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CoffeeZilla Claims to have SHOCKING info that will end SAFEMOON

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Blockchain Detetective CoffeeZilla claims to have information that will bring the house of cards that is Safemoon to the ground


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  1. Have you seen the new Adam Bergman YT video? Dude he announced he was selling off his SFM and said a lot of other things that were pretty brutal….he was once one of the biggest supporters of SFM. You should watch it Sean, I’ll post a link below in a reply in case YT decides it doesn’t like links again lol

  2. SafeMoon is already losing partners over the missing liquidity. Shibnobi made the announcement yesterday, because they don’t trust the SafeMoon team anymore after going over liquidity withdrawals in the last few months and the 10 million that just went missing

  3. Do some digging on that safemoon shill arjay. That guys crooked AF . Wouldn’t be surprised if that snake was involved

  4. Coffeezilla is just bringing up old stuff that most people already knew and if he really had anything on john he would have already dropped the info he is trying to get clicks

  5. you waste too much time on uninteresting things. please shut up and enjoy the beautiful weather. you are definitely someone who is currently in the red, but you forget that 90% are in the red

  6. I’m with you when your right but the wallet he found belongs to the old safemoon dev who by the way got those tokens with his own money doing the presale and gave to Ben Phillips D.y.o.R

  7. Hey period Rags 2 boss…u fudding again…u didn't do the DD…u only repeating what another youtuber saying…..we all know u do 2 minutes of DD…u lazy fudder who takes the easy road…stop it shun

  8. I invested 4000 euros in sfm and the first rule is never to invest what you can't afford to lose, either zero or rich this is the rule. Do you really think this clown can predict the future of a crypto? if he could he'd be a millionaire and millionaires ain't on yt making loser videos. Is Sfm a scam?they also said it about Ada when at the beginning of 2018 she lost 99% and so for almost 2 years. Forget people like these are losers and will never make money. Instead of studying how to make money spend your time studying the cheap math of wind turbines.

  9. Jeez! You got naff all to say! Talk about jumping on the band wagon…. Let’s all see what “the man in the know” says

  10. I only put in what I could afford to lose. It is either up or 0 for me. No point jumping out at a loss.

    If people didn't DCA, especially from April, you would be down

  11. You legitimately just set yourself up for a lawsuit. ARE YOU A FINANCIAL ADVISOR?
    Saving this for future litigation.

  12. If it is a scam or any wrong doing, why coffeezilla waiting for a respond from john?why not jus expose and safe the rest from this scam?im here not to fud but i wan the truth cause i invested and i wanna pull out before its too late

  13. I thought you were going to dig deeper into Bitgert (bitrise) token. If you think safemoon got a lot going on, it would be interesting to see what you find out about Bitgert.

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