Coinbase Wallet Mining Pool Scam & How To Prevent Your Crypto From Getting Drained

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Today, I will share with you how I almost got scammed and safely got away from it. I will also share with you how to remove the connections of the websites from your wallet to prevent them from draining or sucking all of your crypto in your Coinbase Wallet. The scammer willingly transferred $30 worth of ETH into my Coinbase Wallet to support the gas fees to receive the coupon in order to join the mining pool. Once you click receive coupon, you will actually give them the permission to deduct unlimited amount of USDT from your Coinbase Wallet.

00:00 | How it all begins
04:20 | How the scam works
05:00 | Into the trap
06:14 | I want out!!
06:55 | Research is the key
08:01 | I’m not the only one?
10:11 | Coinbase is a part of it
10:46 | How to cancel the connection from scam website to avoid getting drained

Scam exploits Coinbase Wallet app through DApp function :

How to cancel the connection from scam website to avoid your crypto getting drained :

Guy Explains Why You Should Avoid Crypto Mining Pool Scams On Twitter :

This is what happens when you respond to those accounts that pm you on twitter :

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  1. Please be careful and don't interact with anyone who offered their help in the comments section. One person has been scammed interacting with the scammer's comments here to ask for help and he need to pay some money in order for the scammer to be able to 'hack' and retrieve the stolen money. After that he will ask for more money to buy more powerful softwares to 'hack' the wallet address. Please don't give them money, one victim that emailed me said that he had spend $500 to retrieve his stolen USDT but then the scammer ask for more money. There's no easy way on retrieving what's been lost unless through legal way which is merely less possible to be solve.

  2. Thanks you so much I almost got scammed by this guy , he told me to get credit card and I Ned to put $10.000 dollars in my wallet. He is acting like he my husband and he going to buy me a car ; I was just like something is wrong. I set up the allowance to 0$ now. I wish I can show you guys the screenshots.

  3. Hello same problem. Unfortunately saw video very late. But to be sure, can they also acces our Data in phone too, like messages, other wallets, fotos ?

  4. I doubt him at first but I keep
    On seeing people talk about him I decided to give him a trial and it worked out I’m so dam happy I can now pay my bills thanks for recovering my $124k so far all thanks to the above name 🆙

  5. I doubt him at first but I keep
    On seeing people talk about him I decided to give him a trial and it worked out I’m so dam happy I can now pay my bills thanks for recovering my $124k so far all thanks to the above name 🆙

  6. Thank you!, this was the video I needed. Literally weeks ago I was looking for information about it and could not find anything, and today I saw your video and it is precisely what they wanted to put me into. I was in doubt, but with this it's clear, it's a scam. Is there a way to report these links and have them blocked? (he gave me a different link from the video but the oporation is the same)

  7. I watched this video and luckily just got my money out of a Liquidity pool using USDT, so thank you very much. How do I know if this site I have left is genuine or a scam ? Can I send you some details please.

  8. I had a woman message me on Facebook dating site. She starting asking if I invested in crypto at all and brought up the term liquidity mining then dropped the subject. The 1st thing I did was search crypto scams and come across you video. She didn't mention it again for 3 or 4 days after our 1st conversation. I was annoying and tried to waste as much as her (could be a guy) time as possible knowing what was coming. She finally dropped the website to join. She said you can only open it on the Coinbase wallet browser. When it comes to YOUR money make sure you look up reviews and do plenty of research. Do not invest in something you don't understand. I wanted to post the website for educational purposes and because it was different from the one in the video but it blocks my comment.

  9. Coinbase is such a shit app…. I lost 9k USDT because of a scam like this…. Worst wallet app ever

  10. Bro I m in mess and already scammed. They took all USDT out of my wallet and locked in to pledge mining pool activity and asking for deposit more which I won’t. Anyway I can get my balance back? Stay away other scammers by reading this comment and provide help. Please suggest if any solution.

  11. Thanks so much the video
    I still have my 206$ for two months now
    I can’t transfer it because my eth is zero at the moment
    She is always disturbing me to increase my wallet but I never answer her
    We don’t reply again she blocked herself
    I pray I see how to send some eth to the wallet to able to remove the node

  12. thank you for this information bro.someone are trying me to join with her and I have doubt too. That is why I am searching in youtube what kind of wallet is this or maybe there is scam on it? And then I saw your video and I am right.They will scam you. haha

  13. More people should know about this scam and your channel. Women with attractive profile pics are preying on men on dating sites and social media aps with innocence and charm as a front. They gain your trust and affection and tell you about how profitable it is to join what they are doing using defi mining on coinbase, but this video shows what happens next. Good luck out there, just remember if it sounds too good to be true, it's most likely a scam! Don't let your d*#k think for you on these matters. Peace out.

  14. Hi naoki, I got sucked in to this, I had $2700 in usdt ,and the minning pool took it , can I get it back? They're telling me that I have to pay $7000 usdt to get it back,please give me your opinion
    Thank you

  15. Thank you very much for saving me from scam at the last minute. But the scammer added pledge mining ECR 20 smart contract to my coinbase wallet. I dont know what the hell is that. Do you have an idea

  16. believe or not i am currently into that mess with a woman i meet on WhatsApp then later switch to telegram. as i was going through what i did and i start asking myself to check YouTube then i saw your video by watch to the end .. lol my eyes are now open. So thank you

  17. I just want to understand how they are able to get to the wallet when they don't have the seed phrase ??? Can you please answer 🙏

  18. U watched this video a bit late after my coin base wallet was drained 2 days ago by a woman who I met in twitter and she introduced me to the ethereum mining pool on coinbase wallet and then after that you start having mining rewards every 6 hours … and after 4 days she stole my usdt and ethereum from my wallet ..

  19. Right now m talking with one twitter girl (scammer) she's talks same way as you have experienced , she convenced me to open coinbase wallets and start earning buy deposit 0.01 eth as node fee , but i told her that this now not have enough eth then she's ready to pay node fee and then after she told me that i need to deposit 1000usdt in my coinbase wallet … But your video save me.. thanks buddy..

  20. Crypto is another trend in my view. How the hell it claims to make you a profit and better than a bank ledger when mining fee is high or always required. Safe?Then why are we hearing over and over and over about scammers succeeding. I’d say, better chance of making money on the stock market or hell, go do real work and put savings aside‼️

  21. I have 1350 USDT in this scam Coinbase wallet, how do I withdraw please. When I tried to withdraw it transfer to ETH it asking me to pay the ETH fees 30 to 40 usd . What should I do please ? Pay the fees and withdraw?

  22. So the theory is that Coinbase may be part of this scam. when you call Coinbase support , they play stupid like they not aware any group you join and connected to your wallet. when you start asking the support about the Coinbase wallet if any app connected to your wallet can steal the money from USDT, they would say that if they don’t have your username or recovery phrase , they can’t hacked into your wallet to transfer money out

    So now the bigger question is how the miner site and to gain access to able to transfer USDT ?

  23. this is crazy how they can steal all the funds from a secure wallet, even if you are connected to a link or whatever, anything connect with the internet is not safe.

  24. Damn you're a life saver!! If you pay the fee again to cancel their access to your wallet, is the wallet gonna be usable again or it's not safe anymore?

  25. This is EXACTLY what happened to me! Omg! I just made a channel about it. I wish I saw this before I got F#CKED! How does one get it back once swapped from wallet? Im trying law enforcement and reaching out. I want my USDT back. Im so pissed Im ready to travel and kick sum as$!

  26. I love you, na actually so thankful for you, u just stopped us from losing 25k thanx a lot do grateful 🙌

  27. Please help me sir….. I have 4,688 usdt in this coin base wallet and I can not remove it….. How can I get my usdt back?

  28. Hi Naoki, If I make the block with dappstar, the minning will be stopped?

  29. Looks like Coinbase may be in on the scam. I cant find them (coinbase wallet) in Can anyone find them?

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