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Champions Ascension – AAA NFT Game (Whitelist Spots Available)

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For ETH Giveaways, a chance to join the whitelist, and EXCLUSIVE Updates on Champions Ascension, join their Discord of 50K+ members below using my link!

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Champions Ascension is one of the world’s first “AAA” next generation blockchain games developed exclusively for Web3 by Jam City! Champions Ascension is a play-to-earn adventure set in a player-driven high-fantasy universe.

#Play2Earn #NFTGames #metaverse

0:00 – Intro
0:53 – Trailer
1:28 – Pitch Deck
3:58 – Other Jam City Games
4:35 – Articles to Read
5:32 – The Team
7:00 – How to get on the whitelist


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  1. I love your videos thanks for all the sharing i joined the game using your invite code i hope i get a white list spot

  2. When exactly is the whitesale happening? my Days counter got reset back to 31.. does that mean i didnt get in this time?

  3. Excellent content as always! Thanks for bringing my attention to this game, it looks fantastic. I used your link to join their discord. I hope to win a whitelist spot.

  4. Great video, thanks for walking through the public info on this game! Looking forward to seeing more as it gets closer to release. Fingers crossed for WL!

  5. Great find bro.. and agree on the team – big hitters! Should be a good watch – hopefully get on the whitelist.. will sue the link as requested! Good luck and keep posting!

  6. Seems like a good project seeing that it steers away from the typical CTG & dungeon crawler nft games out there. used your link, thanks for the info <3

  7. The game looks very promising, especially with the team and JamCity behind it. I used your your link to enter the gleam giveaway.

  8. Already entered via the gleam unfortunately. Great video but man, nice work, I can tell you'll be a credit to cyberwolves.

  9. I love this project! the wealth of experience the studio behind this game has just gets me super excited.

  10. I'm so hyped for this project, can't wait for it to be launched! I've also used your link to join and gleam and hopefully will get a chance to get a WL spot. Let's GO!!

  11. I used your link. I just hope they disclose the initial price so I know if it's within my budget or not.

  12. I joined using your link; however, to be candid, I get very skeptical about content creators pushing products they are paid to promote. I am curious about whether you got any additional compensation – it seems dishonest not to disclose it if so, but we have no way of knowing and I guess this is just the current state of affairs. And who's to say how much one would need to pay in order to purchase one of these NFTs even if they get on the whitelist?

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