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CONSTELLATION DAG HONEST REVIEW. First next gen platform to be up and running?

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Hi guys, finally new review! Sorry to be making them somewhat slow, but yet steady! Today we will talk about #Constellation DAG, very impressive platform where its token is well as tokenized bandwidth. Impressed? Well there might be one or two more impressive sides of DAG.


00:00 Intro
00:43 What is DAG?
01:19 The team
06:35 The whitepaper
10:20 The token DAG
11:42 The community
12:46 My critical points
14:53 The conclusion

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  1. It’s just puff! Where’s the proof that their acyclic graph tech layer 0 works? Where’s the test net proof of it being rolled out and successful? Put up some links to it? They’ve got the people, the gift of the gab, the marketing, the YT videos, people in the community going on about how great it is, the telegram app etc but where are the hard facts on proof that the underlying tech that it is all based on does what it says it does? They are not being transparent about it and never have been. The US airforce contract line was bull! No public test net? Nothing they claim to be true is verifiable by anyone outside their own group and companies apparently building on their tech? I honestly loved the idea and a year or more ago was sold on it. Many months later after much research it turns out there’s nothing there! There’s been no activity on their code for months. Nothing, all we get is YouTube videos ama’s but nothing concrete.

  2. It is extremely impressive how good are your selections. I like how you emphasize on the CEO/Founder interviews (you will like Flux CEO).
    I also like lukso and saito as you (Lukso is my highest bag). I recommend checking Flux, Azero, KAI, TRAC, Telos, Fuse, Kujira, UBT, and MNW

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