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Celsius Update – Lowered Liquidations & Hiring Lawyers?

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Update w/ Celsius Network and their liquidations, news of hiring a legal team, and more.
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  1. Celsius suspended the AMA…..yep great community and vey honest….Alex is great as you said.

  2. Haven't most crypto yield projects failed within 1 – 3 years? I don't get why anyone wouldn't think that is the most logical endpoint, especially when the whole market is crashing.

  3. I love how all these big whales are just playing games while holding peoples livelihood on the balance

  4. I'm amazed how many people still say that Celsius will do the best for the community. Are you guys kidding….time to get your head out of the sand. Celsius haven't been acting in their communities best interest for a long time. They never listened to the community for the entire bull market when we were begging for them to take some action with the CEL token….instead they just kept selling their bags & dumping on the community. Yes they are trying to save Celsius but only for their own interest. I watched as the diehard LUNA community blindly believed right up to it all going to $0 & many even blindly supporting LUNA2. The moment you get a chance get out. Best of luck everyone.

  5. Probably gonna take 2 years before you getcha funds back they’re waiting until prices rise. Alex ostrich stylin it head in the sand is bad public relations. He claimed BTC was not hypothecated but seems like that wasn’t true!

  6. Once/if they allow people to withdraw from the platform you should. Not spreading FUD it just makes sense. I have moved all my crypto to my ledger for security reasons.

  7. Don't want to speculate but worse case we get 75% of our coins back I heard. And most of it's losses from liquidating sETH to ETH at a loss. If they wait until ETH 2.0 instead which would mean are funds are locked up for potential years then we would get 100% back.

  8. Thanks for this! I had too much in Celsius and definitely very fearful. I'm not too optimistic but I'm glad there are people out there still believing in them. fingers crossed!

  9. Thanks Aaron. Do you have any way or channel by any chance to communicate with Alex, or send him a msg at least on your network? Trust is going down the drain (despite how trustworthy he is) for all his followers. His silence is detrimental.

  10. Thanks Aaron I feel sick to as i had 190k at time of shutdown and is difficult to hear we have lost our assets. Your method of approach and avenues of how it can be fixed gives me a bit of hope and eases the pain a little..

  11. Why dont all real hodlers get together and tell Alex we wont be withdrawing.

  12. I’m on the same page . I have a 1% loan and just want to know when and how asap” my withdrawals are blocked and can’t add to pay my loan off. Celsius has been a lot better than most at keeping track of our money so we will see. I hope they can make it work and we can all trust them to get loans and help the Banks not control us so much..

  13. if they go bankrupt why do you think they are obligated to pay us? that is kinda oxymoronic to what bankruptcy is …but I feel is life's reputation is definitely on the line

  14. These people will continue to get scammed over and over. There is no utility in these tokens you can't buy groceries, can't buy gas with it etc. Buy art or handguns or some hard asset that actually has value no matter what the swings are.

  15. How are they lowering the Liquidation price. People are getting there loans liquidated still when they hit 80% LTV. When they have to option to transfer funds from earn account to pay off the loan. 🙁

  16. Still I have not seen anyone attacking the elephant in the room. are their assets > liabilities ? Noone knows yet?

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