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Can NFT Gaming & Axie Infinity Survive bear market?

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  1. we didn't just enter the bear market, we have been in it for a while. bear market will end soon as it will not be a long one. be prepared.

  2. the economy is unsustainable in the first place.. more people are cashing out than buying slp and axies.. they need advertisements before loading a match or after a match to have additional income.. the amount of money from ads depends on how much slp-eth each player stakes.. it's like farming money from ads.

  3. Axie Infinity is deader than dead, SLP will never cost 3 cents, even the developers have already spat on their game.

  4. Even with the current dip in crypto currency's, I'm still glad I can smile😊 back at my portfolio of $109,700 built from my weekly trade, I'm having my fourth withdrawal in 10 business days😊 Thanks to expert Mrs Gladys Wood, Am grateful 😊

  5. I held slp for origin and now it is worth nothing. Really sad i lost so much money. They brag to have 10 year funds and we have to play 90-120mins for few cents. Why dont they use some of the funds to try to stabilize slp at least until origin launch is beyond my mind.

  6. I still believe in axie, but if this year axie didnt show any progress, im broke

  7. i was looking for alternative p2e of axie but i couldn't find better p2e games rather than axie even slp is dying slowly

  8. I wished that i sold out 0.04. Now i wish i sold everything at 0.02. I dont think there is comming back from this

  9. Shirt answer, no! Ponzi’s will be the first casualty of the bear market, to be fair those of us who invested in Axie, Pegaxy etc have been rekt!

  10. Vulcan forge also a big one they have the elysium blockchain, a blockchain for metaverse w/c can host games and dapps with a low gas fee that can compete w/ polygon and can handles 7200 TPS. You may check it out

  11. if any nft play to earn game has a chance to survive it's axie despite all the flaws it has

  12. it has a better chance to survive than Pegaxy thats for sure. How much is VIS tokens now?

  13. Many players of axie investing on Luna because it dipped, peak price is 1 dollar.

  14. Chill on the content gugus, You keep on grinding 🤣 and i love it!

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