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Crypto Airdrop 2023 | Blur Airdrop April 2023? | Earn Up to $3000 | Beginner's Guide

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Hello everybody and welcome to another update from crypto gossip my name is Adam your host the blur token drop went live yesterday wanted to talk about that today and how you can claim your tokens we’ve talked about this nft Marketplace this aggregator that’s been live for several months now and then they have

These different air drops that you were able to participate in three different air drops through either prior activity on ethereum and in the nft community or some airdrops that you had some activity on their Marketplace that qualified you for even more of these crates that had

Tokens inside of them and now today is the day yesterday went live you’re able to claim your crates you have 60 days to claim this so it’s not a huge rush but we’ll talk a little bit today about how to do that what the token price is at

And a season two that’s coming up as well so hopefully by watching my videos in the past you’re able to take advantage of these as airdrop there were some people that were getting a six-figure or more airdrops so definitely is very significant event in the the crypto space we’ve talked about

Airdrops before on the channel over the last couple of years where I’ve been able to participate in some significant drops in the past it’s definitely nice to you know get these air drops to allow you to buy either even more nfts you see the nft community in the marketplace

Start to really pick up in terms of a lot of people using and reinvesting these airdrops back into more nft collections a lot of the Blue Chip stopped up start to pop we’re seeing that same activity here today so definitely exciting times anytime you get into that airdrop season with tokens

That are out there so again you can see this pin tweet from yesterday it’s time for blur care packages can be opened on February 14th at 12 pm eastern time they pushed it back about an hour and a half beyond that so it was actually about 1

30 Eastern time when it actually went live to claim and it was quite a crazy day yesterday gas prices went crazy it wasn’t even worth claiming for several hours because gas was so high but now things have calmed down and so you’ve got 60 days to do that and you can start

Doing that today so again this is out there when you go to the airdrop when you go to blur and this platform out there you can see up here that there’s the list of collections there’s your own portfolio that you connect your wallet to I actually claimed from my larger

Wallet yesterday a few hours after all this this calmed down but I do have a second wallet with some activity where that where I have a few boxes so I wanted to wait to do that today just to show you how to do that and walk you through the process there was airdrop

One that was retroactive to activity that you had had for the prior six months before this airdrop happened so we went in here several months ago I posted a video about this where I then qualified at least in this case for this wallet for six uncommon there’s also a

Rare and a legendary they also have a Mythic box that they released later airdrop 2 was based on listing activities so you had to go actually go out and list your nfts out on their Marketplace and based on your listing activity it qualified you for even more

Crates um at that point I actually she qualified for quite a lot more in my previous my other wallet I I got qualified for 30 or 40 crates from my listing activity and airdrop 2 airdrop 3 was for a period of time for a couple of

Months where it was based on bid so you actually bid on Collections and placed bids out there and then and that activity then earned you points for this token airdrop three and again if you were somebody who was a heavy participant in these three air drops

There were people out there you can just go out on Twitter and just see all the posts out there with these you know a six-figure token drops that are out there and so then of course you know what is this going to be worth and why

Is it worth so much money the token actually dropped yesterday it went down as low as about 50 cents and then as you see with a lot of this people want to immediately cash out take their money and I admit that I was one of those that

Cashed out kind of at the low point for the day in the mid to high 60s once it went from 50 cents up to around the 60 to 70 Cent range I decided at that point I wanted to cash out and it is carbon you see that that dollar amount in there

I qualified for about you know 900 to a thousand dollars worth of tokens and when you have that much money sitting there it is hard to be patient and let this play out but had you been patient with it typically with airdrops there’s a little initial dump of the token where

People want to cash out and get their money out and start buying nfts or doing other things with their money in this case had you held on and been patient you know who knows what this token is going to do going forward and it might keep going up from here where those who

Were patient could have done well here so 94 cents per token now mine was about 1400 tokens so a pretty nice chunk of change if I’d held on I would have had even more about 50 more from yesterday so again if you have not yet claimed it

Now’s again a good time to do that because you will have been patient and had this token price to jump up you’ll go then to the Blur tab that’s in this airdrop section here blur season one finale and then they kind of go through this whole uh you know drop where you

Click on this button it takes you to a new page here here and then you can start to go through this season one recap and it did take a little bit of time to go through this and we’ll walk through it but they do kind of go through some narrative on what this

Looks like and why a kind of a backdrop of this actually starting on October 19th when it was first launched this is when that airdrop happened or that airdrop wine and over that last several months you’ve seen where this has been played out over the three air drops

We’ve talked about you’ll hit the continue button it will then for me it will tell me my most traded collection from this wallet this is a wallet that I was trading some of my checks we’ve talked about the checks in Ft collection that’s been hot on my radar screen the

Last month and it’s showing me that my most active collection was the checks project with this particular wallet and so you can see here they start showing some of the volume and and kind of the overall summary of how many Traders were out there there were 146 823 other

Traders out on the platform and they’ve processed over one billion dollars since since the launch definitely been because of the incentives associated with doing a lot of the activity on the platform certainly encourages a high level of activity on here compared to other places out there we saw the same thing

With looks rare when it came out everybody was kind of using that but because of just those rewards you were getting on a regular basis so the question is going to be with blur will this type of activity continue and with this now this launch of season two it

Does look like at least in the short term it will continue to be something that’s going to be an opportunity for people here so there was a summary of uh I’ve earned many care packages I earned six with this one pretty small amount compared to others but you can then go

In here and open floor for blur and you’ll go through this process the step-by-step process for yourself and it will go through a little bit of some animation and some fun to try to you know you know there’s these unboxings are always a good way for a platform to

Really be able to kind of hype all this up for people we’ve seen this with NBA Top Shot before when I some of my early videos and so you’ll kind of go through this step-by-step process process of seeing how many tokens you qualify for I can only imagine what that must have

Been like for people who were who were doing really well with hundreds of thousands of these blur so now there is one thing you’re going to find if you are in the U.S you are going to see that you’re that if you if you’re in the U.S

Region you cannot claim your tokens I won’t go too much into how to work around that but if you’re in crypto you know that that your location can be uh looked at in terms of how you want to do that you have to certify you’re not a

U.S person if you if you go through this process so just from a compliance standpoint um you know you do have to be careful with that and then you connect your wallet to claim your blur or tokens and so that’s really the whole process it’s going to be pretty straightforward The

Next Step would be that your metamask wallet would pop up you’ll then claim those tokens and I only in this case qualified for 35 tokens which is a little bit less than you know than 35 dollars you know so probably with gas it’s still going to be worth just

Collecting a few tokens just to do some other things with but I wanted to make sure that you at least saw that this happened out here I’m going to switch back to my first wallet that I did claim the tokens with because you have to go through the entire process with your

Wallet claiming your tokens before this will pop up around blur season two so just want to make sure you’re aware of this that once you complete all of the airdrop steps that we talked about in the you know before it will then switch you over to a season two there’s also an

Idea map it does give you some preview into to a road map that they are looking at here that’s kind of cryptic around with some things that they might be doing to make this even more exciting so I do think that the token itself may continue to maintain some value if the

Blur team can continue their momentum and do some other things here so for blur Season Two Season one was just the beginning there’s a lot more coming season two rewards have not been revealed yet but for the next 30 days all bidding and listing points have been doubled all bidding and listing points

Are doubled until March 14th so you’ll get bid points just like you did with this this last airdrop if you place bids in their pool that you have out there and you can actually click on this little wallet up here and you can add funds to the pool and place bids on

Certain collections that are out there and that’s how you earn points and there’s also now going to be listing points they have not formulated that yet or given you transparency around what that looks like but if you go out and put listings out on the platform and

They encourage you to do that you’ll earn points there and then loyalty is based on if you’re listing was blur versus open sea or luxury or others even though you can list across all of those platforms with blur and that’s also how that works so the rolling 24-hour

Leaderboard is here and you can see where people are already starting to earn points off of their activity which will prepare them for this next season airdrop so if you’ve missed out on all of this you see out there all the buzz on Twitter about all the money people

Are making some of the money I’ve made and posting about this this is a second chance for you to get more involved in blur for season two and earn some of these uh some of these rewards from that so it’s definitely been an exciting time I’ve been able to participate in several

Of these types of airdrops in the couple years I’ve been in crypto and these are always fun times to see free money come into your account and the reward for all your hard work over the last several months so I wanted to make sure you saw this for today make sure you like

Subscribe to the channel for this type of content I’ll keep you posted on this project and other cryptocurrency projects we cover thanks have a good rest of the day in the week

Crypto Airdrop 2023 | Blur Airdrop April 2023? | Earn Up to $3000 | Beginner’s Guide

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There will be a large-scale distribution from the BLUR project in April
Don’t even think about missing it!

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