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Celsius Loan Liquidations? | My Plan going Forward

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Been seeing people getting margin calls and liquidations on Celsius Network after dropping their withdrawals. Market is way to volatile right now, here’s what I decided to do with my open Celsius loan.

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  1. 14k would be the bargain of a life time.
    But who's to say celsius doesnt have more btc for collateral 🤔

  2. You need to move earn coins to custody to pay off loan stop lying goofy lol it might be a hassle just need to reach out to them.

  3. 100% sure they will back again ….this time we need to support also celsius … dont panic..

  4. It’s embarrassing to say, but I bought into the whole Celsius, We’re the good guys, un-bank yourself BS.
    Not your keys, Not your crypto is real!
    Now I’m hoping the crypto market gets smashed through the f’n floor. Give us a chance to get back in.

  5. Why would you pay celsius any more money? Now they have more they will take from you. 😢

  6. The issue you mentioned at Blockfi has always been there for security reasons and that has always been the case especially for large transfers. Just because you are KYCed doesn't mean your account cannot be compromised which is why they require it. Not sure why that is such a big deal just because some other platforms don't require it.

  7. "It would be nice to get that low price" I like your optimism. The margin calls and deleveraging wave might give hodlers more than they bargained for though. It could get bad, like bad bad to the point of no recovery.

  8. If I was ever asked to do another KYC and video all my funds would be off that platform once I was approved to transfer. Forever. I will not go back to that company ever again.

  9. Feel you man, I have basically all my savings in Celsius.. hopefully we will get our assets back

  10. Check out ballet wallets for ultimate cold storage, technically safer than private keys and no need for charging or updating

  11. Been wondering about what's really happening with celsius, thanks for the info

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