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  1. Entice Coin
    Dekhlo… Jabardast he… Uske uper ek video banao… 5$ jaane wala he next 30 days me… Binance par list hoga starting me hi.

  2. What is the possibility of making decent returns for short term investing? I've been reading success stories of people that make a total return of upto $75,000 monthly profit from their investments and I'd really love to know how to go about investing to make huge 5figure returns monthly.

  3. That is good content. It's great to always update the latest facts in the crypto world. So we know what steps to take

  4. I estimate Cro will update there credit card rewards and stalking rewards and will pass Bnb im loading up all dips

  5. That guy u had on ur channel the other day God he gives me the creeps and he's always SOOOO LATE with his info guy bugs the shit out of me lol but he's always popping up on my YouTube

  6. Nice video but some ppl don’t know the diff between cro and ftt , one is collateral coin and cro is a smart contract coin

  7. Great content as usual Oscar. Thankfully the fud is calming down. People need to calm down a bit.👍

  8. Hi Oscar, tying to get some statistic for CRO holders 🙂 maybe you can help. As per Etherscan we have 282,000 CRO holders. How do you think what is the % of holders that have more than 10,000 CRO, more than 50,000 CRO, +/- 100,000 CRO? Thank you! P.S. I think there will be another announcement for CRO burning (when the dead wallet reach 80,000,000,000.00).

  9. I feel terrible for the ftx customers.

    But this collapse is good for cronos. Ftx customers come on board!

  10. Thank you for your due diligence on both CRO & Tectonic. Recommending this channel to all my crypto peeps.

  11. "Successful entrepreneurs are givers and not takers of positive energy." _Anonymous

  12. 10 cents won't do it for me back world cup day comes and cro goes to 90 cents or a dollar even 50 cents will be great but if it doesn't move it will probably go even lower and stay there for long time. so let's hope for the best

  13. sam bankfan freebie as far as I can tell his entire family is military and or government and the entire thing is a deep state operation. This is not fair to crypto! they used and abused millions of people. we need to put more pressure on who ever was involved including the celebrities.

  14. WooHooo Canada 🇨🇦 in the Word Cup and I don't even know when the last time. Cronos, Tectonic, Algorand and Chiliz are my choices to win the World 🌎 Cup. Let's Go

  15. How can I send my money to binance? My address is – game zone utility fish scrap sun crash warrior document rebuild cabbage buyer

  16. Oscar good job. Please update in MMF. The circulating supply is going up. Only 500 million coins. Please coment in a video about it

  17. Its about time Exchanges become well run businesses, keep up the good work Kris and CZ, keep our money safe.

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