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CLAIM 3,000 ( $750) CLONEX TOKEN In Trust Wallet Now! | New Airdrop 2022

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Pillosophers NFT Airdrop

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CLAIM 3,000 ( $750) CLONEX TOKEN In Trust Wallet Now

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Pillosophers NFT Airdrop
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Just follow the steps provided in the video and you will be able to claim the airdrop .

Copy Airdrop link: 👉👇



JOIN TELEGRAM GROUP : https://t.me/hackmindcryptoairdropp/1026

TELEGRAM : https://t.me/+_wiloDu192E0OGZk

FOR PROMOTION : @cryptoairdropvilla

💜 Network : Smart Chain

💜 Contract Address 👇

💜 Name : CloneX Token
💜 Symbol : CloneX
💜 Decimal : 18

1. Smart phone
2. Trust wallet app
3. Binance smart chain (bsc)

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