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COFFEEZILLA WANTED TO DEBATE ME! THEN FOLLOWED ME ON TWITTER! SAFEMOON FUDDER TURNS LOVER! What an amazing week for Safemoon. Coffeezilla wanted to debate me yesterday and then turned around and followed my on twitter. Seeing my contagious love for safemoon evidently got to him. Coffeezilla demanded for a debate to happen and when almost nobody showed up, he kept getting more upset over random people joining in and trolling him. Safemoon definetly has some questions that could use answers to, but unfortunatley the delivery was not up to par and might actually be an issue as well.

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I am not a financial advisor this is purely my opinion.

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  1. Medusa Finance is the most promising project , well thought mechanism and predictable sustainability …. don’t miss out on this one..three days old ,best entry is now . Take it from the old crypto vet ..

  2. Tried to watch and couldn't because I quickly picked that he's a straight smuck. That's how he portrays and holds himself. I'm not down for that.

  3. Use my comment if you agree that these youtubers hid from coffeezilla. As a follower of your channel we needed people like you to school him. Investors like us just made safemoon investors look like we don't know shit lol. I'm a safemoon holder but I'm not bias.

  4. He wanted to debate you but you hid… I wish you would have schooled him man… smh… was cou ting on you

  5. Thomas Smith is not good at speaking OR WORKING!!! What a douche bag! Call me a wizard hahaha 🤣 magically went to work for months and developed NOTHING

  6. Have you ever worked at a job, or sold a token, got let go/ sold the token. Then just talked about it ALLLLL DAYYH AND NIGHT! Bunch of losers 🤣 SAFEMOON IS IN YOUR HEAD!!!! TAKING UP SPACE HAHAHA

  7. You gotta really know your $hit before you spout out things, there's ways to ASK questions and there are ways to be an a$$hole. Zilla changed his tone since this all started. He talked to low lives like Thomas that have nothing to do with SAFEMOON anymore, Thomas did absolutely nothing to help SAFEMOON, he had people looking for owls while he collected our $$$$, he's a slob and never WORKED at SAFEMOON,. Thomas shouldn't have gotten a dime

  8. Hey Joe serious question. Do you get compensation in any way from safemoon?

  9. If coffee is wrong why tf wouldn't you debate him? Because you obviously know you're wrong and wouldn't win. There's literally no other reason you would decline. Low IQ

  10. To me this was a market manipulation. I hope someone will open a lawsuit against him.
    A lot of people lost money. He don’t care,you are right,Joe!

  11. You the man Joe. You really put us Safemoon era on your back and I respect you alot for it. keep coming with this content. And I will continue to follow And keep axing his accusations. Your following will grow from it 👌🏻 You now got his following watching your responses 😏

  12. what happens when my safemoon investment reaches zero? do i stay negative till it goes up or do i loose it all?

  13. After Papa was interview by cofezilla today mmmm I took my money out of safemoon

  14. I just watched his videos on safemoon, he has a solid point and evidence that papa couldn’t explain, real shady bro, you should’ve just debated him, it makes you look real bad when your a influencer on a coin down 75% and somebody educated wants to debate u after just exposing a lot about the liquidity pool etc. I can’t believe those people man, completely ripping u guys off😡

  15. Thank Fake Coffee for lowering the prices right before the exchange so we can get in at a lower price before the launch.

  16. I commented on one of his videos yesterday, he hit me up with a what's number saying let's chat. 🤣🤣🤣 master-debaiter

  17. Steve you went from saying the guy has some valid points to now saying it's just fud

  18. The point is fudzilla is but hurt a bit now. I do believe that there was some bad stuff going on at safemoon. My personal beliefs so that is ok for me to think that way. Now I have not sold even one of my safemoon and I have been an investor for about 1 year now. I think that it's time for people to decide if they're in or out. For me I'm staying and think the bad has mostly gotten weeded out. Excited for the future of safemoon and I'm here for the long run. Safemoon army 🪖 strong brothers and sisters!

  19. Who wants to bring up the “Auto-Locking LP”? Also, can we discuss how the team stole money repeatedly from this “locked” LP? 6ABE? Joe, your followers deserve the truth. Please take an unbiased look at this and you’ll see it.

  20. I hope there would be more talk in safemoon than just fud-talk.. I like to follow you but I can't remember video without lots of talk where you are angry to fudders or some moderators.. Ok this coffeezilla is bad and need explanation but… I just hope!

  21. Fudzilla is one of those people who pretends to want an adult conversation, but then raises his voice at everyone to get his point across. I wouldn’t and don’t talk to people like that unless I want to get into a fist fight.

  22. If johnny depp is suing for defamation….can safemoon sue coffeezills for the price drop after the video?

  23. Having a 23 minute rant but not accepting the debate, is the same as screaming your argument to someone right before you leave the room and slam the door shut afraid of the response the other person is going to give to debunk that argument imo 😉

  24. Coffezilla was spanked by binance who paid him to fud safemoon….coffeezilla is getting stale

  25. Damn Joe….. Now the next time the wife does me wrong, I will probably go grab one of her socks🤣🧦🚽

  26. Hey Joel have you heard of the new pandemic variant? It’s pretty dangerous it’s called (paper hands) 😂😂😂
    #safemoon 💎🙌👶!!!

  27. 🤣🤣 joe we all know that was you that spoke as the "guy from the bronx" even trying to lower your voice i could still tell it was you 🤣

  28. Coffee Zilla it’s just a clown🤡 looking for a crowd. I wouldn’t be surprised if he loaded up a bag on the dip. Lol

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