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Thank you yo hello what’s going on everybody back out here again today I’m going to be doing one of my final proclamations tonight you guys one of my final predictive preemptive programs for you and we’re going to be we’re going to be discussing a lot of things tonight

You know um I believe we’re getting to the end of the bull run in the next few months and I believe we’ll see a lot of crazy things volatility wise with cryptocurrencies and even in the news um be ready for anything is all I can say

I’ve been out here for almost two years sharing with you my journey into the digital decade and the new Quantum Financial system the evolution of money and the greatest transitional wealth me you your kids or anyone will ever Witness and these things I do believe wholeheartedly

I’ve tried my best to share with you news patents projects that I believe will solve real world problems that the people face today in the near-distant future that will potentially gain some of you life-changing generational wealth and will also create passive income for you from here on out

Some of you have already seen exponential growths and rois on your Investments since you’ve taken advantage of this same Journey I have been again none of this has ever been Financial advice just me documenting my journey for educational and entertainment purposes only my time here is getting close and coming

To an end because there is no point on me no point in me to continue to come out here and bring you everything that I have if you are if you are not already taken advantage of it if you are not already ready for this transition into a new monetary system

Then you will just get left behind the future was not meant for everyone and I and I do not say that lightning I’ve shared with you ways to protect your crypto and keep it off exchanges I’ve shared with you what crypto is and how it’s decentralized and you take

Control back of your financial sovereignty and freedom you move away from the private Western Central Banking economy and you become your own Bank where you can do your own loans and mortgages in the future you can take collateralized loans out against your crypto right now as you continue to make life-changing

Wealth as we enter into the last leg of this euphoric parabolic Bull Run that I do believe we will start seeing for some coins anytime now cardano when we will talk about tonight is a leader among those like Solana and a few others xdc is that all new

All-time highs another coin that I praised several times on this on this channel I’ve shared with you thousands and thousands of hours of hard due diligence and research that I have done over three years now I’ve been fooling around with crypto since 2012. took a long break and been back at it

Ever since made life-changing well I’ve shared with you and screened at the top of my lungs when xrp was at 1.96 and Bitcoin was at 63 000 Plus now I had turned just 12 to 15K from last year and over a hundred grand and then I watched 70k disappear and I

Did not care because I’m in it for the long run and as we enter into this bull run I will take my initial profits out and then some but keep it large remainder of my portions until 2025 when I do believe our lives change forever it’s very important that you have an

Exit Plan that you do not follow the hype and you do not chase the fomo fomo is the fear of missing out do not chase after Solana now that it’s almost that it’s one six one eight Fibonacci extension and retracement level you’ve already missed it not Financial advice

All I’m saying is again be smart and do your own due diligence and research build your own exit plan because I’m going to be out here sharing posts as soon as I can one of their videos or posts telling you being transparent with you what I’m

Doing with my crypto as I’m exiting the Marcus am I holding it in USD am I capitulating into XLE on xrp xdc other small cap coins I’m probably not getting into xdc anymore I’m probably gonna hold and then just get out and then hold the remainder of xdc

You know 45 to 60 percent of my bag for the long run we’ll see what happens but I still believe that xlm and xrp are too highly undervalued cryptos that people sleep on we have flare networks and all these spark and all the free air drops coming to xrp Holders very soon

Over six of them now it’s amazing what you can do and how you can build life-changing generational wealth if you’re an early investor in Innovation and which is why I’ve spent so much time sharing with you my journey I’ve shared with you how to set up your exchanges

Write down your key phrase write down your passcode and write down your account name go on there and set up your verification process processes on bit true Kraken cuecoin multiple exchanges so when you start to see life-changing generational wealth in your portfolio you can exit the market without any problems you’re

Already ready to go you have multiple exchanges in case they go down because of the mass volume of usage when you start to see these prices increase it’s historic that coinbase goes down in the middle of a bull run that’s how you know you’re in a bull run Point Blank period

It’s not going to be surprising if you do not move your crypto off exchanges and you miss out on the top and you enter into a bear market and you watch 90 of your Investments disappear because you cannot access your funds because you never moved them into a wallet you kept them

On exchanges I’ve told you time and time again to stay ready so you never have to get ready Point Blank period so I hope you guys are ready and I hope you enjoy if you’ve taken advantage of this I’ve shared multiple coins that you could have got a hundred thousand of

Real easy for a few hundred bucks that you could have anywhere from two to four x within a month after getting this I shared foolish projects that I believe will make it after regulatory clarity and I hope that you have taken advantage and I hope that most of you have moved

In silence because I do believe that your financial sovereignty is what lies in the balance if you get ushered in to this new monetary system on Central Bank digital currencies but all that being said you guys I hope you’re ready because I do believe we’re about to experience some never be foreseen events

In the near-decent future and I’ve been out here warning you for almost two years now and almost none of you will be prepared for what happens next I’m gonna go ahead and get into the price charts and head out of this video again it’s one of my final proclamations

Because we’re entering into the bull market the last euphoric parabolic price Discovery run before we enter into what I believe is another four year cycle until 2025 when we see life-changing generational wealth and I do not want any of you to follow the hype and Chase the fomo

Because of the fear of missing out if you’re not already in your probably already missed out not Financial advice let’s go all right so we’re going to look at Bitcoin real quick obviously it’s slowly during the market you see Bitcoin xrp reaching the danger zone xrp I don’t think it’s quite there

Yet blockchain backer on his Channel shows it on his Fibonacci extension level at the 702 and I’m not talking anything bad about the blockchain back or anything but mine set up a little different it has been from the entire time and it’s worked very great I believe we’re not

Quite there on the xrp price chart I believe that’s at the dollar forty dollar fifty range that I’ve been calling for where I do believe we will see some volatility at the 618 on xrp we’ll talk about that when we get there but as we look at Bitcoin right here and

We see that 200 double exponential movement average is is looking looking very nice we see multiple daily closes Above This 200 exponential average exponential movement average um very bullish got a cross with a median above the 200 exponential as we look at the 55 we’re nearing across for a bullish

Cross right there that I’m I’m hoping to see in the next day or two we’ll see what happens um I spoke a few days ago on my last video about the full moon that was on the 22nd which was a very you know just something we were looking out for I

Believed it could have been a very bearish day we see it it was it had a low of you know it was red most of the day until near the end um I had a low of about 48 000 for Bitcoin um so we saw a pulled back but again we

Always know three to five days before the full moon or three to five days after the full moon we can be bearish again it was on the 22nd one two three three days before we saw a low of 43 000 so again not surprising that we see these things happen esoterically around

The moon cycles like this uh we saw the bullish increase around our new moon um the rally at in August the high to fifty thousand dollars we got that at the end of August um not surprising remember our bull flag half staff breakout got us to fifty thousand but we pulled it back

Conservatively to 49.48k okay um so again good to see some multiple support levels on this 200 double exponential moving average and again I’m watching to see if this 55 crosses that soon for the Bitcoin price chart as we take a look at the RSI for Bitcoin we’re continuing to

Still set lower lower highs we’ve got higher lows set on the RSI which is which is bullish um you know you if if you wanted to you could you know trend lines don’t mean anything but you can draw one from back here and you know fool around with it

And uh you know find some levels of support and resistance against this and so seems like we’re holding support on this trend got multiple touches again three or more touches on the trend line just confirms it but they’re really easy to break nothing really matters we know that um this this macd though

Um we had a bearish cross for a few days about three or four days bullish we’re looking to touch the macd again um the signal line again very soon um so we’ll keep an eye on that on the daily time frame that’s you know what we

See a bounce off this signal line and uh you know bullish histograms continue to form or we will we go bearish again on the daily time frame we’re gonna have to see um it’s it’s been a while since we’ve been bearish but and held bearishness on The Daily time frame which is what’s

Keeping me you know watching that for Bitcoin right now as we you know set at the 702 Fibonacci retracement level for Bitcoin and the danger zone anything can happen anything from right here we’ve seen this rejection from the 702 Fibonacci retracement level on multiple occasions for everything

Um very very important key level this golden pocket this golden ratio that we want to break right here um and and I mean break so we’re going to continue to watch that again I called for that 51 to 55 000 volatility range for Bitcoin why because yeah that’s our

Golden pocket to the 786. um that’s why I called for that so as we look at the three-day time frame for Bitcoin real quick it’s bullish bullish you know when you’re in doubt zoom out you guys bullish on the uh macd that we were just talking about on The Daily um

You know still wanna keep an eye on everything but very bullish you know spacing right here between the macd and the signal line forming some bullish Instagrams I would like to see this volume get up higher on this we’ll see what happens um you know train lines still holding support on the uh

RSI we’re setting at 63 not too high but uh we we’ve seen that historically get you know absolutely parabolic which is what I do believe is gonna happen in the near-distant future um before we see another retracement and pull back um but you know again we don’t hang out

In these areas very long whether we’re down here or up here um so the relative strength index is looking healthy on the 3A time frame um you know it’s not too bullish you know it’s not up there too high again I do believe that our ABC correction move came in right here

Um entered into a Wyckoff accumulation period And I see an automatic rally out of out of it um you know uh will we enter into sos’s right here is this you know an SOS I’m still you know debating um discussing that right now um three-day time frame we see the 55

Above the 200 exponential moving average very bullish um you know holding the support above that multiple daily closes above both of them bullish um these are three day time frame candles by the way um yeah you know I I can’t really complain about anything I see right now but

Except for that I’m very cautious um with the the 702 Fibonacci retracement level the the danger zone where anything can happen where it can send us into another accumulation period to possibly as low as the you know I mean I never count up the 236 at uh 35k which I don’t believe would

Hit I believe would hold support at around 39 to 37k um to be quite Frank if we were to see that um you know whether it’s a another 30-day period to draw this out into a full 200-day period it wouldn’t be surprising um another thing we talked about was the

58-day bottom we see that the bottom came in exactly oh this I gotta go to the excuse me let me go to the Daily time frame thank you you spoke about the 50-day 58 day bottoms before with Bitcoin um so if we pull from our our low dang it

All right give me a second I’ll keep messing up if we pull from our low I mean not in our low previously back in June on the 22nd and we go over 58 days it brings us to the the 19th of August where we saw that three days before bottom uh 43 000

Bitcoin um before a full moon again bearish before our full moon typically bearish before our full moon and typically bullish on our new moons um September I do believe on the third historically Bitcoin uh you know it pulls back on the third through the 16th and then regains its dominance Bitcoin

Dominance is setting here at 43 right now and I do believe very soon it will hit 50 plus 55 maybe percent dominance um we’ll just have to see I do believe that Bitcoin dominance comes back into the picture very soon and all coins will obviously well they’ll be pulling back

During this time period um of course uh until Bitcoin hits this top for this cycle for your cycle end and then all coins enter into their off season during bitcoin’s ABC correction mode I mean it’s just historically speaking this is what happens um so I’m definitely watching again the

Startup Rosh Hashanah the sixth seventh and 8th with the shamita coming up the 50-year Jubilee very important year um financially um these are things I’m paying attention to as we enter into this this historic area for Bitcoin around the 3rd of September so the third the sixth to the

16th I’m watching for some some volatility possibly um we’ll see what happens again just bringing you historic technical analysis again as we look at Solana it’s you know still working its way up to the one six one eight um Fibonacci retracement level I’ve already told you at 78 dollars we cashed

Out 28 of our Holdings on this channel we capitulated back into xrp because I still believe it’s highly undervalued and I’ll continue to do that as these things like Solana continue to reach up for their extensions and before they enter into a bear Market you know

Um you know by by 200 if it hits it oh I’ve already been out of all of it and capitulated I don’t care really um I’m just glad I hold it and I’m able to make a profit um you know it’s just a small holding of mine just very small percentage so it’s

Just a get money quick capitulate xrp always was the game plan um we’re achieving it so far as we look at Ada dang it congratulations to cardano Holders I put this coin out here when it was under 80 cents um you could have got it anywhere

From 60 to 80 cents when I first spoke about this months ago in my very first video when Elon Musk was out here telling you guys that you know get Bitcoin and he’s taking it on his balance sheets at 57 000 the news was out here telling you guys that oh my God

Oh my God um you know get into Bitcoin and uh you know let me just pull this up and show you guys just so you you know I’m just saying Bitcoin broke to an all-time high 57 000 in this right here at his top at new all-time high and I make my first

Video and I’m telling you guys about coins that are under a dollar that will change your life uh not Financial advice I’m just telling you that uh it changed mine and uh they’re telling you to buy this Elon Musk is telling you to buy this everybody does it pulls back really hard

Then shoots up for a high we see on May 8th that he comes out on Saturday Night Live and then Bitcoin pulls back 70.2 percent Bitcoin equals let me just go ahead and show you because 70.2 which sums the 72 we know that well Bitcoin in numerology equals 72.

Um give me a second boom 72 right there none of this is surprising I’m just saying and you wonder why I’ve submit my entire last two years almost dedicated my life to trying to help you change your life financially and I’m the idiot um I’m just saying don’t pay attention

To what these Jesuit folks are telling you like Elon Musk who’s just a you know I believe you know just a Jesuit puppet um but I’ll shut up I might hurt some people’s feelings um they might follow him on Twitter but you know it’s not surprising to him say

That you know things like those Colleen when I’m out here telling you to you know I believe your grandkids will call you Legends one day if you sell your dose coin which equals 72 in numerology when it’s at 72 cents if you sell it and then capitulate it into xrp your kids

Will and your grandkids will call you Legends one day if you’ve ever done that and Dogecoin ain’t been the same sense has it I’m just saying I’m not saying it won’t go back up but I’m just saying I believe everything is going to go back

Up as we enter it into this year for it price discovery parabolic into the bull market that we’ve been waiting on for three years um so you know I’m just saying I’m out here to give this to you one of my final proclamations I’m just talking

Just random we’re gonna go to xrp price chart we spoke about ADA congratulations um you know we’ll go ahead and pull up the Fibonacci I didn’t speak much about that because I went to rent but um you know Ada’s doing its thing you guys I mean it’s it’s a big deal

Ada is a big deal um very bullish on this I got it first got into this at six nine cents um you know up exponentially truly truly blessed I’ve you know been able to I thought I lost this at one time I lost access to this wallet with some B chain and we’re

Talking about like some healthy amount of V chain as well as some healthy amount of silica okay and um seven months goes by and then I found this piece of paper because you know I always tell you guys to write your down um your 12 to 24 key phrases your

Account name and your passcode I mean it’s just important to have and uh I was able to access it one day my wallet and get my stuff out and um you know I was blessed uh being able to to see my few hundred dollars in each

One of these projects turned into well a few thousand dollars in each one of these projects very bullish very bullish so um again being an early adopter and Innovation I believe is very very important this is the first asset class being issued since these 1600s and I believe this asset class will swallow

Every existing asset class known to man out there today as we look at the Fibonacci extension levels for um cardano I’m really looking to you know buy seven eight dollars I’m conservatively gonna already be out of this this holding what I’m gonna sell of it um whether that’s taking a

Collateralized loan out against it or just selling my initial investment getting my profit out capitulating it into xrp or just USD and possibly gold and silver um we’ll just have to see I will not get cash I will hold digital US dollar in my ledgers were there air gapped and all

Blind again I will control my financial sovereignty moving forward into this new economy um Point Blank period I will become my own bank um I’ll take collateralized loans out of every one of my xrp that I sell I will not sell it uh um I’ll take a loan out against it using

Things like nexo nexo where you can take a collateralized loan out against your Holdings um and then pay that loan back over time so you can accumulate you know you get your half of that holding back they hold half and freeze it you take a loan out

Against half as long as you pay the loan you get your half back Point Blank period um so that’s what I’ll do um things like xlm as well I won’t sell them I’ll take collateralized loans out against them hard to text that isn’t it see I’m gonna try and avoid capital

Gains tax very important do you do your own due diligence and research so um looking for cardano to hit that one six one eight that’s going to be around roughly you know three dollars and 40 cents um we’re gonna capitulate a percentage of the Holdings there we’re aiming to capitulate there we’re aiming

To capitulate around five dollars and seven if it sees eight or ten and we hold some and we haven’t capitulated well we’ll figure it out but forty forty to sixty percent of cardano will be held in my portfolio until 2025 Point Blank period um this man completely transparent

Because it’s one of our leaders right now as we look at xdc before we look at xrp it’s another coin that’s broken out um one of our Holdings very important holding we know this is the quarter R3 settler token partnered with Flare networks um they have adopted it but um it’s not

This is our three quarter settlers token Point Blank period that’s all I got to say um it’s partnered with xrp it’s partnered with Stellar it’s partnered with uh and I think it’s developed by Stellar as a matter of fact and it’s partnered with flair Point Blank period

It’s one of the major Holdings and tokens that we have in our portfolio with B chain xrp xlm and our airdrops coming from the xrp community we see this massive W pattern breakout um as we zoom out boom classic W pattern breakout very bullish for xdc

Um you know again headed for that 618 Fibonacci retracement level this is where I’ve got it it’s setting at roughly about 21 cents um that’s what I’ve been aiming for to take my first initial profits to capitulate into xrp why not it hasn’t taken off yet I believe it’s

Underrated why won’t it take off if everything else is we could see some pullbacks we’ll have to see what happens only time will tell but capitulate make more money more Roi just saying not Financial advice what I’m doing okay so very very bullish to see xdc doing its thing um

Let’s hoping the Bollinger Bands we come up I almost already had them up yeah very bullish you know we haven’t had any daily closes outside of the top side Bollinger band except for back here which showed our continuation so I’m expecting a a cool off and we’ve had

That over the last few days um we’ll see what happens our median’s way down here at around 13 cents is where I would love to see how support if anything happens which will be above our previous low setting a higher low um if we were to see a pullback right

Here very bullish on that that 200-day is it up oh it ain’t gonna pull it up it’s not it hasn’t been on picture that long um here’s the the 55 and the 200-day exponential moving average um we see there is well that’s why above that they’re they’re under the median

The eight day and the 21 Day well 21 days holding the media in the eight days very bullish I’m sure the eight days had a 13-day moving average foolish cross which is why we’re seeing gaps between all of these I don’t have that pulled up probably could and you’d see that 13

Probably in between here with a very bullish eight day above the 13-day moving average cross um which is good to see 8 13 21 55 200 very bullish open alligator mouth for xdc right here which is why we’re seeing this multiple multiple daily closes on this eight day moving average holding their

Support right now so you know it’s been a while since we’ve been under it you know back in the night of August so very bullish right after our we see this price increase right after our new moon which was on the 8th of August and you

Wonder why I’m so bullish I mean I’m just saying I follow the moon cycles what the people think I’m crazy I’m not um it’s just esoteric you’re not going to get the tangibles out of it people need the black and white they need the tangibles well I need to know why this

You do that shuttle it’s worked for a year and a half um again I don’t believe we’re at the 702 Fibonacci retracement level like blockchain backer said nothing against blockchain backer he knows a hell of a lot more than I do but I pulled it from the swing High to the swing low

Um which is I I didn’t go to the candle body closes I I went to the Wicks so very different um I believe xrp with the high volatility and the as many retail investors that is in it that bucks with the price movement because they don’t know what they’re doing

Um I’m just saying um we we know there’s a lot of weekends that we’re trying to weed out of this community because well anyways not getting into that but um that’s why I went from the Wicks when I pulled my Fibonacci retracement level which is why I believe we’re we’re

Setting up these five um I don’t believe we’ve broken the 618 which is where that dollar and 40 cents that full flag that I’ve been that bull trap that I’ve been warning of is where I thought it would come into play out it was around 1.40 and I still

Think we could see some volatility around that level um you know I’m just saying um wow um that 13 day that eight day we saw that previous eight day cross above this this 13 black moving average that I’ve got pulled up on this screen right here if you can see that

Um boom right there um we see that that third that eight day is moved under that that’s I would like to see that that pick back up and get above that eight that 13 day that would be very bullish to see a eight day and a 13-day double exponential moving average cross

Right here again we’re holding resistance to both of those right now um without a daily close above both of those of you know anywhere from about a dollar 26 Cents to a dollar Twenty Eight or Thirty you know I’d love to see a daily close above that anytime now to get

Back up above that treated as support for signs of continuation um upwards um we’ll have to see what happens um full moon was yesterday August 23rd today and already showing the 24th because we had our daily candle close at eight o’clock which closed at for xrp a dollar and 24 cents right under

Right above are are uh 0.5 Fibonacci retracement level so you know we held supported that tonight we already in the last few hours Wicked below it to get a low of this new daily close we’ll have to see what happens tomorrow we know though the full moon which we’re typically bearish

Came on the 22nd well we got a low on the 22nd of the full moon we know three days before three to five days before so the fifth day’s here very bearish day with a low four days before of um a dollar in roughly a dollar and five

Cents so we know xrp sums to 15 in numerology so not surprising to see a dollar and five cents um a few days before the the full moon just a very bearish low again lows around the full moon highs around the new moon I can’t say this enough um

Yeah that’s enough for the exponential moving averages the super Trends you know the super Trends got me got me watching it because you know it’s just something to keep an eye on I haven’t got a signal yet but it it’s just consistent it’s just Consolidated sideways price action moves sideways

We’ve just Consolidated around this 123 area we know that’s very symbolic in the xrp community that one two three that three two one as above so below um you know bearable guy shout out you know I can’t wait to tell people after I make life-changing wealth with xrp that

I got into it because I followed a cartoon bear they’re not even going to believe me um I’ve never seen him wrong why the wouldn’t I follow him I mean thank you for changing my life bearable guy one two three go do your research

About him see if you can solve some of them riddles um you know I can’t complain about much you guys um wow that’s very bullish um 13 day where’s that 21 day okay you got the 13 day above the 21 Day the 55 day above the 200 day on our

Exponential movement averages just our you know our exponentials not our doubles or anything very open alligator mouth I think it looks better in Bitcoins to be quite Frank just my opinion um multiple multiple daily closes Above This 13 day massive support um I mean the candle body closes are just amazing

You know the Wicks aren’t even aren’t even down there um real low so I just see signs of continuation but a very a very Anything Can Happen um the RSI again on bitcoin was you know setting lower lows it was holding a trend line as we pull this one on the

Daily time frame for xrp out well we see that we we might be breaking breaking the trend line which again trend lines mean absolutely nothing so it wouldn’t be surprising um this Roi we topped out at 83 and a half so you know um again we don’t hang out there long we

Could be pulling back we’d be healthy to see that um again the full moon was yesterday so any three to five days after can typically be bearish so we’ll have to see what happens over the next few days that we retest some of these exponential moving

Averages do we go back and retest this dollar and ten dollar and thirteen dollar and eight Cent level possibly um I think so um we’ll have to see what happens macdu’s looking very bullish on The Daily time frame but we could be seeing a bearish cross anytime now I mean

I think we’re lining up for a bearish cross on the to set some bearish histograms for a few days on this uh on this macd I mean look at how long we’ve been bullish on this macd on the daily time frame for xrp and and you wonder why I’m cautious I’m just saying

Coming from a technical analysis point we know xrp is a red-headed stepchild and do what it want to um but I don’t know let’s see what happens multiple I mean unsustained growth for you know the three day time frame I do believe um I mean one two three four five six

Seven eight nine ten out of the last 12. 13 candles are bullish or green um you know what it wouldn’t be surprising to see a a pullback right here um we’ve been closing we’ve closed this well we ain’t closed it yet but we’re possible to close this on the inside of

The top side Bollinger band we’ve seen multiple three-day closes above about four of them um for continuation we’ll have to see what happens a pullback right here before continuation would not be you know out of the picture again could we test this previous dollar and ten dollar and 11 Cent level

Um I think so it goes back three years um it would be healthy to see um again bull flag bull trap area around the dollar and forty dollar fifty cent area is what I’m expecting um could send us into reaccumulation period which is what I’ve always believed this

Has been not just a Wyckoff accumulation period but a wipe off free accumulation period before we moved out um possibly give us another one of these drawn out s sideways s’s or you you patterns um we’ll just have to see um the super trend on xrp is still in the

Three-day time frame I think it’s still got some room to grow I really do um we’ll just have to see what comes up I think what happens next will be shocking to everybody though I mean I think we see new all-time highs for a lot of these cryptos

Um in the near distant week stays to come we’ll just have to see what happens I’m signing out of this one you guys I got to get up and go to go to work in the morning work 14. so hours a day um see what happens uh

You know how to make some Life Changes can’t come out here and you know do this for you guys forever um I gave you almost two years I gave you as long as I could um I hope you’re moving in silence and you’re taking advantage of it each and

Every one of you it’s helped me change my life you wouldn’t believe you wouldn’t believe just learning how to you know do my own finances learning economics and um how the world really works it’s amazing I didn’t believe that uh you know you can manifest anything when you

Unlock the power of the Mind knowledge applied is power it’s not just that knowledge is power it’s knowledge applied it’s power but I’m signing out you guys and I pray that you do well take care and God bless we’ll see you again as soon as I’m back

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