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In this video, I’ll show you my Cardano price prediction of why we could see a (realistic) 134% pump or potentially a move down to $0.40. It’s not what you want to hear, but it needs to be talked about. I am seeing more signs for a pump right now than a drop so watch this video to see the evidence!

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We will also look at the following Cardano Metrics:

– Cardano Emotional Index
– Cardano Long vs. Short Trades
– Cardano Market Cap Strength
– Cardano Trading Risk Today
– Cardano Whale and Institutional Smart Money
– Cardano Dollar Cost Average (Buys)
– Cardano Best Trade Setup Today

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  1. ✅ Access Trade Setups, Metrics, MasterClasses, and Telegram: https://www.tradeconfident.io/pricing
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  2. Nobody’s interested in your clients’ trades. Cut the sales BS and go straight into the content. Buy an ad if you want to push your memberships.

  3. this coin causes depression and sadness, not only does it dump harder than any other crypto, when the market moves up, you get to see almost every coin outperform it

  4. this guy is still saying hes never lost a trade… jesus. i guess if you never sell you never lose. only strategy he can be using to say that

  5. I think Cardano could get up to a new ATH next cycle of around $3.50- $4 by around 2026. If it's still around it might even get to sky high gains of $8 -$9 by 2030. Which would be phenomenal returns.

  6. This guy cracks me up. All his titles are pump or crash. He could care less as long as you buy what he's got to sell. LoL

  7. I think those using the indicators are the people who've shorted us all the way down here 😆

  8. So would it be worth my would to sell off my MATIC, take the $1000 loss to try to make back money with ADA?

  9. Yeah you said the same about EOS and AVAX. I'm still waiting. The thing is almost all of them go up and go down together with Bitcoin so any coin suddenly shooting up is probably a pump and dump operation setting trap for unsuspecting souls to jump in and get burned. No thanks. From now on I'm going to stick to the big ones like Bitcoin and Ethereum long term. The rest are simply too unpredictable and not worth the risk.

  10. Cardano is the most under appreciated blockchain. Based on my own research and background in computer science ada is the highest of quality in terms of technology. The blockchain seems to have been developed by professionals who got a passion in what they do.

    Ada should be sitting at 1.80 up until the next hard fork. After the update or more like updates we are going to see a viscous expansion of the Cardano ecosystem. The price will follow aggressively after the federal reserve is done scaring the markets. 2022 will be frustrating, but 2023 will be much better. In 2024 millionaires will be minted only if they started investing now!

  11. Hey bro now make one informative video about Bitsubishi token
    BITSUBISHI is launching tomorrow how much we need to invest ???

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