Chavez podcast # 141 with Hello Kay on OMI utility details!

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  1. I always appreciate and look forward to your consistent videos to stay current on the NFT/Crypto market, especially VeVe and Omi…. But this has got to be one of my favorite videos. I learned so much from you and Kay. Kay is super smart and you really know how to ask the right questions to let the common person like me understand. This gets me excited again with Omi and VeVe. Thanks Bro!!!!

  2. Smash the thumbs up button for 2 legends!! 😀👍👍👍

  3. Just going to poke a hole in Kay's only invest in Omi thesis. In Omi you are investing in David and Dan. That's your risk. A company like Apple was able to carry on after Steve Jobs because it had already been around so long but we are so early the biggest risk is "heaven forbid" something happened to those two guys. With Tesla you are investing in Elon Musk. If anything happened to him. Tesla would crash. Long term it's probably done enough to be okay but Veve is so new. Conversely there is no CEO of Bitcoin. It was a really great Omi chat though 🙂

  4. Dogecoin with no utility hit a market cap of 89 billion on the back of a tweet by Elon who has 100 mill followers. Can you imagine when Veve start marketing and celebs like LeBron ,Ronaldo the Kardashians Taylor swift etc pose with their collectables showcasing to billions of followers!! What it will do for Veve and Omi🚀🚀🚀🚀

  5. I am so bullish with omi but at the same time Im also bullish with RSR!!! (Mainnet comming soon) these are the only two coins I’m invest in 😊

  6. That was a great AMA In my opinion!

    I've try to get some juicy infos but that was hard!

  7. I have been monitoring OMI burnt almost everyday. Something went wrong for OMI tracker. 15th August 2022 showing total OMI Burnt 69,102,385,986.00 and today 26th September 2022, OMI Burnt showing 69,097,094,200. After one and half month, OMI not burning at all.

  8. If I were Kay I’d get some of those gems off app for liquidity to buy $OMI. If OMI price dips I don’t think it will be for long, especially at at .001 window. It will get eaten up fast.

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