Crypto, DeFi and Yield Farming Explained [Live DEMO] by Red from Harvest.Finance

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Hi folks,

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By now you would have heard about Bitcoin, cryptocurrency and the works. There is amazing experimental democratised finance systems being build and I think they are worth keeping and eye on for educational purposes. The world of finance is changing quickly and in that fast paced transition from the present to the future is where the opportunities lay.

This is why I’ve invited Red from Harvest.Finance to explain Yield Farming, a new development that allows people to become an active liquidity provider to new cryptocurrency projects while earning interest on their cryptocurrency.

We talk everything from what is DeFi, how it’s changing finance, what yield farming is and a live demo on how to yield farm.

You’ll hear through out this podcast that cryptocurrency, DeFi, Bitcoin, Yield Farming and everything else associated is EXTREMELY HIGH RISK. So please ensure you are educated and comfortable before interacting with this highly exciting, yet highly risky innovation. I cannot stress this enough!

Other than that, I hope you enjoy this PRSPR Podcast brought to you by Future Fund. Future Fund invests in the future of humanity and it’s an honour to have them as our sponsor.

Make sure you check them out at www.futurefund.ai.


0:09 – Intro to Red from Harvest.Finance
1:00 – Why is everyone in crypto pseudo-anon?
2:00 – How Red got into Yield Farming
2:39 – Why decentralisation exists in crypto
4:06 – How yield farming has changed from manual to auto
5:24 – What is DeFi? (Decentralised Finance explained)
8:51 – What is Yield Farming?
12:26 – What are you providing liquidity to?
14:06 – Keeping fairness in cryptocurrency exchanges with decentralisation.
15:55 – Which blockchain is DeFi built on? How Ethereum is scaling. Polygon blockchain moves in the DeFi space.
18:17 – RISK WARNING -The risk of DeFi. ICO’s, DeFi, Yield Farming what to be aware of. Worse case scenarios.
22:29 – Step 1: Coinbase, Buying Ethereum, Metamask. Capital needed to get into Yield Farming.
26:05 – Step 2: Finding your farm. Harvest.Finance as a yield aggregator. Earning potential.
28:52 – Identifying scams, rug prevention, how Harvest.Finance does due diligence on code before adding it to the farm.
30:29 – Composability risk (Ie Money Legos) explained.
31:05 – Harvest Finance code auditing, risk mindset
32:12 – Yield Farming terms explained (APY, APR, exponential rewards, why aggregators are important to reduce risk)
37:07 – Deciding what you want to do with your token rewards, risk management.
38:47 – Is yield farming worth it in a bear market?
41:19 – True value of DeFi.

Live Demo!

42:20 – Harvest.Finance Live Demo
42:53 – Harvest.Finance dashboard
43:18 Product feature overview
45:21 Connecting MetaMask
46:13 – 50:46 Picking your farm
46:49 Ethereum Network Fees GAS
48:06 What is staking? Money Legos
50:47 – 52:01 Locating yield balance, dashboard overview
52:01 – Sophisticated yield farming strategies, collatorising loans, liquidation, Aave.
52:55 Borrowing on assets on Aave
54:25 Managing yield combinations
55:30 Transferring Aave loans to Harvest Finance / Fee management
1:03:00 Benefit of staking
1:05:46 Best way to minimise fees


Let’s connect!

Learn more about Yield Farming at www.harvest.finance

Like what RED has to say? Reach him here! https://twitter.com/smokatokey

Want to nominate someone for an episode? Tell the host. https://twitter.com/MaxieRyan

This episode is brought to you by Future Fund.

Learn more about personal finance here www.prspr.app.

DISCLAIMER : This is not financial advice and is only intended for educational purposes only.


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