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  1. Great show, anyone have any info on the layer 2 Silvio mentioned in some of his recent speeches?

  2. @micheldahdah then maybe the solution is to build an EVM L2 on algorand, but only incentivize developers who build on the L1 itself with AVM? edit: Oh, you guys did talk about this later on, lol. pardon me for commenting as I watch.

  3. If state proofs require the other blockchain to upgrade on their side as well, I do not see the feature being released anytime soon. Especially if we're talking about Ethereum, their hands are tied up with the move to staking. Every blockchain project has their own roadmap, adopting Algorand's ideas is not likely to be pushed to the top of the stack. We need to hear more about this issue because it was supposed to be a standout feature.

  4. It is absolutely true. This current governance structure is an existential threat for Algorand, its a silent takeover by whales, such as Coinbase, who are only there for the wrong reasons.

  5. Great discussion. Changed some of my opinions on some algorand issues. Glad to have great minds like this involved in the blockchain.

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