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BTC Will Pump Next Year? l LKMEX EGLD BTC ETH

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BTC Will Pump Next Year? l LKMEX EGLD BTC ETH


00:00 Intro
00:44 LKMEX Switch
03:08 BTC to 110K
05:09 Metamask Collecting IP
09:00 EGLD On Coinbase
09:36 Market check supports and resistance

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Statement: Everything in the video is just my personal opinion, I do not give advice to anyone to sell or buy anything. Everyone trades on their own responsibility.

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  1. The CME group set our BTC price targets, if they decide on 100k+, the market will follow to keep that trust.
    But we have still yet to fill 9600 gap for them.

  2. Half off my Lkmex bag will unlock in the next 6 months(i don't want to conevert it to V2).And Yes i want to lock the other half.How i'm gonna proceed?Thank you.

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