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This Is Transcription Of This Video In English

flash argent Airdrop
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Assalam O Alaikum My Friends I Hope You Are All Doing Well

First I Will Update You On C98 And After That I Will Tell You About
Those Coins Whom You People Bought And Then Got Stuck In That.
This Video Is Specially For Those Who Bought Wrong Coin At Wrong
Time And Got Themselves Stuck

Make Sure To Like My Video It Will Give Me More Motivation And I
Will Make More Videos For You

Yesturday I Made A Special Video On C98 And Bought That At 3.86 I
Am At A Little Loss But I Am Still Holding My Position With Stop
Loss Because If BTC Dumps Hard Then My C98 Holdings Will Be Sold On
Little Loss
As You Can See C98 Beak That Trendline And Retested It On 1D
Timeframe Its 2nd Red Candle And It Tested And Bounced Back Twice
It IS My Prediction That C98 Will Pump And Third Candle Will Be
Green And It Will Surely Hit 4.9 Or 5.2$
All C98 Need Is Volume And It Will Come Only From Investors
Coin Which Has Good Project They Will Pump That Project By
Injection Millions Of Dollars

I Can Only Predict & Share My Experiance With You And By Seeing
This Chart I Can Predict That It Will Surely Pump And Investors
Will Pump It Next But If Investors Dosn’t Invest And BTC Dumped For
Like 3-4K C98 Will Dump

Otherwise Chart Is Showing Bullish Pattern And InShaAllah It Will
Pump Within 3 Days Maybe It Will Pump Today It All Depends On

I Am Waiting For That Pump And Holding Full Bag Of C98

Now Lets Talk About Sol Coin I Will Only Tell You To See Sol Coin
On Weekly Chart After Correction 8th Weekly Candle It Closses Red I
Don’t Think It Will Pump If The Next Candle Is Green Then More
People Will Invest And Will Got Themselves Stuck In That Coin

It’s Suggestion For You All That Never Long A Coin Who Has Already
Pumped Very Hard You Should Short And And If You Want To Long It
Then Use Tight Stoploss

Thats Main Reason You Peoples Got Over Motivated And Buy That Coin
On Peak A Coin Which Has Already Made 8 Weekly Green Candle Because
It’s Correction Time

Investors Will Pump That Coin And Person Like You Will Buy That And
Will Got Stuck In That There Are Hundreds Of Coins But No One Will
See These Coins Those Are Red You Will Only See And Invest In Those
Who’s Hourly Daily Or Weekly Candles Are Already Green

That’s Why I Am Making This Video That Don’t Hold These Coins For
Next Time Be Carefull
If You Missed That Breakout And Retest Then Dont Fomo And Try To
Pick Short Points And If It Breaks Next Resistance Then Long For 4
-5 Days

Your This Mistake Will Drain All You Money Don’t Blindly Follow
Paid Channels Twitters Handles Control Yourself And Take Profit As
Soon As Possible Always Be Safe From Taking Entry In Hyped Coins
While It Was At Its Peak And Take Entry While It Is At Low

Investors Always Buy In Low And Sell At High And We Do The Opposite

Sol Has Already Pumped To 220 And It Can Pump To 400 But Surely To
Make You Buy And Will Make You Stuck

Next Coin Is Matic Coin As You Can See It Has Already Made A Big
Pump I Will No Take Entry In It I Will Wait For Dip Of 50-100% From
Last Pumping Point
If You Don’t Have Knowledge And Don’t Know About Scalping Then
Don’t Enter In These Coins You Will Get You Money Stuck So Be
Carefull Next Time

It Is Request To All Of You & I Have Already Told You That The
Levrage Trading I Am Doing is For Challege Of Scalping And To
Improve My Skills It Is Very Difficult To Do Scalp On 125X

When I Will Take 2X Levrage And With Huge Volume At The End I Will
Surely Be In Profits

If You Want To Follow Me Then Always Look For My Entry Points And
Open Position On That With 1X And Just Take 2-3% Profit With

It Will Be Very Risky For Me But It Will Be Very Easy For You
So Avoid Levrage Or High Levrage
That’s It For Today InShaAllah Will See You Tomorrow

My Target Is 500 Subscriber Within Next 2 Weeks Help Me To Achieve

“” After I Will Achive This Target Then I Will Open A Giveaway And
Will Select 10 Persons Who Has Subscribed My Youtube Channel
Watched All My Videos Liked Them And Comment On Them And Show Me
Their Presense “”

I Will Add Them In My Seprate Group In Which I Will Share My
Knowledge With Them Will Share Signals With Them And Help Them Earn

This Giveaway Is Only For Youtube Followers So What Are You Waiting

It Dosn’t Matter If You Are Indian Pakistani British I Will Manage
Language Barrier By Helping Them And Giving Them Signals & Updates
In English Transcription

Allah Hafiz

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