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Carlsen missed this! | Magnus Carlsen vs Vidit Gujrathi | Pro Chess League 2023

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Foreign I’d like to show you a fascinating and dramatic encounter played in the online Pro chess League yesterday between Magnus Carlson and vidit Gujarati this is so interesting there are some really beautiful attacking ideas in this game so let’s let’s just plunge straight in so Carlson with white and he opens

With B3 well he has shown some inclination to play in this way recently and of course B3 is not a bad move at all and the bishop comes to B2 in fact what we get here is a position which is pretty standard but with colors reversed so here basically this is a queen’s

Indian position but white has an extra tempo so that can’t be that bad well for both sides really because black has established a strong Center but this is a very sensible development for white and D4 it is exactly like a queen’s Indian Knight F6 and now we actually have another kind of

Transposition because now this is looking very much like a queen scant accepted again with colors reversed after A3 Bishop takes and then B4 and Knight D2 and C4 a Carson setup is pretty standard and white is attacking this Pawn here I think uh this exchange on C4 is a bit too

Compliant I think it’s better to hold that pawn on D5 and play for example Queen E7 and bring the Rook to d8 you know I I would prefer to keep that Central Pawn here but I think exchanging makes life a bit easy for white actually after Knight takes

And this Knight looks at some very important squares in the position five so this is clearly vidit’s idea he wants to um perhaps bring the bishop here and just to sort out his Queen side development basically but Knight D6 is a very annoying move because it stops the bishop reaching the long diagonal

And it could be that Carlson will simply snap this bishop off and get the advantage of the two Bishops which is why the bishop came to D7 but just compare White’s Bishops now with blacks Bishops obvious that white Bishops are really well placed just streaking right across

The board to Black’s King site and blacks Bishops look pretty ineffective this one bites on the pawn here and the bishop on D7 Well it can’t really move anywhere so Carlson out of the opening has I think got a very pleasant position but remember this is a rapid play game

So you know any anything can happen in the next half hour as they always say on TV Queen E7 and White Castles remember also that it’s a completely symmetrical Pawn structure so if there are simplifications here then odds on we’re going to get a draw Knight D5 well that night well that’s

That’s a good old octopus night um so it controls some very useful squares particularly C8 in the position so the Knight comes here and now it is a threat to take that Knight of course sorry just backtracking of course black should not take care because it discovered attack so Knight D5

So now this is a threat so the Knight dips out however it spun round to a very nice location because it’s looking at that C5 Square he’s also also looking at the king side as well so white still has a positional advantage again the Bishops are better black

Whites Bishops are better than blacks Bishops and that Knight could possibly just leap into that nice C5 Square the danger for white here is that black manages to liquidate all the pawns on the queen side and it heads for a draw but well at the moment that’s difficult to achieve Rook d8

Yeah if one attacks straight away I’m afraid that doesn’t get anywhere because of H6 and it achieves nothing so Carson plays Rook C1 right absolutely sensible The Rook comes to the middle or the the open C file anyway and potentially looks at playing Knight C5 Bishop B8 so the bishop falls back it’s

A little bit passive but it gets out of the way and it means that the Rooks are connected so Bishop B8 not bad Queen E2 excellent move notice that Carlson is not not rushing into an attack before he does anything else he brings his Rooks

To the open files uh the queen is in a nice position as well I mean white is beautifully coordinated here and yeah it’s it’s a more pleasant position for white you could say just because these Bishops are better than these ones Rook C8 black does the same

H3 a careful move but a good move means that the King has an escape Square and there’s no need to rush it for white in this position Bishop B6 so potentially looking to play A5 remember at the moment black has problems achieving A5 because that pawn can be attacked is attacked

Knight G3 yeah here’s an example when where uh E5 would actually work if white plays Knight C5 which is kind of the move that white has been looking to play for some time then A5 is okay white can’t take here because of the bishop takes Knight and Bishop takes and atex B4

So Carlson played Knight G3 so that’s interesting that opens up this diagonal and this one too the Knight looks to the king site might come to H5 one never knows okay let’s have a look at Black’s liberating move here what about A5 just trying to clear all those Queen

Side pawns off the board and head for a draw basically in this case white would Exchange and then take on B5 and that’s a sound extra Pawn so that’s why this one isn’t working at the moment but but it’s what black is angling for right so the night has come here Knight

F6 so the Night Comes Back covers the H5 square blocks this bishop to a certain extent Bishop B1 okay well Carlson is revving up potentially to put the queen on one of these squares yes I know the Rook can take the queen at the moment but supposing some Exchange took place

Um one of these squares could be available for the queen to just set up a battery on this diagonal so Rook takes so vidit wants to exchange pieces you know he’s under pressure so he just wants to relieve that pressure by exchanging Rooks but Carlson doesn’t want to exchange the

Second Rook very sensible instead just dips back to the C file very sensible you know this this Rook is better than the Rook on d8 King f8 well that King’s already feeling the heat to some extent you know the queen is looking to play C2 and potentially get in on H7 so King

Comes here and it might actually escape to E7 at some point Carlson comes back with a knight so there’s a lot of chewing and throwing if Knight takes Bishop takes well that takes away this defensive piece and the bishop looks pretty good here black is under pressure therefore after Knight E4 Knight D5

Played and Carlson’s still Keen to exchange off this Knight and it comes back okay so Carlson changes Tack and plays Queen C2 so there we go he’s managed to get the queen to this diagonal can’t come to H7 at the moment however odds on it’s gonna try it’s gonna get there let’s see

Rook C8 lining up against the queen okay sensible however Knight E4 opening up The Bishop’s diagonal and looking to take here and get it on H7 so something like this that’s already looking pretty dangerous you know black might have to play F5 to block out the queen but that weakens the king’s side

Somehow black is going to have to compromise here but it’s not easy to see how to compromise you know what’s what’s the the you know the the least worst option here basically Knight D5 plate still trying to keep that Queen away from H7 Knight C5 and that’s really powerful so the Knight

Threatens to take on A6 but also opens up the diagonal here so if Knight F6 if the Knight comes back then simply Knight takes Pawn better for white vidit took on C5 right here is your first question time for me to have a drink of lovely tea this morning

And time for you to have a think so white to play what is White’s best continuation here there’s a few moves that are good for white but what’s the absolute best for white cheers Carlson played Queen H7 which is a very good move however he missed mate in three Bishop takes Pawn check

Ing takes the queen slides in if the King goes back Queen h8 and if the king comes forward well you can choose your poison Queen H6 or queen age eight I prefer Queen h8 checkmate see the king is getting cut on the diagonals not so difficult I would say however

It’s a rapid play game and I’m guessing that Carson had simply anticipated Queen H7 and thought this must be winning very quickly and it is a very strong move threatening uh well actually three different checkmates on this move F6 pretty forced okay time for another thing

Um how would you play with white now the move that Carlson played is good and should win however there’s an even stronger move here um so white play what would you do and and let me tell you the solution here is not Rook takes Bishop there is better awesome checked on each eight

But the best move is Knight H4 what’s the big idea well if there are a few ideas but let’s just see the basic one if the bishop Retreats here then Queen h8 King F7 Bishop G6 mate pretty good so Knight H4 was very strong instead Carson checked and then he took on C5

While this is also excellent for white The Rook is pretty good here the Bishops still look fantastic and that night well you never know what might happen with that Knight Black’s best is to put the queen back on f8 but it’s it’s not very good said

Queen B7 was played I think a very natural move to cover the Rook so then the Knight might be able to retreat now this is fantastic I mean in a sense the the wins we’ve seen so far I think pretty straightforward but how wide wins in this position well it’s really beautiful so

You have a little think here white to play What’s the best way for white to continue this is really really beautiful Bishop G6 check this wasn’t played but let’s see why this is so strong obviously if the king comes here then Queen G7 uh even wins the queen so it

Has to be taken right what’s the point of this I mean if the Knight checks then the king just steps back here is the beautiful follow-up Queen G8 wow I love these Quiet Moves after a sacrifice the simple idea is that the queen covers these squares preventing the king from

Stepping back to safety still not absolutely obvious how white is going to Checkmate here but I mean there are lots of possible lines but let me show you something that that is sort of quite typical so for example Queen F7 okay trying to exchange Queens Knight H4 check the king steps up

We need the queen Queen H7 the King still can’t step back and if the Knight is taken Queen E4 check the king gets back and Queen G4 mate for example or well let’s see well it’s it I mean there is no good defense here actually let me give you another variation that I

Did a queen D7 Knights here again Queen H7 if F5 then Bishop takes Pawn doesn’t help 95 you can take here Queen G7 and take here and G6 drops and what else have we got E5 no good I mean this is fantastic Rook takes and queen takes and again mate shortly

What an amazing idea Bishop G6 check and queen G8 just fantastic now that one really is tricky to spot Carson played E4 also doesn’t look bad and it’s a pretty good move Knight F4 and here there’s the winds are becoming more and more difficult this one is actually winning this wasn’t played

Carlson actually played Queen H7 here but this is a winning move uh Pawn takes allows this typical idea with a skewer and King takes this is this is very tricky actually and now E5 so that has to be taken and then the Rook is taken so white is actually one

Material but this is actually a really tricky position finding a win here I mean particularly if you’re short of time very difficult let me just show you this Rook here the Knight blocks still tricky because you can see the queen is cut off from defending here so black threatens for example check

And take the bishop this is not simple particularly as you know a decent checks seem to have run out in fact this another quiet move Queen E7 is actually very good for white um because if the queen comes down to take the bishop then this can be taken and actually

White will win that one um if the bishop moves then Queen G7 so this is actually winning but very subtle move I mean it’s actually beautiful instead Carlson played Queen H7 and after 97 black has survived the Knight just plugs a few holes here and it’s not possible for white to make

Progress it’s incredible I mean here Carlson should compromise and and do something like Knight D4 but it’s not easy now with the queen stuck at the the other side of the board instead he tried to connect all his forces with Knight E5 but to no avail first glance it looks pretty good

Is white breaking through here no Knight H5 actually defends and black is a piece up this is how the game continued the problem is that White’s Queen is still stuck at the other end of the board if Queen h8 Knight G6 actually traps the queen that’s kind of comical so Carlson took here

But you can see he’s running out of attacking pieces I mean he tried his best to create something here but no in fact the king is completely safe in this position now black is simply a piece up and there we go that is deadly the bishop emerges finally onto this excellent

Diagonal threatening mate so casting exchange Queens of course this is resignable he’s a piece down for nothing and vidit has complete control here extra piece he’s in complete control and now the Knight just hops around it takes another Pawn okay we may as well we’ll we’ll go to the end of this why

Not but there’s really nothing more to say here and Carlson finally resigned um I I thought it was just fascinating stuff you know I love these attacking ideas is it extraordinary that Carlson Mr Maiden 3 it happens it’s rapid rapid chess it’s online um these things happen to everybody what

Can you say but I do I mean this this is not an extraordinary idea but this one this really is incredible um I absolutely love that idea uh as far as I could see I mean I didn’t see the the round live but looking at the results Carlson seemed to do

Extremely well in his other games so uh yeah it’s not like he’s lacking form or anything like that he’s still playing extremely well anyway I hope you enjoyed that remember my course on the anti-sellings for black is still on sale just for I think about three more days

Do check it out I’ll be talking more about that you’ll be sick of it very soon but I’m really proud of this course it’s had really nice feedback already so do check that out I’ll put the link in the comments thanks for watching

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  1. Mr. King, subscriber request to cover some games from the ongoing WR masters. Nepo's win against Aronian looks particularly interesting!

  2. I honestly suspect that Carlsen found the mate after he played qh7 which made him annoyed and unable to think properly for rest of the game

  3. In this Chess Engines age, GMs still play like humans. In the old times of Tal, he played like a computer!?

  4. Well I actually saw the initial bishop sac for Carlsen and I would have checkmated ….however I would not have got into that winning position in the first place hehehe. Once he missed his initial chance, the narrow path to a win was beyond a mere mortal and your name needs to be Stockfish. Thanks for the excellent analysis as always GM King. PowerPlay to 100k.

  5. I'm not a big fan of Blitz, where you often just play on instinct, which Carlsen clearly did at the key moment. Of course, such games can be instructive and entertaining, even if they often don't reach the logical conclusion. I prefer a more sedate "blood pressure friendly" speed!

  6. Like Liverpool yesterday – great first half hour without putting the cork deep enough into the bottle, or so. Then running out of steam.

  7. Love all the commenters talking about how they saw the move…. he is the world champion. you are a rando on youtube. Relax.

  8. Nice variation at 15:25. If black plays g6 white has at least one (but possibly only one) nice solution. Can anyone spot it? Scroll down for answer

    g4! QxQ Nf3++

  9. Great attack by Carlsen and after it faltereda great counter by Vidit. Thanks Daniel.

  10. Only DK can take a game that MC messed up big time and still find the silver-lining. Great variations! I found Qg8 but Qh7 was even more tricky.

  11. Is it nice to see that even world champions can overlook relatively simple wins? 
    Not really. If I want to see missed wins, I only have to look at some of my own games.
    Of course you could argue that it's less painful to look at other people's failures.
    But I think it's so much nicer to see games where winning combinations are actually played, rather than found later, or possibly by computers in on-line commentaries. But with today's focus on faster time controls, I think we might be in danger that brilliant combinations are getting rarer.
    Anyway, rapid and blitz games and more frequent tournaments are NOT more entertaining.
    As far as entertainment goes, nothing beats long games, especially if the players aren't fatigued by having too tight schedules. 
    For example World Championship matches should be every four years like the Olympic Games, the Football WC etc. The more frequently an event takes place, the less interesting it is.

  12. Great content. Thx
    I don’t play chess myself but I like watching it and it’s great that you show why obvious moves (for me) don’t work and show why 🥳👍🏻

  13. Well, I guessed 1 of the 3 thinks correctly (trying to solve them quickly as in a rapid play game).

  14. You don't look for a mate in 3 playing against Vidit. On the other hand, what a bold move if he purposely hung mate in 3 against Carlsen. I can't believe it, Vidit must have missed it too.

  15. That's weird. I saw the first winning move instantly, and I'm just a 2100 player. As you say, missing that sort of thing happens to everyone sometimes, but still…

  16. Great comunication. So elocuent and a pleasure to see those games. Need to add that should be great if when do you Talk about "often seen with cour reverse" (often by the way) just a second screen to show It would be much more ilustrative. Guess can be easy done…or not. Thanks again for your talking "tempo". Be well, be safe. Cheers

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