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00:00 My babes! Welcome! xox
01:00 #genesis struggling
03:55 #sbf tweets exposed
07:10 What happens if SBF gets prosecuted?
10:10 The entire crypto market
10:20 #btc weekly
11:10 Bitcoin halving
11:28 You need a trading/investing plan!
14:00 SBF interview
16:10 MSM protecting SBF
19:30 Fluff pieces
20:50 #ftx lawsuit
26:35 Government VS crypto
28:30 Alameda trading allegations
31:45 Thoughts on #solana #sol
35:20 DAO contagion
37:15 Genesis struggling
47:35 Who is Silvergate?
50:00 CZ wants Genesis loan book
50:50 House Committee on FTX
52:00 Kevin O Leary
54:15 Vitalik speaks on #defi
57:00 Citizen #journalism
58:45 #europe #stockmarket
1:00:30 #okx market recovery fund
1:01:30 #dokwon #luna defends $UST de-peg
1:03:00 UK investigate DAO’s
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  1. If your done with ETH then people should consider ETC. I know people are going to bring up the 51% attack but they have upgraded their algorithm and it hasn’t received any attacks since! Also it follows the Nakamoto consensus it’s POW 💥 with programmable contracts! It just gets bad press cause of a 51% attack! I’m also looking at ergo. I’m POW or die! Clearly all POS coins are shit! Maybe filecoin and Cardona I’ll consider anything else is garbage!!

  2. Thanks for being awesome Wendy and showiwng people what it means to take responsibility for one’s own actions. I’m so tired of the blame game.

  3. WendyO WendyO WendyO – Love a Rant — Taking lessons from Bitboy — or did he learn from you — LOVE your content 🥰

  4. Kevin O'leary is standing up for the fraudster SBF by saying he is a genius trader? SBF lost billions of user money with his girl friend, how is the that genius. So Kevin you would also say Bernie Madoff is also a brilliant trader stealing 64.8 billion of invester funds. Your definition describes not brilliant but criminal. These criminal are brilliant but in a harmful way damaging millions in society. I was not impacted directly but looking at the scale of the damages done, the scale is mind numbering how many was hurt. Only a psychopath can hurt so many and live with it. Reminds me of Hitler sending millions to their deaths without a second thought. SBF has perpetrated a financial "genocide" wiping some people entire savings. Wow. What a monster. I think Hitler and his army also used the same drugs that SBF and girl friend used, meth. It makes one probably feel fake invincibility and fake superiority.

  5. Ryan Salame, CEO of an FTX subsidiary, was the 14th biggest individual donor on the list, giving more than $23.6 million, all to Republicans.

  6. CZ at Binance tweeted last year July about a company propositioning him to invest in their company.

  7. Pretty sure people getting sick of hearing about this idiot can we move on and find something positive to talk about with crypto

  8. I tried to warn you all that Crypto was a total scam from the very beginning . Far worse ripoff than the stock market.All manipulated by the whales .Get out now and don't look back.😉

  9. Lol. So you've been banging on about people getting their funds off exchanges…yet managed to leave "6-figures" of funds on exchanges yourself….
    The level of stupidity keeps going up with Wendy O.

  10. Glad i started watching your streams I’ve seen you around on Twitter all this year and last year

  11. You are taking liquidity from legit exchanges. Where you gonna sell it? Peer to Peer? Don't keep all crypto on exchanges, but Binance US with 2FA

  12. This is crypto! I am mad like everyone else. We had a few days to sulk. Now we move forward. By the freaking dip. Where else you gonna make life changing gains?

    Real Estate, Sp500, IRA. I don't wanna be rich when Iam 65. 3-5 years. Go get some fresh air and zoom out!

    Take care Wendy!

  13. Folks will be losing lots of money $$ in the Crypto markets due to the crash on Crypto's and lack of trading Education.Some just buy coins and move into trading without proper technical analysis to back their decisions.

  14. Is the end hunni coinbase is in trouble also usdt are not showing clear audit to the goverments and gemin exchange in troublr for inside trading😉

  15. 💯 right, your decisions. The mantra in crypto, as you have said many times over the years…….not your keys not your crypto. People should look in the mirror, blame that person. But SEC shouldn’t give that money back, because crypto was born out of governments bailing out banks and their risky bets.

  16. Wendy that was the most outstanding piece you've ever done. This was absolutely brilliant commentary. It is still my goal to steal ten minutes of your time to come as a celebrity guest on my channel. You're the best.

  17. Thank You, I moved all my funds out of exchanges. I only have a small amount on a dex to trade on leverage and I pull profits out and maintain a small balance. and just only been accumulating BTC and gold. 🥰🤗

  18. Now what will happen to the cryptos? I think they will get up and $paw will be one of the tops, thanks for your video

  19. I remember when Wendy wasn’t on YouTube. Just appeared at BTC and LTC events. Now she grew tall. Still has a lot to learn. I enjoy her flics. We do need more great women in crypto

  20. Love your show. You took the Kevin O'Leary clip out of context. You should watch the whole thing.

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