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Cosmoverse Day 1: Atom 2.0, Mesh Security, Consumer Chains and more!

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Join the Discord directly using Launchpass. You get one-month for free, cheaper rates than on Patreon and this will be our primary platform moving forward.

The Discord (both free and premium) is where I believe the true value comes from. We have incredibly smart, level-headed members there and there are many people smarter than myself who hang out and add to the collective think tank that is DeFi Dojo. I genuinely believe it’s the best discord community in DeFi.

MexC Affiliate Link:

MexC is a centralized exchange that works from every country (at the moment) and has the broadest selection of assets, futures, and derivaties to choose from, allowing for some pretty exotic hedging opportunities. Additionally, the MexC team works directly with the DeFi Dojo community to list specific tokens that we’d like to short and long, giving us robust access to directional yield strategies.


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  1. ICS will lessen the inflation needed as staking rewards to secure chains. Seems like a big reason for being!

  2. First time seeing your channel, recently started paying more attention to the Cosmos ecosystem. You mentioned 17% APR to validate. Coinbase pays 5%. Is the Coinbase spread actually 12%, and also, how do you see this type of return being plausible (as opposed, to say Ethereum which is significantly lower)? Cheers, thanks for the content.

  3. Didn't know you were there man! Didn't even know you were a cosmos guy tbh.

    atoms been my biggest allocation for the last couple years, glad to see you jumping in!

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