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Celsius Network – Custody Account Withdrawals – Selling Assets – Third Day Hearing Bankruptcy Court

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Discussing Celsius Network’s Third Day Hearing in Bankruptcy Court Chapter 11. Custody and Withold Accounts take priority with potential withdrawals. Selling Assets such as GK8 and potentially more! The hiring of an independent examiner is discussed. The deadline to file their Debtor’s Schedules of Assets and Liabilities crucial for determining whether or not we ened to file a claim has been extended to September 16.

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  1. Your ability to deliver this soul crushing information in a palatable and even soothing manner is truly quite remarkable, have you thought about a career in hostage negotiation?

  2. Highly trust worthy and honest in recovery, well I guess his a mad genius and one of the best in the world 🌎 thanks 🙏

  3. Highly trust worthy and honest in recovery, well I guess his a mad genius and one of the best in the world 🌎 thanks 🙏

  4. A successful withdrawal from both Celsius and voyager is guarantee with the help of team TALPCODE I did reclaimed my asset back..

  5. A successful withdrawal from both Celsius and voyager is guarantee with the help of team TALPCODE I did reclaimed my asset back..

  6. Your not a loser I have one question what would happen if I was trying to add collateral and got no response back. Which got my BTC liquidated? Around that time I started to withdraw some coins and they started a 24 hr wait which during trying to get the coins out they halted the withdrawals think I something to push and make a stink about?

  7. You are not a loser. I am sure you diversified like rest of us.. and able to be a crypto pundit now, unlike me and many others. 🙂

  8. I realy feel sorry for you, so large amount of cryptos, left on Celsius. I have 1.5 eth left on cel earn and 500 cel tokens. I have already forgoten and move on and hope for all costumers for the best.

  9. ‘I respond to pretty much every comment I receive because I’m a f’ing loser’ omg I love this 😂 thank you for bringing no BS, clear and short Celsius updates. So so appreciated. You’re a boss 👊🏻

  10. Celsius has 3 Founders, people act like Nuke & Daniel aren't just as important to Celsius but they are. GK8 has its own CEO and Celsius Mining will have its own leadership as well. Stop getting hung up on allegations towards Alex. Restructuring is the focus.

  11. What will happen to non-US cusomers, like the ones in the European Union? Because of a law based on data privacy our names don't appear on the list and I don't know if this is a con when it comes to receive our funds.

  12. hello tiffany what happens to the withholding and custody accounts? I do not know exactly. i just sent usdt 1 month before sinking into celsius. I didn't do anything else. He gave me a weekly cel token.

  13. How can I find out what type of money my money is? I put usdt in celcius. i didn't do anything else

  14. Even Charles from cardano liked Celsius. That dude is hella smart and didn't see this coming. It's a terrible situation but we all believed Celsius had our best interest in mind. So don't any of you people out there feel stupid.

  15. I pray all those affected by account freeze get the court judgement in their favor and get their assets out.

  16. Thank you for breaking all this down! I appreciate your content! 🙂

    I have a few questions:
    Don’t we pay taxes on our Earn accounts? Doesn’t that mean that it is our crypto? Will we have to pay taxes on our Earn accounts for 2021 even though we lost everything?

    How do we access the form to see if we need to make a claim?

  17. What’s your take or understanding on the folks that have the FLR airdrop going to Celsius? Is it going to be tied up with the rest or since it wasn’t apart if their bankruptcy it wasn’t theirs to begin with and can’t be touched?🤷‍♂️

    You’re not a fucking loser, your a fucking smoke show lady 😍

  18. Thanks for the updates. I am curious to see the list of how much Celsius thinks they owe us.

    Love the self-depreciation; it is a very Aussie style of humor.

    Keep up your marvel style end credits, or try a Community Channel (famous Aussie YouTuber) style “p*rn*-music/comment time” ending! 😉

  19. Thanks Tiff, great update, I patiently waiting, as we all are. I want to see the proposal from Bank to the future, we now understand the disaster situation we’re in, it’s time to see some recovery plans!

  20. tiff i wanted to ask – so i transferred my coins to celsius but never used any of their products. i would get weekly interest however. does this mean i am not custody?

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