A Hunters Dream – CAW Token

A Hunters Dream (CAW) is a decentralized financial payments network that aims to transform the traditional blockchain payment system by using a basket of fiat/legal currency fixed-pegged stablecoins to stabilize the algorithm with the CAW reserve currency, fostering an open/transparent financial platform and facilitating programmable payment systems.

The CAW token was deployed as ERC-20 on Ethereum in April 2022.

A Hunters Dream (CAW) was announced in April 2022 on Twitter. As of June 2022, the project does not have an official website, white paper, or roadmap, but CAW does have a social Twitter account and an active Telegram channel.

Who Are the Founders of CAW (A Hunters Dream)?

There are no official statements about the composition of the team, the names of the founders, investors or backers remain unknown and as of June 2022, the project is being developed totally anonymously.

What Makes CAW (A Hunters Dream) Unique?

The goal of the developers is to build a complete cryptocurrency exchange rate system that will fundamentally change the existing method of calculating the cryptocurrency exchange rate and create a new online payment system.

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