looking if you’re looking at likelihoods right or probabilities that’s the whole point of it right like like obviously we won’t know uh until we go into another dimension thank you for me stuff like that it’s

Like I don’t know it’s not even worth thinking about like to me because we can’t know and we’re not going to figure out and what does it mean I don’t know what would it mean even if there were another thing I don’t know life doesn’t change anything to me philosophically or

Uh yeah but you can but you can say that about a lot of science stuff out in The Ether like what does it matter that this whole other Galaxy was just wiped out right probably doesn’t matter to us at all but you know it’s knowledge growing on our like humanity is is

For sure yeah yeah it’s not don’t [ __ ] um you know every Sunday pray to the the infinite universes where some have life and some don’t offer random chance but um you know it’s something to think about to squander and Ponder because uh that’s the nature of humans always looking for to you know

For more knowledge new crypto keeper is saying facts about pyramids go ahead what’s facts about pyramids they like 100 ton stones let me see we can’t even do that with our cranes and such today well if they’re moving it uphill um when there when there’s a flood water doesn’t um

Zombie yeah it doesn’t go up uphill water evens out it doesn’t like just you know what I mean it’s even there’s no pitch to water it’s it’s flat right wait how is it like this is what I’m saying water if if it floods enough the surface will be flat it won’t be

Sideways water you won’t you don’t push water what the hell are you saying why are you talking about water because that’s one of the theories that they would put these things on rafts it would flood a little bit and they would put it into 100 yeah they would basically put a bunch of

Logs under it I hate you right now yeah they what get directions 110 stones on a freaking raft that says right here uh I gotta go I’ll be right back for a second before you say some other dumb [ __ ] that I can talk about it’s it’s not dumb this is the teenagers

They’re floated and shaped underwater it says right here at Cedarwood uh may have been used to float the blocks the density of limestone is limestone is around 2.5 ton per cubic meter when placed in water each Cube displaces one ton of water so you only need 1.5 tons

Of one point attached to float the block of limestone Cedarwood has a density of around uh 50 kilograms per Cube so only three cubes uh three cube of cedar wood would be required to float each cube of limestone this would be lowered by hollowing out the wood or using even

More buoyant device the amount of wood required for this would also uh it does say here the amount of wood required for this would be unrealistic when compared to the limited Forest resources at the time uh if speculated correctly so this speculated that they might have used papyrus matting instead

Of wood Okay so that makes sense so it’s showing here it was more likely that they use uh Papyrus uh mats surrounded by animal skins the viruses abundant resources widely worked and used by the Egyptians animals things were already used to carry liquids such as wine and water if you

Think this is impossible to remember the traditional theories we thought that blocks were voted down but now the fire starts about the solution much safer as I remove the threat of tipping okay [ __ ] ing in general so you guys can see Luke are you back Luke are you back sorry I disconnected

My headset real quick by accident I’ll be back in a few minutes I have to do a voiceover for my wife’s video one minute all right B I’m back you can tell me about how people lifted uh 100 ton Stone onto a raft no be what are you on oh God he’s taking

You don’t do drugs what’s up anybody BTC dumping probably where’s everybody doing this I see I tried to tried to dump like a half hour ago yeah yeah it looks like we’ve been jumping I took a short earlier and it’s it’s still there it’s doing well here we go B

Hey Luke can you hear me yes oh were you able to hear me before or no it’s been in the past 15 minutes now oh okay then I don’t know what happened okay so do you want to explain that picture he put in general oh you didn’t hear me explaining that whole thing

What I thought you said I wasn’t doing drugs is that because you were hearing me talk the whole time you didn’t hear me go over all that other stuff I said I had to go and then Oh I thought you you heard me I thought that’s why

You said you repeated I want to hear it too what’s up what’s up so Limestone how was your work today yes I was happy not a boy all right go ahead Beat It Limestone when first quarried is a softer Stone which only hardens when exposed to CO2 in the atmosphere by

Immediately submerging the Limestone then quarrying it uh after pouring it sorry they keep the the stone soft and it’s more easily shaped by copper tools it’s loading the stones would also allow them to turn the blocks for shaving the water surface could potentially also be used as a level right because water is

Always like flat so they use it as a level uh during shaping uh the uh lots of profession could be measured by the blocks Perfection could be measured by that simple level uh the shaping would uh this shaping what doesn’t happen you have a you have of freaking

Graphic in general of water flowing upstream or in like I don’t know what you’re doing do you not know how how water works so um yeah full up mountains all the time it’s yeah it’s not flowing up mountains basically you’re creating it’s like you know when you um

It’s like how you can have a straw and then you um put your finger at the bottom of it instead of the top the water won’t fall out the bottom it’s kind of like that yeah but if you put water at the bottom of that water

That we you know what I’m saying no no but you see how it’s close there’s like a sealed chamber down there there’s two doors you get stuff in you close one door then you open the other and you have a rope that you leave down you just

Pull on the rope that the objects are easy to pull on because they’re in uh floating okay so I see the the second the gate and then yes okay through the gate you basically created uh you could do it with buckets or you could just do it with um

Uh what’s it called uh what’s this oh we might dump here oh we dump in here it’s the system of moving water where you uh get like a hose or whatever and then you put it down and you suck on it for a little bit safely yeah that works

From from that works on gravity not it doesn’t get the water from the bottom up to the top no you can siphon you can siphon up there’s a limit but yeah you could siphon up and then siphon up and then siphon up and then siphon up no

Yeah it does doesn’t it can’t you no it’s gravity based if there’s a bigger body of water on the other side yes but not what do you guys think there’s like another side to that picture and there’s like more water on the other side the pressure the water might push the

Maximum for a siphon is 20 feet for most applications at sea level if required say if it’s maybe stacked with uh steaks and ropes larger pipes diameter with more robust restraints uh in most slope scenarios the 22.5 degree elbows should be used I don’t know uh maybe that’s wrong

Oh the limit of uh okay I see right here so the limit of a siphon this is the correct thing so the maximum height of a siphon is generally soon to be dependent on the uh barometric pressure at about 10 m uh about 10 m at sea level this limit

Arises because the pressure of the siphon above the upper Reservoir level is below the ambient pressure and when the height of the siphon approaches approaches 10 meters the pressure of the crown of the siphon Falls below the vapor pressure of the water causing water to break the column uh

I think it might be that but I know that that you can siphon up and they would really like even if it you could only siphon up uh you know about 12 inches at a time you could do that just siphon up and up and up and up and up and up

Dude that seems like okay water in a siphon can flow uphill too as can a puddle of water if it’s moving up a dry paper towel tip tipped on it the end of the siphon is lower though it has to be you know what I’m saying foreign

I’m telling you right now it doesn’t have to that’s what it’s saying that’s what real science is real is saying uh it says it says in nature uh curiously even Antarctica has a river that flows uphill underneath one of its ice sheets how does zion explain this upward water movement

So it’s just talking about siphons uh so it’s pressure differential that’s what that’s why siphons work uh it’s saying right now and uh siphons have been used in ancient times even in ancient Egypt uh they use siphons for irrigation and make and wine making so yeah you can just siphon up

As long as your body of water has more pressure than with the exit point so you can so if you have a bucket of water right and then you have that on a table you can put a few you can go like you know build something that’s two feet taller

Than the table right and then you can have your your tube go on and rest that thing rest on that thing that’s two feet taller than your table um but then if you started that site then you would need it to end up the lower than the initial water level

In order to get the siphon started right and then but then in order to continue it would slowly lose its um thing unless you have unless you put it in a position you know what I’m saying where it would it would be able to continue drawing

Which is like it has to be lower than because if you keep the water level there then it’ll just be dumb and loses oh God I don’t know I’ve done this before and I don’t know if I know the science of it exactly but buy it back oh look at BTC foreign

Games though there’s a bunch of video I mean videos on YouTube how to siphon water up uh upwards fast and effective methods you can generate pressure by sucking at the end of the pipe that you initially place an empty bucket as soon as the air is gone out of that

Smaller tube it continues this the suction yeah but as soon as a body of water on the other side like Luke says it could be lower as long as there’s a lot more water on the other side but it can’t be higher if there’s lower amount of pressure from the water

Created on the other side and that’s why they keep the two gates because the first gate will keep the pressure on the opposite side it opens it equalizes the bottom boom they open the second gate it creates suction and then if they want to keep it going they can adjust it with

The side with probably with the first gate opening or closing as well is there a continuation to that picture maybe well the the water just has to be you know how like water in a straw is upwards that’s kind of like a straw right you can once you close that back

One you don’t even need a flow of water you it floats so it you just pull on it with a little rope and it’ll just float its way up to the top because it’s kind of like a straw with the end its way up I got you yeah and back down we go

But even if it’s with with just buckets and a water and thing eventually they would they have a thousand people filling buckets and they’ll fill that thing up okay yeah and then once they get it up there they’ll just move it uh there you there if you see that

Picture they keep a channel running in the um in on the pyramid itself there’s like it goes around so there’s like a just a body of water on each level then you move up a level then you move up a level then you move up a level like that you’re building in

Level by level and you that water platform stays there oh is this like a theory on how they built the pyramids yeah and people have done it like on a smaller scale to kind of prove that it works just using like basic Technologies well Limestone itself is very porous

So it doesn’t take a lot underwater when it gets buoyant to a with pressure yeah but limestone is not similar in density to anything that was used in the pyramids what no not Limestone I thought it was like it says uh Limestone when first quarried uh

Uh so limestone is what we use in the pyramids what do you mean no I thought that no it can’t be is it Limestone that doesn’t sound like it is limestone entirety that’s why it got eroded so badly because it’s not a strong Stone it can

Be carved out by by water erosion much quicker and sand erosion you know the Pyramid of Giza has over 5 million blocks of limestone exactly that was a perfect sound bite he sadly yeah so five million blocks of limestone um but yeah so how would they build this all around

The pyramid though or it would just be a channel to bring it up a level all right we’ll bring it up a level then bring it up another level then bring it up as you build as you go the Egyptians made cement so when did we change that history

When they got all the Jews to build the pyramid with the limestones they’re mixed with mud mixed with sand there’s a few babies in there I think that might be like the inner core of it but I’m pretty sure these are I mean I I’ve always always heard that

They’re made it’s made out of limestone that didn’t come to surprise when he mentioned it I mean it’s it says it when did it change I don’t know I don’t know did it ever change yes because I was taught that they used concrete uh variation nah so the question forever has always

Been how do they get those blocks there if it was concrete then it would have been easy it’d been maybe it was the Mayans that didn’t they just poured it poured it in place maybe the block maybe they actually used Limestone and everything else was concrete so they put it together with

Concrete maybe only the pyramids are limestone or some [ __ ] it’s I’m so man well because I know limestone is what the um uh most of our forts here in Florida are made out of and I mean because they’re Limestone they have to be more than 10 feet thick

Compared to what would have needed to be a foot and a half so the actual walls of like Saint Augustine are literally 10 feet thick and they’re completely filled with cannonballs because it’s so porous bam which way nah I don’t know I just went silent um these short time frame pickups

Yeah if anybody’s playing these small time frames they’re getting wrecked this Market is is right now specifically God damn dude you’re annihilating at the moment oh yeah well actually the small time frames are pretty good if you’re playing with uh Bots right now wait what yeah the small time frame Bots they’re

Freaking grabbing the dip selling them oh that’s insane doing a quarter of a percent oh I was talking about you said no no I was I was talking to you I was I was saying that they were getting raped go away I was saying the small I was

Saying that small time frames are getting wrecked dude it’s so choppy no no the Bots are crushing though yeah the Bots are but not people oh my God am i b are you on drugs tonight I can’t you’re you’re making my brain hurt you’re the one that doesn’t understand [ __ ] floating

Boulders up up a mountain it’s easy you’re the one blowing them up not down okay Mountain you’re the one not [ __ ] getting it man I think you should go take it easy dude no yo imagine though like um like I’m wrong and it was like actually aliens they actually went over

There I can’t imagine a world where you’re wrong be so I don’t know you lost me right off the bat uh thank you yeah aliens did not build the [ __ ] pyramids how do you know I want a 10 feet like people spent 400 years building [ __ ] that’s what I was saying that’s why

There’s none of us left like like imagine to uh like you go to heaven and like God they start sending all those people that that said it was aliens uh to hell it’s like God damn the [ __ ] Jews did it man what’s wrong with you [Laughter] is it really that unbelievable that it

Could that the Jews couldn’t figure it out God damn sort of fed meeting coming up in the next couple of days PPI report what tomorrow aha wait no not tomorrow are you sure matches are you just saying well I know there’s one coming up this week

So maybe not tomorrow oh we keep redoing the FED meeting over and over again on the chart now that I’m looking at that short time frames it might be prepping itself to give us a bigger move like this you know we did it a lot on this uh bottoming area

We did quite a few of them right it’s pretty interesting wake up wake down wake up wake down the entire thing ever since we hit that floor just ranging on this area kind of like the same time as when they kept us at 19-1 not just Tuesday next Tuesday

Oh that’s too long from now the nine years well you want to do the move before the report or not Now’s the Time that that move starts I don’t know what I want doesn’t matter what I want but it did the two humps in the bottom we had to swing up and now

It’s doing the whole mirrored image or that on the right hand side might keep going like this the whole night I thought maybe tomorrow a little dump line up with the Spy Spike closed pretty strong on Friday and then we go up if not the down move we switch levels a

Bite see you later 20 300 coming up either either or is is fine I guess or it was a boring weekend though when it comes to crypto God I’m surprised everybody’s on on a Sunday night I took a nap I woke up I came to say hi

My buddy [ __ ] showed up at my house it’s 7 A.M this morning I told her that I wanted to kill him I’m outside time for lunch she tells me it’s time for lunch well you’ve been here since what time 4 30 let’s go all right I made him work pretty good pretty hard

Today Of course I worked hard too but I got it done my support wall is not a support wall so it came down everything’s going according to plan for now I’m gonna take a position I’m going to hold it all week Get Wrecked 40 percent Get Wrecked 40 percent

But I’m in a short I want to cut it though so um you know sometimes you go into your tub or something and you kind of if it wasn’t installed well or you know the house sags after a while you’ll kind of hear the tub creaking when you step over

It or a shower pen you know found something cool today under their old bathtub never thought about it you know what these guys did man when they built this house they they before before sitting the tub down they took like a what filled it with phone

No that’s what I would think you would do on the bottom expanding foam you could do it in a bag and it has nowhere to go so it sits around the Bottom now these guys used [ __ ] cement they put cement in a bag so it doesn’t expand outwards and they dropped the tub

On it so it’s like a feather pillow you know takes a shape bunk it dries done it’s pretty cool never seen that we’ve had to do a bunch of repairs like that like we went through this this Rental Community where it was like a retirement community

We had to fix all these showers they wouldn’t let us do tub Replacements they want them repaired so we went in and drilled holes in the bottom foam field everything and then fiberglass the holes back up under the [ __ ] and re-glazing nice I bet you it worked

Pretty well yeah it did I mean you know it’s all pubs man they just fall apart took a trip to the Eco center it’s like a kidney candy store man my van all charged up about all these materials you go there and you see what people throw

Out you just you salivate man your mouth is like oh can I jump in the container but they won’t let you right the things that people throw out I mean I’m I’m just stunned by it mags and tires man I can’t get over how many they have

Like because we go winter Wheels summer Wheels right so a lot of lease returns are given back like on winter wheels or vice versa but they have their other set most people don’t realize they can fit them on other models so they just go drop them off there man they’re like mint

You guys need to sell these things but they obviously tell us they don’t but I’m sure that they that they do man it’s insane you have a a garage there just for electronics just and and they make you separated because it’s like they take those boards to separate the

Gold from them you know or whatever or the metals but I I worse we make so much garbage it’s unbelievable man this just this little location you just imagine amplifying that throughout the world it’s not most of them it ends up in the waters but these little places are really cool

It’s crazy stuff strings I don’t know if you can hear me um I can’t find any publication on the mount gox I keep hearing people talk about it is it just people here say I cannot find any official document of Mount guards distribution I I just can’t find it have you seen

Anything from them I keep hearing people talk about that but nothing official yeah they keep that’s what I’m saying it’s all hearsay and that’s why I’m saying you know last year it was supposed to be released then they say no it’s going to be released next year in August no it’s gonna be

Released in June no it’s going to be released in December because if you have both of those events at the same time oh boy from church that’ll be the lowest we’ve ever seen yeah that’s that’s the type of stuff I keep reading like like that right there

Is Samson I mean I just don’t but I have not because there’s been no official release from you know the mount gox folks or people are in control of it you see what I’m saying but you know the rumor meals start stuff up it’s like all the stuff for finance us

And finance I don’t have to get caught with my money in either one of them and they wound up being the same way Kevin yeah right really it’s all last year yeah all about some crypto now proposed away the light y’all see that uh where the guy Tom mear what’s his name uh

I think it’s his name anyway they introduced the Bill to stop the government from being able to have the cbdc where it’s open without is supposed to have security and privacy and the FED has no uh place in creating that cbdc so they put a a block on them

Doing the whole we’re going to control your money to you Tom near was that his name what’s that first word on kev’s tweet d-u-c-h-e douche it’s okay I mean y’all should have seen over here without you today it was crazy out here sure what what others like literally at

The end of my street is um one of the airbases and it’s like a lay down yard where they bring stuff in for transport and the c-130s come in and grab stuff and the next shot I guess out of here man there were so many helicopters that

Came in today there was at least 60 of them that came and landed in there today oh got me running non-stop taking stuff to the port they’re feeling that the boats to go yeah that’s 12. that’s 12 right now we’re at 12 30. it stops at 13. um how many 49. 49.

That’s a lot well one was already too many there was an article and I cannot find it now but there was an article I was reading earlier today where the military actually took down some people that were trying to sabotage a power station in Indiana and if they’d have

Executed their plan they did not get power out for like a huge grid I mean it would took out a lot of people without power a month ago too an anonymous one they never found the person took out a grid somewhere in those regions were the military took these guys out

Right they they that’s that you know that with them right and unlock them and go search them kind of find out they were FBI oh I wouldn’t surprise me neither I just hope I’m not like an hour and a half from the house whenever it happened that’s uh

What you got to do is you got to set oh sorry man [ __ ] you gotta set your bunker up with your computer [ __ ] and all that in there Oh you mean like when you go to work and stuff right right I mean it’s not like my car dropped up the Faraday cage

You know I always keep a bathtub I busted the joke forget it that’s a fridge right you need a fridge to get into wasn’t that what he did in um [ __ ] was it called was it The Truman Show don’t mind me that’s where it actually wrote to expect

This a couple of times you didn’t write back it’s been like a month they probably finally got him they got him huh Maybe man he usually writes back all right ethereum might lose it here great great Bots absolutely crushing right now what you wrong no no I’m not running anything I’m

Saying great just in general grid Bots are crushing right now with this with this price action it’s chop incredible yeah let me show you so just gotta tighten up the grids a little bit that’s what I’m talking about give it’s just strings as well that’s like there’s no official word

The same people that say it won’t affect a marketer same people that says that inflation’s not here yet deadline on my birthday huh I like it would it be 48 I don’t know my last birthday we ripped the year after on my birthday when we ripped again which was what we this September

30th again we made a joke about it and we [ __ ] went up we didn’t rip like the first time but maybe this time we’ll go down this past December wouldn’t do so great but previous December we’ve done pretty good my birthday is December 23rd now well it should be having done a buy

Since 8 17 so it actually got three separate files at 870 on Bitcoins also also about other I’m so tired man I went I came back from work and um what did I do oh yeah I cleaned a bit of snow again and then I came inside and

I sat at the computer for a bit and then I start to feel my legs lock up I’m like oh I need a [ __ ] I need potassium I’m running around the house trying to find a [ __ ] banana or an avocado or I couldn’t find anything just give you some salt lick it

Eat some salty peanuts or something really yeah dude when I pull these muscles on the top back of my leg under my ass but just lower halfway to my knee let’s say in the back it’s such a like painful thing man oh no I get them

All the time oh dude my wife hates it I’m laying in your bed and I’m just like yeah and it just tenses up you’re trying to you’re trying to relax you’re trying to later and breathe breathe through it and relax and you’ve got to keep your foot from flexing

Yeah and sometimes it goes next level and you’re like here’s what’s crazy my wife just massage one out of my calf oh yeah that’s crazy yeah so my wife was helping me out before but uh you can stand on ice packs luckily I had ice packs

That’s what I did exactly that and I don’t know if it helped but the initial shock of standing on the ice packs kind of did something they usually go away you know sometimes they last five minutes when they go over that you’re pretty much crying and uh yeah yeah I feel

No Bananas work very quickly very very very quickly there’s always a bananas around and y’all you talking about snow and I was outside in shorts and a t-shirt but it was beautiful today here it was like probably like five degrees it’s still one degree I think it was was melting away very quickly

Celsius right yeah but you have to understand it’s one degree above freezing and I’m outside that t-shirt because you’re all used to this as soon as the sun goes behind a cloud you freeze but as long as the sun is out it feels really nice like if you’re

Doing something Outdoors like a chores or whatever it may be yeah it’s very comfortable and you’ll you’ll pull a sweat man when I clean the snow out in this temperature I come in drenched so but I won’t do that without a jacket yeah I was out there cutting it couldn’t I sanded the

Box down take it out and then another pour and then uh while that was sitting up I wouldn’t cut another board to where I want to mount my battery my second battery back there in the spare tire well and so I got all that mounted and got my

Battery mounted got my ground wires done got my secondary fuse in the rear done got all my lugs crimped on my zero gauge I’m ready to rock the world gotta get my amps situated and figure out how big of a board I want to mount them on cool

The index have been gripping that seat out instead of factory amps underneath the seat you bypass it yeah I’m gonna bypass good old nine volt battery did you ever do that trick what what’s that take the positive negative on the speaker and touch it on a nine volt battery so yeah to confirm

The speaker yeah yeah to the polarity the if you’re positive and negative all right yeah yeah I used to do it all the time back in the day out of faith my boss would come in the right speakers out of phase I’m like no it’s not man I [ __ ] tested it

Without a phase I’m telling you look and you’d come in the [ __ ] car with this classic CDs and and then he have like these tests CDs like listen like telling you and he’d [ __ ] be right something wrong he had an ear for it man but yeah I always had a nine volt like

That I’ll test her battery never leave home without it type of thing but my Razorbacks look at ethereum on a five minute it looks like it’s doing Three Peaks three bounces one two three on this totality of this bottom thing that we got at 1543. thank you

Just looks like I mean did it just drop already this thing is just fine it’s also the third cat on each and they’re very noisy men very very noisy it’s crazy the charts what do you guys think I’m gonna go back up from here or further down

Just a little down and then whoop because I gotta switch this short to a long at some point I think this one will be the one that sweeps the lows just in this area it’s the third cat it’s the only one that hasn’t done its tail yet the second

Cat pitched it at nine at 1587 on East it was that higher the one that took even on BTC the one that took out all the localized that was the last Tale this one is the arcing down for the ass it’s trying to create a lower low but

Let me tell you man this is one [ __ ] up part of the charm at the moment I still think it’s a it’s a it’s a cat’s ass down right now and scalp line is at uh like 1549 let’s check BTC BTC oh BTC just took a little leg down there

More than if here ah you see BTC all right I’m buying back into xrp what’s it at it just showed its first sign that it’s uh creating a level or bottom it’s at 36. 36. okay so it’s above its previous low era scalp it’s tough to say man like honestly

Really is like the first hump we did split into then those two were so the two first humps became one then we did another mirrored image of it so then we did another little two so that became four humps now we did another two so we’re at six but combined they’re three

Because it’s a it’s a bottom to a bottom then a bottom to a bottom then a bottom to about so it’s three actually but the damn thing is still pitching up and it did create a higher high only now in the past 24 hours did we create lower

Highs but that’s that’s that is explained because we’re trying to go and reach the lows it’s our King right so where it’s gonna stop right now I mean if I look at what it keeps doing well it’s going to stop at a higher low but if the totality of those six

You know if this you know me it scales up right so if those three are just one big one then we’re we’re gonna see a drop overnight and then if if if it’s if it’s if it repeats what we did in the smaller scale then it’s going to hold above on BTC 21.9

They won’t go below but that’s the part that I’m not sure of at all like at the moment I can only I can only say it’s very noisy we’re on a cat says down right now hopefully we hold higher lows and then like I said in the

Morning maybe the Spy just jumps from the 404 instead of falling I don’t know what features look like are they open right now probably Sunday yeah I don’t know but that 404 man on the Spy really hope it can flip us and we go about

Yeah anyways still a ways to go on the spider start turning around and climbing up 416 minimum 404 was the first jump I hope we don’t open go fill the gap between 404 and 407 and then [ __ ] drop right here down lower lows 392 goes to 387. that’s my next Target

On the Spy if it doesn’t uh do an Sr flip 387. so watch out for the drop drop drop four lift extreme it’s torch future cop Training Center in Atlanta cop Training Center what yeah Oppo training oh cop all right that was just an hour ago

You guys know why every room has a boiler room every one of these crypto rooms you want to go take a walk into the Boiler Room my friend you know what you know why uh you always see a boiler room in these uh discords because it’s cold

I bet you the I bet you the people that are you know he probably doesn’t even know why it’s there why is it there there it’s a reference to stockroom Boiler Room used to be a room full of telephones that he made sales and people talks through it’s also a great movie

You clearly you haven’t seen Boiler Room you know hmm go check out Boiler Room with Vin Diesel too fast and Too Furious for me I may have seen it but I Was Gone in 60 Seconds [Laughter] laughs ah you’re wearing off on me bro oh [ __ ] foreign going to work tomorrow at like you know you wake up sometimes like 5 a.m you start tossing and turning or you fall back asleep if I wake up this morning early I’m gonna go do like I’m

Gonna do the pot lights or something and then come back home from Market open hang out with you guys a bit and then go in the afternoon who knows I think it’s a plan I didn’t wake up to like 6 20 today I was supposed to be there at 5 30. like

At night yeah well you should watch that movie it’s a really great movie I may have seen it yeah it’s an old movie I mean yeah Vin Diesel [ __ ] going in there did you wear goggles in it at any time oh no that was red dick or whatever it was called

You guys remember that if that’s the title I think that’s that’s what it is and I’ll put a link to the trailer in general okay for watching xrp there you go that’s the right thing dude look how young he is nope I haven’t seen that one 62 million dollars from

Bit for next to cracking oh [ __ ] all right so here’s what I’m talking about so there’s 62 million in usdt Transformer unknown wallet to bitfinex and then it was transferred from bitfinex to crack and then if you go look at the bars afterwards and buy an xrp and taking it back off

The Market but those from bits app so he transferred it he just want to talk about they watching this [ __ ] they’re bouncing all over the place yeah they have the rule book I told you sleepy no one to do it well all you will alerts you know are

You well alerts in the last six hours have been usdt and xrp maybe it just goes in alphabetical order it’s not stupid most time on timeline I can’t believe it’s only 9 20 man the [ __ ] yeah very shortly I wasn’t here earlier after I eat dinner

Not at all took a little cat back from Latina those are great that’s usually when my wife has the best pictures of me with my mouth open while I pass out on the couch for five minutes she knows she knows I’m about to pass out she pulls the camera like

Tell you guys this is all the time she sends me the damn pictures like the next day it’s hilarious yesterday when I came home from work my wife I thought I told you guys she was passing the snow blower outside what the [ __ ] pretty impressive she was running it

She [ __ ] went in the garage started it got it out did three quarters of everything pretty cool man that’s pretty cool she was trying to get laid you know no she’s I don’t know what got into her that makes me happy today she went out shopping she didn’t buy anything she

Went window shopping but it’s nice I like when she gets out that’s her thing she works a lot during the week so I guess she figured hey he’s working this Sunday I’m out of here I’m gonna go spend money before he makes it no no Maybe I’ll catch you guys tomorrow

Good night bro foreign this is crazy and crazy man woman 35 found dead inside of her car in town Manhattan surrounded by hazardous chemical materials that’s as bad clad emergency service shut down the block NYPD officers and EMS are injured Samson what did you do he’s not even here to defend himself foreign

Hello I’m gonna be so many people in here to be so quiet

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(1) the purpose and character of the use, including whether such use is of a commercial nature or is for nonprofit educational purposes;

(2) the nature of the copyrighted work;

(3) the amount and substantiality of the portion used in relation to the copyrighted work as a whole; and

(4) the effect of the use upon the potential market for or value of the copyrighted work.

The fact that a work is unpublished shall not itself bar a finding of fair use if such finding is made upon consideration of all the above factors.

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