Crash and Edy #103 Gala update, Giri chain, GALA, Gala Music, Gala Films, TS, Mirandus, Spider Tanks

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In this episode we give a high level update on the Gala ecosystem that we are watching being built out. Gala music, Gala games and Gala films are all just getting started with so much in place, yet with a long ways to go as far as actually getting products and services to market.

The “great reset” is under way! Crash and Edy are here to get you through the most fascinating, yet challenging times the financial world has ever seen. Crypto is maturing in a big way as regulations continue to take shape and the digital asset landscape continues to evolve. Do Your Own Research and get involved today!

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  1. Question: If you buy $GALA tokens and there is a big value brought in by Gala Music or Gala Films… will that add value to the $GALA token/price… or will the $GALA token be insulated from Music/Film?

  2. Hopefully this company will prove to every one that not one game economy can survive. Town star is the poster child of gala games. Epic fail

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