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COINBASE 50 Tokens & Coins they may List in 2022 | How to Read EACH Chart for Technical Analysis

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NEW COINBASE LISTINGS (potential!) 50 Altcoins that Coinbase is Considering Listing on their Crypto Exchange. What crypto tokens are Coinbase going to list in 2022? What are the 50 altcoins / cryptocurrency coins that Coinbase is considering to list soon? Is Coinbase listing new coins 2022? YES! And in this video I will list all 50 cryptocurrencies that Coinbase is considering listing on their cryptocurrency trading exchange, and we do not have an exact date for any listing, so let’s get a sneak peek at what crypto tokens and coins that could be listed on Coinbase soon… I will also go over EACH one of these cryptos, giving you an overview of their chart, max supply, market cap, price, opening price and start date, and an idea of how they have been trending. After going over all 50 of these tokens, I can see that some of them are priced really low – at a fraction of a penny while others are priced in the hundreds of dollars. What opportunities does Coinbase see in this collection of altcoin cryptocurrencies? Sit back, grab a drink, and I will tell you what the charts say. None of this financial advise. I will give you a Big Picture perspective on 50 coins that Coinbase is looking into listing on the Coinbase Exchange.

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I will open up each crypto’s day chart and go over some basic technical analysis for you to help sift through this vast set of 50 Cryptos That Could Be Coming to Coinbase:

Aleph.im (ALEPH-USD)
Arcblock (ABT-USD)
Big Data Protocol (BDP-USD)
Binance USD (BUSD-USD)
Chrono.tech (TIME-USD)
Coin98 (C98-USD)
DappRadar (RADAR-USD)
DFX Finance (DFX-USD)
Dope Wars Paper (PAPER-USD)
Elastos (ELA-USD)
Honey (HNY-USD)
Hopr Token (HOPR-USD)
Index Cooperative (INDEX-USD)
Indexed Finance (NDX-USD)
Jupiter (JUP-USD)
Kromatika (KROM-USD)
LockTrip (LOC-USD)
Monavale (MONA-USD)
Morpheus Labs (MITX-USD)
mStable Governance Token: Meta (MTA-USD)
Nest Protocol (NEST-USD)
Opacity (OPCT-USD)
PolkaFoundry (PKF-USD)
Polkamon (PMON-USD)
SelfKey (KEY-USD)
Strike (STRK-USD)
Student Coin (STC-USD)
SwftCoin (SWFTC-USD)
UnMarshal (MARSH-USD)
Wrapped Ampleforth (WAMPL-USD)
Apricot Finance (APT-USD)
Bitspawn (SPWN-USD)
Green Satoshi Token (GST-USD)
Media Network (MEDIA-USD)
Realy (REAL-USD)

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  2. I never understand why people say that a low supply is good, when In fact it tends to hurt a coin because the price per coin will be higher and many retail buyers, most likely MOST retail buyers don't understand market cap and think that a high price per coin makes it "expensive".
    An example of a crypto team understanding this is the quickswap team and that's why they are considering doing a "split" and making a much higher supply in order to make each coin cheaper.

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