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CHAOS in CRYPTO, Bitcoin Price At Lows, Tether Peg, Altcoin Market Volatile with FTX Insolvency

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  1. BCB look at commodities. There has been an intentional pulling of the strings. The stock market will be next. You had been talking about the black swan event, this is the beginning of it. They will be creating some external event to mask it or blame it on but this is the swan sticking it head up. You do good work but I think if you wore your tinfoil hat more often you would be even better. Trust your gut!

  2. The thing that is interesting to me is last time bitcoin hit 17600, eth was at 890. This time bitcoin breaks structure but eth is still holding by $250.

  3. Fun fact: Yesterday was exactly 1 year after bitcoin’s $69k all time high. The same day that bitcoin crashed under the $17.5k low and FTT capitulated. Coincidence? Think again! (puppet master in full effect)

  4. Binance won't bail them out, they threw them under the bus. Where will most people go anyway 😂

  5. We are entering the "Spring" phase of Wyckoff Accumulation. All is well. Also, BTC is doing a descending trendline bullish backtest (from the ATH down to current price level)

  6. Blood moon eclipse ritual = blood in the streets…here comes sub 15k BTC…wouldn't surprise me to hit 14,444.44 as that is how they roll.

  7. Bitcoin no longer matters in my opinion as it’s dropping at a far greater rate than the alts. The alts will start to separate from BTC. BTC will rebound but at a much slower rate than the alts.

  8. Disgusted with our industry. I have been here for over 6 and a half years and the blatant greed and stupidity of the centralized side of crypto is a disgrace. DEX and personal custody wallets should be all that's allowed in this space. I am done with centralized exchanges.


  10. Agreed with the comment on regulation. The SEC needs to stop the securities witch hunt which only ever hurts us, and if the government wants to really protect us then get these CEXs to stop taking massive leveraged bets with our funds. You would think these people would be even slightly more responsible.

  11. Thanks for pulling news and charts together with your opinion. It's great to hear another to balance my own and have good checks.

  12. @blockchainbacker check out the eth fractal form 2019… overlap it on present day … even the c19 capitulation played out to a t… odd…. very oddd… how is that even possible??

  13. We all know that XRP is for the banks and not Retail Investors. Deeming XRP as security means that Only accredited investors can play the game. This is very likely to happen. The question I ask is, what is the total amount of XRP the retail investors hold? What effect will this have on scaling ODL?

  14. Understanding the mechanisms of the Fed and how all the money is debt would probably help you see a lot more clearly. The Fed stockholders are the puppet masters. All the money is debt, and the NY Federal Reserve has stockholders, and they get dividends. Also, check out the function of the NY Fed primary dealers. Puppet masters indeed

  15. Bough ftt expecting a big short squeeze. CZ likely to buy FTX to save the crypto space. Expecting a announcement tomorrow maybe after cpi release.

  16. Regulation idea: a company cannot collaterize any reserves of its own token. A company cannot own any more than x% of a token. Every time a company takes on debt and subsequent risk it is made known to everyone…etc

  17. It's about as coincidental as the Fed excusing themselves from the Equity market at the top.

  18. Lmao 😂"or was it the puppet Masters pulling the strings"? 🤣 Man u got me on this one 🤣

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