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Chia Wallet 1.6 Behaved Abnormally – Strange Connections

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Not saying there were any bad actors or a nefarious purpose, just wanted to show the community what I found with Chia Wallet version 1.6.0. I have been on the latest update 1.6.1, which came out pretty quick after 1.6.0. So devs or the Chia team may have needed to update it. Make sure you always keep an eye on your network, when installing new applications, wallets, or software. It may save you.

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  1. Version 1.6.1 was released on 11/3/2022. Since many people were likely updating that day, all their farms needed to be synced. When syncing with peers, like you said, it's connecting directly to your machine. I wonder if it's just all the machines needing to update the blockchain and many were pulling from you machine. Great video though, thanks.

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