Crypto Crash Coming? Bitcoin Market Update!

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Bitcoin Dow Jones kung fu Wyckoff analysis ninja bagel buy low sell high C. Yep, it’s time to look at the market and offer a slurry of loosly-qualified speculative brain flow. Enjoy.

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  1. One of the best youtube channel based on crypto imo, dude is just insane love your vids man! Keep the great work coming.

    An monthly update on the market would be so nice. Ofc if you find the time to do it!

  2. Beautiful video, thank you. 😊
    Is there a free version of liquidation maps? Kingfisher has quite a pricy subscription…

  3. dca strategy works well. you wont get the most optimal profits but it's not the point of this strategy.

  4. I've back tested your DCA in ,DCA out idea based on Fear index.
    From: "2018-02-01"; "2022-08-14"
    1st scenario:
    U in = 10$
    U out = 10$
    ROI = 101% (1,11 BTC still holding)
    2nd scenario:
    U in = 10$

    U out = 0,1% (optimal)

    ROI = 175% (0,9395 BTC still holding)

    Not great, not terrible.

    DCA and hold scenario (buying 10$ of BTC every day)
    Total BTC purchased: 1.61
    ROI = 137%

  5. what about Eth , i think Bollinger bands are great tool also , see how how eth touched middle of band and price is going down , but on bitcoin side it show so much more uppward trend is left in Weekly chart , if it happened so , i think Eth will touch BB upper line regarding the fact merge is on way

  6. You, too, ignore the fact that fiat is dying. Claiming that anything will have any dollar value in two years is ridiculous. It's not just ignoring inflation, but also generally the global economic meltdown we're still in. Or, to make this really simple: There will be no bitcoin at 300k in two years, because the Dollar isn't going to last that long.

  7. Reach out to TXMC on YouTube, he is the king of custom charts, he might put together a Fear and Greed chart for you.

  8. Best chart for me is the BTC rainbow chart. Next cycle I will start selling at 150k BTC.

  9. Omniscient! Omnipotent! Omnipresent! put powerful politicians in control as
    Punishment for puny worshipers around the world !

    Only powerful worshipers Rapture/ESCAPE !!

  10. We are talking about energy issues in the whole world more than ever. I don't think Bitcoin is going to keep a good image in the people's mind. But that alone wouldn't be enough to stop fomo.
    The thing is, states may come in to make mining illegal, just like it happened in China, and discussions about it have been happening in EU and will come back.

  11. You can click on the 3 little dots next to the indicator, "move to", then "existing pane above"

  12. Cool video!
    I confess I have never dca yet but this looks like a great way to do it!

  13. Ive watched hundreds of crypto "youtubers" & to be frank, you're one of the 5 i only watch.

  14. I too have come to the same conclusions about Bitcoin, plus you seem like a legit, and likeable guy, so thanks for posting.

  15. I've been experimenting with trading based upon fear-greed index. Bought a lot of eth when it was at extreme fear below 10, yet the price kept dropping from above 2k all the way down to 1,1k. So maybe that metric alone isn't enough.

  16. There are two content creators that offer value on the emotional vibe check side.

    We have one of them here and the other is Bob Loukas.

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