Cronos - CRO CEO Kris Marszalek | CRO Coin CRONOS News | FTX Lawsuit!!

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In today’s video, Cryptokip talks about CRO and how there is mass fear and uncertainty being spread about cronos! We will overcome the FUD!
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  1. Great to see someone sharing the truth and killing the FUD. I find it ironic how Kris from CRO is proving to be genuine and transparent than most in the crypto space!! LET'S GO CRO!!!!!!! Keep upi the great work, it's facts we want!!!

  2. This is not new, i spoke about this more than two years ago. It doesn't affect anything, it's old news.

  3. i've spent way too much of my tether on cro for it to fail like this… i'm sure it will be fine, at least it just has to be

  4. There is nothing wrong with Kris. No one knows the full story. The guy is actually an entrepreneur.

  5. Great content but the click bait is also FUD. Most people wont watch the video and just skim over the story and then post more FUD on twitter. Please change this.

  6. U actually spreading the fud now 😂 people will believe ur clickbait pic with out watching ur video

  7. Kevin O'Leary, my guess is a Democrat trying to cover for a mega democratic donor with ties to the highest levels of the democrat party. FTX was, in part, a shell play for the Democrat party. Democrats are not going to be happy with CZ causing a collapse of their cookie jar.

  8. I did bad shit in the past. I'm living a humble kind life. Moral of the story, bad can be good, good can be bad.

  9. Chris is a great guy. All this wile bankman is tweeting how he isnt loosing any sleep. Lol. Wow. Such slander against the gentiles

  10. Click bait much? What’s the whole point of the video if it’s irrelevant. No body is talking about it only FUD spreaders.

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