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Cost for deploying 10000 NFTs on Opensea | Ethereum, Polygon Gas Fees by Ali Solanki

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How much did it cost me to deploy 10000 ERC721 NFT collection on Ethereum and Polygon Opensea? I made an entire NFT collection called The Stripes NFT and this is how much it costed me. Ethereum gas fees vs polygon gas fees. How much do you have to pay in gas fees for deploying NFTs smart contract? How much does it cost to deploy an ERC721 smart contract on Opensea? All the questions have been answered by Ali Solanki in this video.

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This is how much it costs to make an NFT project.

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  1. Holy shit just watched the all 6 vids and this is awesome but we need vids on how to make NFT that will be useable or be utilized in someway to make the NFT worth it

  2. Hey Ali, Thank you for this informative series.
    I have a question, if you could help me with it that would be very kind of you.
    If use polygon blockchain would the people be able to mint in matic only or is there an option for them to buy in ETH though the collection is on polygon ?

  3. Hi brother Ali, My NFTs are ready. Now I am at the point of uploading to Opensea with IPFS using a smart contract. I'm considering minting 2,000 nft with Ethereum network using ERC1155 contract. How much will it gas fee? Can you help me about it? This will my first minting experience.

  4. How much is the cost of minting 1 NFT on polygon? and is it in any way wise to mint 10k NFT on your own wallet and then sell it on OpenSea, skipping the dApp on domain step?

  5. I wanna ask how many times did I have to pay 300 $ gas fees for every nft upload on Ethereum?

  6. I have a blockchain project and is looking a for a developer will like to chatvwith you to see if you are interested

  7. Hi Ali, i have two questions
    1) why do we need a crypto domain if we already have normal domain?
    2) if we are minting our nfts on website minting dapp, then the buyers will pay the gas fees in ERC721smart contract, then why the gas fees is $3,100 for ether smart contract??

  8. Is the gas fee same for any number of items.. Like Stripe NFts have 10k items.. what if I try to deploy a 5k item contract…

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