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Here is our first episode of “Inside The Boardroom”
In this episode we discuss “CRO ARMY”
$ARMY TOKEN and their NFT’s are home to the CRONOS BLOCKCHAIN.
I’m actually just getting into this eco system. It’s been out for like a month now.
My boi’s Kryptospiracy and Leo had been telling me about them for a month now, and i got a chance to get some insight from them.
Check out this snippet of info from them to me, to you! Enjoy my friends.
Gonna cover some more stuff on Army as well, cuz i actually like the project and it’s direction.
I don’t own any NFTS except the BURN TOKENS for now, but I’m looking to mint the GEN 2 MINT on FRIDAY – April 22nd, 2022.
I also made a $2000 wCRO/$ARMY LP at Crodex
I also went to CGX and stuck some CGX to earn ARMY as well. and CGX is going up and is pretty new as well. =-)
My referral code, if you wanna help support the channel!

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Pillosophers NFT Airdrop
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Twitter Updates:
Our Proof of Concept, that was taken away too soon.
The CROwned Panther was our First NFT launch. The Crypto.com logo was then designated “Copyrighted” after artist work was rendered, so I could not chance it on a secondary market. New “OG” NFT’s are being created now, and will be airdropped to all the Panther holders! RIP Panther, you served your mission and proved our concept.
The CroArmy Soldier
The CroArmy is proudly launching their first, non-proof of concept, NFT! Our proof of concept was a tremendous success! Now that we have everything in line to succeed, lets grow both our community, and our community treasury. This Soldier will grant you access to your platoons, voting rights, and grant you 20% of the treasury biweekly profit allocation.
$ARMY Token, locked and launched!
Only a month old, but treat it with respect. This token has backing that was not funded by a launchpad, a large group, and any other LP generator. Initial LP was provided by Founder, Wizzle. Locked and Whitelisted with Crodex (Hibiki.Finance)
Wizzle (Ryan) – Founder
Hello, I am an Army Combat Veteran that seeks to do more for everyone. I have seen so many scams, and frankly, I am tired of it. I am creating a safe learning environment, a “high-dividend” fund, and competitions to engage our community more. The treasury is already established. I am taking my 5 years of crypto knowledge on several chains, and bringing it to you. Join us on our drive to better this space, make some money, and educate the world on the use of crypto.
A brief, not all-inclusive information, about me. Just to give you a general idea.
Education: BA. Finance / Business
Manager 8 Years
Sales 9 Years
Finance 4 years
Army 4 years
 Large contributor of donations to military foundations, rare medical diseases, and homelessness.
 Stock Trader since 2006
 World explorer since 2009. Expand your mind, deepen your knowledge.
 Crypto Enthusiast since 2017
 FIAT discourager since 2020
 Crypto “miner” since 2019
 Stressor / pusher of hardware wallets and air-gapped wallets since 2021
 Fed up with seeing start-ups that go nowhere and founders get rich. Rug Pulls. Scams… I want to help
everyone achieve the same goal. A safe, verified, community. Wealth. Passive income streams. Educate
everyone on known scams. Best hardware wallets. And how to protect your ASSets.
I would LOVE HELP on several things, as we all need help somewhere. If you can bring programming, media hype, or
further networking to collab, please email me contact@croarmy.io, or DM on discord/telegram.


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  1. Hey Duce lee how to enable the lp of V3ness. Mine is stuck like almost 4 days lol . Thanks for the new video

  2. Good Information. Good Project and What I like about it this CROArmy coin / Project is that it was started by an Army Veteran. I got me some CROArmy Let's Crooooo!!!!!!!!

  3. Imo That diamond hand talk is so annoying and just such rookie thinking.Statistically speaking 99% of the time the creators is the one's that dump the project and then they will tweet talking about people fear selling and people with paper hands is the problem. Meanwhile everyone eats that type shit up in the comments yet we see nobody in the community that actually sold. At least these are always my experiences n half the time it won't even be a doxxed Creator and people will be willing to attack you over their opinion of The credibility of the crypto and community they chose. Since I'm putting my two cents out there I believe we need to start teaching one another to sell and take profits because it's much easier to hoddle than it is to take profits when you need to. We have to stop treating these random creators like they're just so trustworthy when the statistics is out there,they are not and I'm not talking about this particular project or any particular projects,I'm talking about all these dgn projects as a whole.

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