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Cosmos Hub Interchain Security: $ATOM Killer Application??

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00:00 – Intro
00:09 – Welcome Jehan
01:20 – Jehan’s entry to Crypto
01:49 – Althea
03:18 – Gravity Bridge
05:20 – Informal Systems
05:48 – Interchain Security beginnings
08:31 – Cosmos Hub’s role (w/o ICS)
09:40 – Cosmos’ foundations
11:20 – 3 Pillars Roadmap
13:50 – Why Shared Security?
15:26 – Scalability issues
17:00 – Blocks running in parallel
19:39 – Shared security on Ethereum vs. Cosmos
22:00 – ICS on Cosmos vs. Polkadot
26:07 – ICS vs. Rollups
29:10 – Scalability issues with ICS?
31:15 – Ideal set of ATOM Validators?
35:20 – Ethereum 2.0
37:40 – Celestia
40:00 – Consumer chains
41:30 – Custom consumer chains
42:45 – Contract consumer chains
46:50 – Gas fee revenues
48:40 – How to become a consumer chain
51:31 – Risks when onboarding consumer chains
54:30 – Consumer chain halts
55:50 – Risks for consumer chains (through IBC attacks)
59:26 – ICS launch partners
01:01:15 – Permissioned CosmWasm consumer chain?
01:02:12 – Lido running on a consumer chain
01:04:03 – ATOM staking rewards
01:06:58 – Continuous Airdrops
01:08:25 – Airdrops for Governance Voters?
01:10:30 – Consumer chain negotiations
01:14:21 – Timeline for ICS to launch!
01:15:27 – Who works on ICS?
01:19:48 – Is the code ready?
01:22:20 – ICS open source // competition?
01:24:55 – Community AMA

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  1. So hub can secures unlimited. Or practical: 10s of thousands.
    Different design compared to Polkadot.
    Fucking awesome.

  2. Jehan, it's probably best to use the words lean or efficient, instead of simple when you speak about how Cosmos works and their philosophy.

  3. 150 validators in the set I see as problematic, because it doesn’t aid in ecosystem growth in the sense a regular developer can come in and make a start. It needs to be “inclusive”, otherwise over time centralisation becomes more prominent….faster e.g EOS

  4. Mrs Sophia is legit and her method works like magic I keep on earning every week with her new strategy

  5. The guy on the right seems to be at least 2x the size of the man on the left

  6. Jehan is so generous and detailed in his responses. Cryptocito is such a stellar interviewer. Best video I have witnessed on crypyocito esp after reading that ridiculous medium article calling crypto a Ponzi scheme.
    I think I’m going to geek out and listen again to this top notch interview.

  7. Hello, I'm new to crypto trade and I have been making huge losses but recently see a lot of people earning from it. can someone please tell me what I'm doing wrong

  8. It's BTC it's always been and always will be the Why? all the other tech their use case stray from the task at hand i am seeing this more and more now is all about money and for the developers to get rich or to simply get paid and nothing is wrong with this but the people that really need the why about btc's creation are not getting it

  9. Hi, I am not really good on listening and we're talking about some new keywords. Could you enable "subtitles captions", please?

  10. ty,nice discussion. if I may suggest. try introducing topic & flow so I know why I might want 2 listen in entirety. I was bored a few mins I'm & didn't know why i was listening

  11. Will every hub validator provide the same rewards for delegators from the consumer chains

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