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Cardano ADA News: Cardano Native Token PUMPING Again! Project Catalyst On Hold Since OCT!

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Day Cold flows for a cold my see a new world but I’m so blind kick rocks when your time’s up better start digging like a coal mine cold Hearts ain’t cold times it’s a bold move but the sunshine raise up good morning cardano Army it’s your boy

Blue man coming at you with yet another video go ahead and hit that subscribe button that like button and notification Bell so you never miss a booming update guys we have these videos every day you don’t want to miss them I got my hot tea and

Honey lot to loaded ready to go let’s get this show started and we are talking a little bit about singularitynet singularitynet has been pumping yet again guys definitely good to see over the past what 14 days or so it is pumped a decent amount 29 over the last seven

Days over the last 30 days up 189 percent definitely good to see this pumping again guys um mainly due to the whole AI craze right now um due to the chat GPT hype I think chat GPT is insane oh my baby I’m a little bit scared of it but like I

Use it on a regular basis so I’m getting more comfortable with it which you know it’s crazy if you guys never use Chad GPT I highly recommend you do it I think it’s awesome and it’s only gonna you know get better and better and better as more inputs go in and as they

Do more updates but anyway this is why singular Learning Net has been pumping um let’s take a look at their Twitter here uh uh whoa okay I was like wait what uh so here’s their Twitter well we’re getting close to oh that’s old um so the singularity in that ecosystem

Is progressively transitioning to a fully self-regulating Dao an organization that is open to all without uh relying on a centralized Authority so they release their decidualization report here they got a lot of cool stuff going on remember we talked about that the decentralized AI power longevity

Research Network they are doing a token generation event here soon so you can get on on up in on that a little bit early um on Singularity dial unfortunately I do kyc and I do not believe that American citizens are eligible to participate in this token generation

Event which is why I don’t really cover them a lot uh you know if you do want to purchase this you you’re gonna have to wait till it hits the till it hits either you know men swap muesli swap something like that so they’ve got a lot going on uh with

Singularitynet and their other branches um definitely good definitely good to see singularitynet AGI we’re definitely excited for it um like I had mentioned they’re doing a tougher generation event for their uh sister projects they have an AI band like a little literal band here this is the jam Galaxy band is the

Um the singer of the band with her purple hair uh obviously this is a AI bot um so yeah this is pretty cool guys um I love it so that’s just a little bit of a glimpse we’ve done tons of breakdowns of AGI token so if you want those

Breakdowns go ahead and check my previous videos they’re just pumping again um do I think you should buy AGI token probably not now but if you are gonna buy it and hold it for a very long time then I would highly recommend you do so

If you’re just trying to buy it to do a quick flip probably not the best thing but do what you want to do with your money that’s what crypto is about you could buy agix token or Min swap on any decentralized Exchange in the Cardinal ecosystem let’s go ahead and move on guys

All right so shout out to cardano spot another project that I’m very excited for um Coronado spot it’s pretty much a social media Network for cardano um and here’s what they posted now we’ve talked about this a couple months ago I want to know what you guys think down

Below so if you could comment down below and let me know what you guys think this is definitely interesting now I’ve been touting you know how cardano has the largest decentralized autonomous organization in crypto for a while but we haven’t had a fund since October 2022 2022. um so project Catalyst had is

Instrumental to projects on cardano it has fun at various projects and public goods this fund has been paused since October 2022. what are your thoughts reopen or improve Cardinal Community join the discussion now on Cardinal spot so here’s what was supposed to as most of you know Catalyst has been the backbone

Of the Cardinal ecosystem it has provided millions of dollars to thousands of projects the fun is paused and certain people has found ways to abuse the system the team is building a new system from their learning across nine rounds on the other hand various developers need to

Get a much needed funding this could lead to the closing of several projects and products what are your thoughts reopen or wait and why I think we should wait until they come up with a better one if people are taking advantage of the Dow I know it’s a decentralized autonomous organization but

You know we need to have safeguards in there to make it fair to make it Equitable and to make it so that you know money’s going to the right place it doesn’t make any sense if people with bad intentions could just take advantage of the system get funding and then don’t produce

Anything that will destroy cardano from the inside out in my humble opinion I think they should wait redo some things Um you know maybe have like a vesting period where you know in order to be eligible you have had to you know maybe do a successful project give proof of some minimum viable product something like that maybe make voting a lot easier a lot more um intuitive for the for the user for

The lay user encouragement while voting uh Charles needs to you know do some more amas I know it’s not just Charles but you know people see Charles and think of cardano even though Amerigo Ergo there’s like oh 20 different companies working on cardano right now but Charles himself

Needs to talk about this as well so let me know what you guys think um so you know I agree with this comment man not to refine and approving a bear Market but also important that money goes to serious and great projects I will hardly agree so guys comment down

Below let me know what you guys think um I think they should wait until they iron out all the Kinks and make it more fair and equitable so that we can get the right projects funded and get the malicious ones out of here maybe do like a time lock where

If you win a fund you get a portion of the fund for each step that you complete so for example if you’re a DEX you know the first the first time you get a fund you need the code written the second time you get a little bit of the fun

Money uh you need to have the um the UI up and then they get all the money you need to do a full release something like that to keep people accountable and or we could do it in escrow as well something like that where if they don’t um they don’t uh

If if a project gets funding but they don’t produce anything they’re gonna have to pay that back so maybe it’s like a loan system as well um there’s a lot of different ways you could do it um I’m no expert obviously so I just want to know what you guys think down

Below I think it’s definitely an interesting topic let’s go ahead and wrap things up guys shout out to one com ticker 71co mm you guys know the drill all right keep cardano decentralized I like one com tickets from one c o m m follow them on Twitter or cardano crypto

News and notes zero percent fees to at least in June 23 for all existing and new delegation delegate to them right this instant I love you guys talk to you guys soon keep dropping bye thank you so much V chain and cardano army for your amazing patreon support

Guys I’d like to give a shout out to Maryland for crypto Anthony Andrews Roost in Kyle Bachi Angel Topia DNC the Leon Jackson the second Kragen all Flair LLC lucky Sunshine token and v-e-t doci I hope you enjoyed the show guys and I’ll be back with another video soon

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Cardano is a decentralized third-generation proof-of-stake blockchain platform. While it shares characteristics and applications with other blockchain platforms like Ethereum, Cardano distinguishes itself from others through a commitment to peer-reviewed scientific research as building blocks for updates to its platform.

Three organizations are responsible for Cardano’s development: IOHK, Cardano Foundation, and EMURGO. The first two are non-profit foundations and the third is a for-profit entity. The IOHK, which is responsible for building Cardano, works with a team of academics spread out across the world to produce research and review platform updates before implementation to ensure that they are scalable.12

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