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Crypto.com, BlockFi And More C | Celsius Pauses Withdrawals – 132

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Crypto.com, BlockFi to Cut Over 400 Jobs Amid Market Rout

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  1. Really need to put this out there, you're amazing
    and I respect your work ethics, enthusiasm and dedication
    towards helping people, I have received my funds back, thanks DREMAHACK

  2. Calcecode is taking over the blessings due to his wonderful and special funds recovery experience thanks to you and your team for your help

  3. I don't know how I was added in this wonderful platform Frederick Kurt trading platform but today I'm earing everyday don't be left out..

  4. I receive $35,750 in my wallet portfolio every week all thanks to Frederick Kurt

  5. BTC just dipped below the Logarithmic bottom… I know where I'll be hodling

  6. Interesting you're dealing with a similar issue with cryptocom sponsorship, our annual extension has been "pending" for 3 months now…. Was never an issue like this before. Also blamed on changes in personnel… wish you the best.

  7. I love the videos but is there any way we could get timestamps on the clips?

  8. My greatest happiness is the $ 28,000 biweekly profit I get consistently

  9. bought a ledger nano x today finnally taking possesion of my coins before coinbase goes mt. gox on me

  10. If anyone's asking if the drop by the entire market was expected? Of course it was. The crypto market has done this same up and down by well over 80% from it's high at least 4 times in the last 12 plus years. Bitcoin alone dropped more than 85% in 2017, in 2013 Bitcoin dropped more than 80%, 2009-2010 Bitcoin dropped over 90%, etc. The current cycle is that the coin will drop more than 80 percent, then it will take 3 plus years to rotate into people accumulating the asset at less than 20% on the dollar from the previous cycle while late comers will buy usually at 50 cents on the dollar to more than 5 times what the previous high was. The ultimate high is based on liquidity, on the ease of purchasing, and selling the asset, along with the demand. It can't go up if you can't sell it easily or buy it, which is why Ethereum asset prices have stagnated and declined, since the transaction fees are outrageous and users are having difficulty using their cryptocurrency assets. The natural state when you can't utilize an asset is the value will decline which is happening as we speak.

  11. It's going well in RIGHT direction for a good clean-up all the BS around baseless DeFi

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