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Canadian Growth Stock Signs Amazon Deal !! (Nextech AR Solutions)

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After a price CRASH in 2022 can Nextech stock rocket to the MOON after signing a big Amazon deal? Nextech AR Solutions provides 3D eCommerce for Amazon using “augmented reality” technology and was recently on the stocks to buy list of Seeking Alpha. I discuss this Canadian growth stock providing an introduction to Nextech ARitize3D and discussing whether it makes MY stocks to buy now list and whether I buy shares of this Canadian penny stock. @NexTech AR Solutions stock trades under the ticker NTAR stock in Canada and NEXCF stock in the USA OTCQB.

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  1. Here's maybe a better question for long term investors. Starting from scratch, new investor, fresh money…. at today's share price would you invest in Nextech or ARway? and Why?

  2. Market cycle still hasn't met its balance, we keep going round in circles while waiting for that bullish run on a great support. but, in the mean time we could always ignore the market ups and downs and stay fully invested. Big thanks to Grayson Miles for helping me earn over 14 BTC by implementing he method and following his guide….

  3. super nice company! Definitely the kind of stock I would invest in (next year at a cheaper price)

  4. thanks for the video, i look forward to the next one, and others after that, as you to unwrap this gift inside a gift, inside a gift, inside another gift … lol … 👍

  5. If you look at their different platforms all now growing such as TOGGLE 3D , Map3D just span out ARWAY then revenues will grow.
    This doesn’t include genie in the bottle, their hologram and educational platforms. They have significantly reduced staff and costs to hold cash as well as employees taking shares instead of salary.
    Once they become cash positive they will invest in growing other platforms. Biggest shareholder is the CEO so vented in making sure this company is successful. Take a look at the proactive videos to give you an insight

  6. Important information (and for long term shareholders) I did NOT discuss ARway in this video as for an "introduction" to Nextech I felt it overly specific and complicated for any new investors. For new investors, Nextech has recently (Oct 26, 2022) spun off one of their divisions ARway into a separate entity. From my understanding this should be advantageous to Nextech as it should reduce distraction, as well as (in the short term) reduce expenses. Nextech owns 13 million shares of ARway which now trades under the ticker ARWY and Nextech believes ARway is the first pure-play spatial computing public Company. Cheers.

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