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Chainlink LINK Price News Today – Price Forecast! Technical Analysis Update and Price Now!

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Chainlink LINK Price News Today – Technical Analysis Update! Cryptocurrency! In this video I talk about a technical analysis of the LINK Chainlink price and I talk about some important price moves that are happening right now! Chainlink Price Prediction of this Cardano ADA partner!

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  1. if people load a weekly chart for link and just put on the 21 ma and compare todays prices and month to 2018 in link's past major bear market, you will see some earie similarities. this will suggest than link ranges here for a bit AFTER the monthly close in october, and then possibly make a 100% move to the upside before it comes crashing down in mid novemberto make a double bottom. since it has been playing out VERY similar to 2018 including the support on the 21ma, nothing suggests anything bearish for link right now. in fact, if it does make a move to the upside in october, it break the LONG TERM bearish trendline. now if that isn't going to convince people to be bullish nothing will. link has already bottomed and there is NOTHING….absolutely NOTHING to suggest otherwise, i can post facts in the charts and facts in the charts all day long that outweigh any bearish sentiment and some people will STILL be bearish. it's pretty sad. when i see people posting wrong t.a. about link. but i understand it. link doesn't follow the norms and it's easy to assume shit that's not true about link. but when we look at ALL the facts, it's hard to be bearish on link anymore…. it's just not realistic to be bearish unless something drasitic happens. even during the 2020 corona dump. link NEVER made a lower low. it standed firm at it's base which bitcoin and other coins made a lower low. it's just what link does after finding a base. once link finds that base, it's one of the STRONGEST coins in crypto. not one of the weakest

  2. when looking on the weekly time frame for link, it just broke the 21ma on the weekly time frame after creating a base foundation. this is NOTHING but bullish for link. in the HISTORY of link, when link is in a bear market and breaks the 21ma to the downside, the bottom is never in UNTIL it crosses back up and closes above the 21ma. once it closes back above the 21ma, in the history of link, the bottom has already been made. it doesn't mean it wont cross back down. it just means the bottom has already been made.

  3. still your chart is wrong for link. link is actually in a triangle pattern on the higher time frame. measured move to the upside is $12. measured move to the downside is 4.30. both moves have really good confluence to my original eventual targets for link. but because link already formed a very strong base, it's really hard for me to think link will go down much below 5.30 now unless link does something it's never done before in the history of link. since the triangle pattern is on a higher time frame, i have to look at the weekly chart and what i notice is a bullish weekly candle which suggests a setup to break to the upside to $12. something to be aware of now though is that link is looking a little toppy against bitcoin. this doesn't mean chainlink is bearish. link can still come down to around $7 and even a little below that and still be in it's pattern. most all signs right now for chainlink leads me to believe chainlink will break out to the upside within a week or two(there is absolutely nothing saying anything different right now) BEFORE link heads down to double bottom. you say link is looking weak becasue it hasn't broken resistance yet. but as we all know support and resistance is always meant to be broken. we actually have to look at ALL the facts in the charts. not just elliot wave theory. from my experience with link, people who use elliot wave theory with link gets wrecked. elliot waves will under value link every single time. this is why(in my opinion) link makes those big dramatic bullish moves and a lot of people are very late to the party. i'm not saying this always has to happen. i am just saying this is happened every single time in the history of link. i will take the history of link over an elliot wave ANY DAY. once link has formed a base. you can use the same theory there as an elliot wave. the base will hold until it doesn't. and right now, all we know in the facts in the charts is that links bottom is around $5 and the chances of breaking that base is slim. that's all we know when we look at the history of link. link is outperforming eth AND btc right now in a major way. the trends are changing which also suggests that link has bottomed. you don't normally see major trend changes like this if link hasn't bottomed. but just because it has bottomed doesn't mean it can't double bottom eventually. it usually does. hell…sometimes triple bottom. but it wont go lower than the base it already created. one of the most bearish charts in crypto? only if you're going to continue to assume things with elliot waves. and not actually look at the facts in the charts. chainlink will always show weakness first and dump hard and fast but it will always show strength first before bitcoin has some legs to stand on. which it's showing right now. link broke out of the link/eth macro chart to the upside recently. although it hasn't broken out of the link/btc macro chart, it's nearing the top of resistance. since link is probably going to outperform bitcoin in the next bull run, link could very well break out of it's macro chart against bitcoin just like it did for eth soon. i don't bet against resistance but eventually this WILL break it's bearish channel to the upside. there are a few possibilities in how link will do this so it doesn't make sense to speculate. you know what a feat that was for link to break it's bearish trend against eth while eth was holding up VERY VERY strong in this bear market? link is VERY FAR from being one of the most bearish charts in crypto and the actual facts in the charts prove it. you just can't argue it unless you stuck on continuing to assume things like bearish elliot wave assumptions and theories. things that link loves to make a fool of looking at past history. i can only hope link goes lower than the base it already created. it just means, i get in at a lower price…..but it's looking more and more as time goes by that that is NOT going to happen. at one point i thought it was. i had an entry at 4.50. i just don't see it anymore. link is looking too strong. how can anybody say link is looking weak?!? that's crazy…..

  4. Thank you. Even when not looking great the updates are important. Maybe more so when not looking good.

  5. LINK! Thanks for the steady updates. Chainlink is one of my favorite crypto projects, so you covering LINK's TA helps me out a lot.

  6. If the bears are in a good mood, we might actually be looking at a triple top forming. If this hits 6.2 we're all going to get a heck of a ride down.

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