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Cardano Yield Farming Portfolio Update | Is this Sustainable?

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In this video we go over the Sundaewap and Minswap yield farming results. With the recent price volatility in the market, is it smart to continue my yield farming position? Lets find out!

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0:00 Intro
0:56 Minswap dashboard
1:28 Recap
2:08 Minswap portfolio update
3:49 Profit
5:53 Negative returns
6:47 Withdrawing liquidity
7:41 Sundaeswap portfolio update
8:21 Recap
9:31 Impermanent loss calculation
11:46 My plan
13:47 Next steps
14:46 Outro

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  1. It would be awesome if you could do this weekly so we can more understand yield farming and IL and risk associated with it. Great video cheers!

  2. I put in 515 ADA in a few days it was down to 472 ADA the Min was up but not enough to offset the loss of ADA, this all seems too confusing for me so I withdrew from the liquidity pool , I guess I'll just hold the Min and ADA and see if they go up over the next few months, it seems easier to just stake your ADA and get rewards each epoch

  3. But you always get the same ratio of pairing regardless of the price? What are your thought on yield farming a pair when one goes up a lot long term? Like Ada min. I know Ada is gonna shoot up drastically first

  4. i got roughly 100 ada profit on min/ada with a 150% booster nft and 750 initial ada invested. very happy with that!

  5. Sundae went from 2.07 to 1 Ada on 3-6. To right now 3.72 to 1 Ada. That is a massive loss.

  6. Not listing these swap tokens on cmc or elsewhere might have something to do with the discrepancy. No way Ada pumps so hard and these farm tokens don't budge. The IL on these farms to unbelievable to me. It would be easier to stomache if they paid had value outside of a pure YF. But sundae is useless otherwise. I'm glad I bailed on minswap. You all should take your money to osmosis.

  7. How are you getting these MinSwap numbers…. I can only see YF numbers. Where are you finding the current value of your liquidity pairing?

  8. why are you leaving out the original entry price of the tokens when you entered the LP?
    This also seems strange because the ADA price on 3/16 was between $0.80 – $0.85 and on 3/27 it was $1.14 to $1.18. The MIN price dropped from $0.32 – 0.35 on 3/16 down to $0.28 on 3/27? ADA increased 38% and MIN declined 12.5% – 20% if you got in at 0.35. Yet you are showing a profit but the harvesting yield in 7 days at that amount could not overcome the massive disparity which is why I was in the red for 7 days at a Harvesting YF rate of 200% APR.

  9. me looking thru the whole vid with my 100$ in yield farming lol
    man, wish I had that much ada to work on
    anw thanks for your vid

  10. Does re-staking on sundaeswap needs any action from my side ?? or is it automatically ?

  11. I withdrew my liquidity but I haven't received the MIN reward in my wallet yet. Does anyone know how long it takes to receive the MIN reward?

  12. Whenever you switch to your voice over the recorder you're using is recording mono to the left. You can either charge your settings to record stereo, or just duplicate that left channel recording to the right channel for future videos

  13. Hmm, not sure how your up on ada… I'm at a 25k ada loss if I sell everything today. I was up 30k then got stuck when they shut the dex down and tanked the price of min.

  14. CB, I’m into the ADA/MIN yield farm also. I can’t figure out how to tell what my impermanent loss might be. Initially I received 7,000 purrADA, then added another 3,000 ADA for total 10k ADA yield farming. Since MinSwap went offline for the contracts issue ADA has gone up in Price and Min has gone down. Additionally, since MinSwap changed the contracts, my order history is blank. So I don’t know what the ADA/Min split was when I started. I know how much Min rewards I have, but I really don’t know the split. I hope you can explain please.

  15. Why are they withholding LP fees? Both Sundaeswap and Minswap are doing this while it can affect your return hence your decision to keep or withdraw liquidity.

  16. Nice Overview, One thing I realized is I prefer comparing the Impermanent Loss in terms of in I HODL just ADA, as that is more likely bc I wouldn't hold the Alt token anyways if it weren't for YF.
    Just a more realistic comparison for my personal lens.

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