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Coffeezilla on Safemoon Blowback

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YouTube video

FULL EPISODE: https://youtu.be/FBnxDVZYll4

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Coffeezilla is no stranger to scams, especially in the digital space. With his recent hit video on Safemoon, many new sets of eyes have been on both Safemoon and Coffeezilla. Allow Coffeezilla himself explain the situation and his initial reaction post-upload.

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  1. Crypto has it's first tabloid. . . Sensationalized garbage. Once products are out, dumpzilla will have to retract, or lose all that "credibility" tanking the value of a secured asset has afforded him..

  2. This is coming from Stephen an individual who is not versed in crypto …. Trying to educate others on crypto 🤣🥾🚪💩

  3. Everything you have is he said she said and all your "smoking gun" jokers were fired or left before they were fired. Rediculous! Your attacking safemoon with a biased lens because of some shady individuals who have been removed

  4. If you are new to crypto and the first thing you come across is these type of videos, you will NEVER invest in crypto.

  5. He still causes it a meme coin……..
    & he has researched this for 11 months to a year 😂

    Pathetic 😊

  6. How much have earned from safemoon videos compared to your none safemoon videos?
    Genuine question. 👍

  7. Man I wonder if all of these critical comments with lots of likes calling out coffeezilla with no specific info are safemoon holders

  8. I appreciate Coffeezilla for his work, but man. His video had so many mistakes in it, and not small mistakes either. And when you are only interviewing people who were fired and have proven to be unreliable, what are we supposed to think.

  9. Coffeezilla doesnt know what hes talking about in this video.

    He made sense until 7 minutes in then it went downhill from there…

    "I want the information to be out there"

    Give me a break. His videos were full of mistakes. All hes doing is putting out false information. He's not helping anyone. I cant believe people actually listen to this guy as if hes some professional investigator – he's just a YouTuber.

  10. This is completely bs, what is new in this video that you haven’t said before? I am beginning to think you are a fraud; that you make these safemoon videos for views to make money on YouTube. Honestly, you are embarrassing yourself. Please don’t make another video on safemoon unless you have new tangible information.

  11. Oh yeah. I had people try and get me into that. Manipulative a holes who literally cornered me to force me into it. Didn't give in.

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