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Cornucopias ‘The Island’ is a blockchain based play-to-earn, build-to-earn and learn-to-earn-MMORPG Metaverse where players can own land and other NFTs (non fungible tokens) based assets that are tradeable in a peer-to-peer manner, all hosted in a fun and expanding metaverse (a virtual-reality space in which users can interact with a computer-generated environment and other users). Built for Cardano, this video will show you how to get the $COPI token that will IDO for $0.0036

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‘The Island’ is split into a number of themed zones such as the ‘WildWest’ zone, ‘Farm Life’ zone and ‘Age of The Samurai’ zone, where people of all ages can play a series of mini games, getting lost in the play-to-earn ecosystem where they can earn digital assets as they explore and build in our safe and secure world.

The more creative players can design their own items such as coffee tables, beds and other household furnishings which can then be minted into an ‘Island Blueprint’ that other players can then buy, gather the materials, and then craft in-game into a brand new NFT. Once created, the crafter can play with the items in their virtual dwelling or sell them onto other players to enjoy or sell on again.

‘The Island’ combines gaming with real-world commerce and gives opportunities for traditional and ecommerce companies to sell and promote their real-world brands, goods and services, to a hard to reach audience they have potentially never had access to before.

Available worldwide, ‘The Island’ is built on the Unreal Engine 5 games engine which is compatible with the PC, mobile phone, games consoles and smart TV’s, and will be powered, governed and be forever evolving thanks to a growing number of communities including blockchain, Unreal game developers, Voxel, 3D artists and modelers and general game enthusiasts.

Creators and players will be able to discover a new form of currency economics where they can create and trade their own NFT’s in-game or on 3rd party marketplaces, and no longer will their purchased game assets be confined inside a single game again.

A disruptive gaming revolution is upon us and Cornucopias ‘The Island’ awaits everyone to come and join in the fun of changing gaming forever!

0:00 Summary & Intro
2:00 Buying USDC and Swapping for $OCC on Uniswap
4:52 Guide
7:05 Guide
7:56 Private Discord Announcement
9:40 Guide
11:55 Final Remarks


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  1. Which Launchpad will you use?! The minimums would equate to about $800 on Occam, $5k on Vent, and $1k per lottery ticket on Paid Ignition…

  2. ugh??!!!!! what is the world??? i just went through kyc but you didn't;tmention the you have to be some sort of crypto business. its asking for all these websites n crap. ughhhh just wasted like 2 hours. Individuals can't invest in any of these ido's?

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  4. Great video, I appreciate how thorough you were into the 3 launchpads… just to be clear, is there really no way to purchase the tokens, or the land itself, using ADA?? Some of us are really baffled that the native token from the Cardano ecosystem, that Cornucopias is built on, can't be used to buy land in their metaverse. Thanks in advance…

  5. Hi Kristian, good video. Ive staked OCC, does this automatically get into the Cornucopius IDO?

  6. Thanks for the video, good explanation of how it works, however all three options are not relevant anymore as the registration on all three is closed now! There should be sale at pancake swap on 10th of December if anyone is still interested. Not sure what price that will go for.

  7. Thank you for this amazing content 🙂
    I just wanted ask, do we need to have minimum 5000 vent tokens on vent finance in order to participate in this IDO?

    ☁️☁️ ☁️                  🌔     ☁️
                ☁️ ☁️    🚀
       ☁️                *       ☁️
          ☁️     *
    🚀🚀🚀Lets go!

  9. Hi Kristian I would like to know about how to calculate how much COPI token i would be able to get If stake 4000occ wich is tier2 and multiplier is 4.76 how do you calculate these??? thank you

  10. When I went to Vent to register it says it’s closed. What’s my next step? Thanks Kristian.

  11. It’s very nice to find a channel with such a simple and understandable explanation step by step! Thank you for your excellent job, you are the best!🔥🔥🔥

  12. One last chance this week.
    The team didn't increase DBA launchpad price to $2.8. The price remain $2.3 till end of Launchpad. Only 6 days

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